Because I Miss You!

I was on my way to the grocer when I met , who I hadn’t talked to for about 4 years, not since we broke up, because he didn’t felt like he had time to have a girlfriend. I just walked by him, because I felt like we had nothing to say to each other. “ hi”! I turned around, “Hi nice to see you again”! “How are you ”! He asked. “I am fine how are things going with you”? “Well we are doing quite well on the road, but I miss everything about ”! “I can understand that it’s a great place to be”! “Yeah”! “Well I’m sorry, but I don’t have time to chat I have to buy in groceries for a dinner I am having tonight”! “Well okay I’ll see you around”! “Yeah take care”! I replied. I started to walk, but decided to go back. “Hey ”! “Yeah”! He said turning around. “You are welcome to stop by tonight at 6.30”! He smiled at me, “Okay thanks I think I will”! “Good”! I replied smiling and then I went into the super market. It was really nice to see him again I had really missed him so I was looking forward for him to come!

When I got home a couple of hours later I prepared the food and then I made the table ready. “ , are you home”? I heard say. “Yeah I’m out here in the kitchen”! I replied. “Is it okay that I’m early”? “Yeah of course come on in”! I replied and he did and gave me a red rose, “This is for you, thanks for inviting me”! “Thanks you didn’t have to”! “Yeah, well is there anything I can help with”? “Yeah you can open a wine”! “Already”!? “Yeah I thought we could share one while I make myself ready”! “Okay sure”! He replied with a beautiful smile. “Well I will just go and take a shower, I’ll be back soon, just feel home”! “Okay thanks I’ll go and put on some music”! “Yeah you do that”! I replied smiling at him.
went into the living room, where he saw the table ready for 10 people. He then found the CD’s and a wide smile spread across his face, when he saw that she had all of Westlife’s albums, so he still meant something to her, he really hoped he did, because he had missed speaking to her for so long. “So finding anything good”! I said when I saw still looking at the CD’s after half an hour. “Yeah what do you want me to put on”? “I don’t know you decide”! “Okay then it will be Michael Jackson”! “Okay I like that”! I replied. “Good”! He said. He then poured up some wine and then he said, “For a great night”! “For a great night”! I replied. “I’ve missed you”! He then came closer, “ …”! He smiled at me and I was almost kissing him, but then it knocked on the door, “Anyone home”? It was Caleb, “Yeah we are in here Caleb”! “What is he coming”? asked shocked. The two of them used to be friends, but they started fighting because both and Caleb liked me at the same time and they hadn’t talked since. When they all had arrived we sat down at the table. “So are you sure you have time to sit here”? Caleb asked. “Yeah I have the next couple of weeks off, but we will soon be on the road again”! “So are you still single”? looked at me and then back at Caleb, “Yeah I am still single”! He replied. “So I have heard that you have bought yourself a house”! “Caleb what’s up with all the questions, give him a break”! I said. “No its okay and yes I have bought myself a house”! replied. “You think you are so much better than the rest of us don’t you”? “CALEB”! I yelled angry. “No I don’t”! replied. “ I am sorry, Caleb start to eat and shut up for a while will you”! “WHAT are you trying to defend him, he hurt you so bad and I was the one there to comfort you, but you don’t care”! The rest of them just sat trying to talk about something else! “Of course I care, but Caleb it has been 4 years since and I broke up and can’t keep being angry on him, it’s forgiven, but not forgotten, so can we please talk about something else”! looked me with a smile, “ I better go, I think I have ruined enough of your dinner, thanks for the wine and I am sure the food would taste good, but I never got so far”! He said. “Okay I will follow you out”! I replied and gave Caleb a look which could kill. I then walked after and gave him a hug, “I am so sorry”! “No it’s okay”! He replied. “No it’s not and thanks for the rose”! He looked at me, “No problem I am sure it won’t be the last rose you’ll ever get, so it doesn’t mean much”! “Yeah it means a lot to me”! I replied and kissed his cheek and then he went home. I went into the table and didn’t do much talking there and after a couple of hours I was relieved that the guests including Caleb went home.

The next day I decided to go over and see if was at his parent’s home. I knocked on the door and there his brother stood. “Hi is home”? I asked. “Yeah he is, one moment”! Then a few minutes later stood at the door, “I am sorry to letting you wait, come on in”! I stepped inside, “I am really sorry about yesterday”! “Yeah me too”! He replied. “I can’t believe he acted like that, he is just jealous”! “Why”? “Because I preferred you over him…and I still do”! I said smiling. He smiled back and we went into his room, “So you lucky guy, you still have a room here, even you have bought your own place”! “Yeah it’s great”! replied. “Well, , want to go for a walk”! I said. “Yeah I think I need some fresh air”! We decided to go for a walk in . “Is this still one of your favourite places to be”? I asked. “Yeah you know I always come here to think”! He replied. “Well what about when you are on the road”? “Well then I just go for a walk, where I am”! “So do you think a lot on the people you had in your old life”! “ …”! “I am sorry that I brought that up, sorry”! I replied. “Yeah I think of our time together a lot, but it’s a long time ago and even I would love to kiss you right now…”! I then pulled him into a kiss and there we stood for a couple of minutes. “…It will never be the same as before”! I looked at him, “No I should never have done that, I am sorry”! I replied. We then walked a bit longer and sat down to look at the water, “It’ is as always very beautiful”! I said. “Do you come here a lot”? He asked. “I came here a lot after you broke up with me, just to think about you, because I was so sad, but when I decided I needed to go on with my life, I stopped coming here”! “Okay, I am sure this place had missed you”! I smiled at him, “Yeah”! “ I am really glad that you have forgiven me”! “You should be”! “I know”! “But I had to or else I wasn’t able to think about other things than you”! I replied. “So I saw that you had all of our albums”! “Yeah as I told you I would have loved to be a part of you even you had your career and this is my way to support you with the thing you love the most”! “Thanks”! He said and hugged me.

After a couple of weeks where we had spent a lot of time together I went with him to the airport. We met with the rest of the lads and their wives/girlfriends and I looked at , “So the only single left I see”! “Yeah”! He said. “Well I am sure a lot of girls would like to be a part of you”! “Yeah, but most of them for the wrong reasons”! “Yeah I know, but if they knew the real they would love to be a part of your life as well”! I replied. He then gave me a hug, “Well I guess this is it”! “Yeah, but I promise I will keep contact this time”! “Thanks”! I replied and gave him one last hug and a kiss on the cheek and then I left.

stood looking after , but when she was out of sight, he turned to the lads, who just stood there smiling. “So are you guys a together again”? asked. “A couple have they ever been a couple”? asked. “Yeah they dated for about 2 years, but 4 years ago, decided to end it”! replied. “So this was the bird you were with in the very beginning”? asked. “Yeah”! just said and then they all checked in. They were going to Germany where they were starting this year’s tour. was sitting with his head against a window and beside him sat and then and on the other site of the plane and sat. “So what are you thinking about”? asked. “Nothing really”! “Well I saw the two of you together one day shopping I think”! “Yeah I spent most of my time off with ”! “So was it first time you spoke to her after 4 years”! “Yeah”! He replied sad and closed his eyes, he missed her already. “You miss her don’t you”? “No I don’t we are only friends”! “Yeah but you wished it was more”! “No , actually not, we tried and it didn’t work out”! replied tired of the subject and then he went to sleep.
When they arrived to Germany there stood about 20 fans to receive them and they took time so most of them got an autograph and then they went on to the bus, which would drive them to their hotel. went straight to his room and picked up the phone:
-Yeah ’s phone, this is Caleb!
-Hi Caleb its is there!
-Why are you calling here!
-Caleb, just give her the phone right now!
-Hi I am sorry Caleb was just going!
-Okay what is he doing there anyway?
-He came over because I needed to talk to someone I am used to have you around all the time!
-Yeah I know, well I am just calling to tell you that we have arrived to Germany!
-Thanks I am glad that you did, so the tour will start tomorrow are you exited?
-Yeah I am really exited it’s going to be great to do this again. Well I have to go now there is someone knocking on the door.
-Okay bye and good luck tomorrow night I will crush my fingers for you!
-Thanks bye!

then hung up and went to open the door, “ now what”! “What took you so long”? “I talked with on the phone”! “So now you are calling her to let you know that you have arrived, you are in love”! “I am not in love, what are you doing here”! “Well I came here to drag you downstairs so we can have a beer”! “Okay I am coming”! He replied and followed to the bar, where the rest of them sat. They had a lot of fun and aswell because no one asked about his feelings for , which he didn’t want to tell them about yet.

I was lying on the couch under my duvet, it was great to hear s voice again, I really missed him and he had only been gone for a day and he was not even my boyfriend.
We talked together every day on the phone, but I never told him about my feelings for him, but I had kissed him when he was home in and for me that was a way of showing him how I felt. But as he told me things would never be like they were before, so I would never have a chance with him if he wasn’t interested.

come on now you are sitting there daydreaming again, you seem to do it more than now”! said. “Wow is it that bad”! asked joking, making punch his shoulder. “Yeah it is it seems like you are never with us, only on the stage”! “Yeah I know lads, I am really sorry; it’s just that I have been thinking a lot lately”! “About what”? asked. “About my life, my future”! “You are not thinking about quitting the band are you”? asked nervous. “No of course not, it’s just that you guys have the girls around you all the time and sometimes has Molly and Lilly Sue here as well and please don’t misunderstand me I think it’s absolutely great, but I miss to have someone around, I miss that I haven’t found the one and only yet”! said happy that he had finally told them. “Well then we need to find you a girl”! said. “No it’s not that easy, and has known their girls forever and you have known for a while before dating her and just fell for but she knows what this business is about”! said sad. “Well maybe you have known the girl you are looking after for a long time as well”! said smiling. knew exactly what he was on about. “No , don’t and I are just friends”! “Yeah if you say so, but don’t you think that you should take the chance, maybe invite her, when we go to and play then she can stay down there with us”! “Yeah sounds like a good idea”! replied. “Maybe I will do that, but we are only friends so don’t expect too much”! replied. “Okay, okay”! replied. They then went to the arena in Manchester where they were going to give a concert and then they were of to .

I was taking a shower when I heard the phone rang, so I put a towel around me and then I picked it up:
-Yeah here
-Hi its it sounds like you have been running!
-No I was just in the shower when you rang, so I had to be fast, so I guess that’s why.
-Yeah well I was wondering if you had time and want to come down to for visit, you can stay there while we perform there!
-Yeah that would be great when will you arrive in the airport, maybe I can pick you up!
-In about 5 hours, then I will see you in the airport
I agreed and then we hung up! I had to pack as fast as I could, because I had to be there for about 2 weeks. I then took my car and drove to . I stood in the airport waiting for among a lot of fans. “So when are they coming in”? I asked a girl. “In about 10 minutes, who is your fave”? “Fave, well I guess it’s I know him from so I guess it must be him”! I replied. “REALLY you know , you are so lucky”! “Thanks”! I replied and moved a bit, so she couldn’t ask me more questions about him.
When they came out of the gate all the girls started to scream and when I saw him my stomach began to act weird, I think I was falling more and more in love with him, which wasn’t good if I had to spend 14 days with him and he didn’t feel the same at all! He stood there signing a lot of autographs and took time to give the fans pictures with him, he was so sweet towards them. He just stood there surrounded by fans and he enjoyed every minute of it, but then he saw the girl who he had longed to see for about 2 months. “ ”! He said when he stood in front of me. “Hi ”! I said and gave him a hug. “It’s so good to see you again”! He said hugging me tighter. “Yeah it’s good to see you as well”! I replied and looked over his shoulder where I saw the other lads smiling at us and I just smiled back, closed my eyes and enjoyed to be in s arms. “So is the car ready outside”? He asked. “Yeah it is”! I replied. “Well come on let’s go”! He replied and then we went out to the car. “So how are you”? He asked. “I am fine I am glad you called I am really exited to see if you are still as good on a stage as you were when you were a school boy”! He smiled at me, “I am not sure, but I will try to do my best now that I know that you are in the audience”! I smiled at him and then I put on some music. We didn’t talk until we arrived to the hotel. “So this is it, couldn’t you find a hotel which was more expensive”? “Nah, but don’t worry you will stay in my room or else you can sleep with one of the other girls”! “No I think I will survive in your room”! I replied I just wanted to be close to him all the time and I hoped he felt the same even it didn’t feel like it! When we had packed out our stuff in the room we went down to the bar where I met the other lads. “Hi and ”! I said giving them a hug. Then and stood up, gave me a hug and presented them self! “Well , the rest of the girls are out shopping, they couldn’t wait but they will be back soon”! said. “Okay”! I replied. looked at me, “Well sit down”! He said and I sat on the couch beside Shane and then sat down on a chair in front of us. “Well it was great you could come it took some time to talk him into it, but finally he gave in”! said smiling at me. I looked at , “I am sorry wasn’t it your own idea”? I asked. He looked at me not knowing what to do, “Well the lads asked me if it wouldn’t be great to have a friend around, because they always have the girls here”! I then stood up and ran to our room. “ ”! “What now”! “Nothing”! “Well do you want us to order for you guys”? asked. “Yeah just do that I am sure that BOTH of us will be down in a moment”! He replied and then he ran to the room as well. “I am sure she is crazy about him”! said. “Yeah she must be”! replied. “Well he might not tell us, but he has stronger feelings than he is showing, my god that girl was his everything one time”! “Yeah, but that might be over, maybe he is just doing it to be nice”! replied.

please let me in”! I sat on the bed, I knew he wasn’t interested why did I show up then and now he was outside the room asking me to let him in, well I had to it was his room after all. I then opened and there he stood looking nervous. “What”? He then walked in, “ I told them how much I missed to have a girl around all the other lads have and I just miss that and suggested that I could invite you, I wouldn’t have done it, if I didn’t want you around”! I looked at him, “You can just tell me and then I will go back to , you know I like it better there anyway”! “I like it better there as well, but no I would love you to stay here, we are friends aren’t we”? “Yeah friends”! I replied and gave him a hug. “Well come on let’s go back to the bar, the lads have already ordered for us and maybe the girls have returned and he was right. When we came back down there the girls were back. smiled at me as saying he was sorry and I just smiled back. “ this is , , and and girls this is my friend from home”! I looked at we used to talk a lot together when we were younger and I have no idea why we stopped. “Hi”! They all said and then we sat down. When we started to get drunk asked if she wanted to dance and they went to the dance floor. looked at me and then at , who he knew never dance without being wasted. “So , want to dance”? He asked. “Yeah I would love to”! I replied and then we went to the dance floor. After a couple of songs we returned to the table. “ this girl can dance”! “Yeah I could see that”! He replied smiling at me. Suddenly Justin Timberlake’s Like I love you came on I stood up immediately, “Someone please”! I said begging and went with me to the dance floor and there we stood having a lot of fun and soon after, , and had joined us.
she can really move”! said. “Yeah”! “And you don’t care, open up your eyes, she is sexy and she is in love with you and she knows you, you can’t find better than her”! said. “If she is so perfect why didn’t you pick her in stead of ”? asked. “Because I have always liked in another way”! looked to the dance floor where stood looking beautiful. He then heard the tune of Michael Jackson’s you are not alone and then he saw begging him to come to the dance floor. “ , go”! said and he did even he didn’t want to. Finally came out in the dance floor and when we stood there in each others arms I sang along. He smiled at me and said, “You like this song don’t you”? “You want me to shut up is that what you are saying”! I said joking. “Yeah”! He replied and I gave him a soft punch.
“Aawww look at them”! said when the girl had returned. “Yeah they look great together”! replied. “I never understood why he ended their relationship”! replied. “No me neither”! replied.
“Want to go back to the table”? I asked. “No I like to stand here with you then there aren’t any stupid questions”! We danced for a few more songs and then we went back to the table. “So has been on the dance floor tonight that is really something”! “Yeah I know”! replied happy and bought us all a round. “So what’s into you”? asked. “Nothing”! He replied and sat down. “So what are you doing when you are not on the road with the rest of us”? asked interested. “Well nothing really I finished last year with school and now I am just looking for some work”! I replied. “Okay”! “Isn’t it hard to find a job in these days”? asked. “Yeah it is, I was thinking about starting my own café or something I am not sure yet, but otherwise I have to move sadly”! I replied. looked at me, “You are not moving anywhere”! “Why not, if I can’t find any work in I have to move”! “No you can’t move”! “Why not , listen if the lady can’t find work in , she has to move where there is something for her”! asked. “We have memories from the past in and you can’t move away from them or don’t you care”? He asked upset. “ , take it easy, they will always be in and I will probably move back there, I would love for my children to grow up in ”! I replied. He looked at me and shook his head and then he went upstairs. “What’s up with him”? I asked. “I don’t know he claims he isn’t in love with you and that you guys are just friends, but it doesn’t sounds like it”! “Well can I still sit here having a few drinks with you guys before going up there”? I asked. “Yeah of course”! said and gave a round. A few hours later when the clock was about 2am I said goodbye to the rest of them and then I went upstairs. I knocked on the door and a few minutes later a sleepy stood in front of me. “So finally you decided to go to sleep”! “Yeah”! I replied and went in. We had to sleep in a double bed and I just lay down in my site. “Goodnight”! I said and fell to sleep.
When I woke up the next day he wasn’t there, there was a note saying that they had rehearsals, but he decided to let me sleep, which was nice of him, because I had a headache. I found my book from my suitcase and took it with me to the bathtub where I sat relaxing and reading until the water got cold. I then put on a bathrobe and went into the couches and sat there drinking some hot chocolate.

The lads were at The Point to rehearse and sounded happy while he sang, “What’s up with you today aren’t you mad anymore”? asked. “No I am sad, but if she wants to move that’s up to her, but I got an idea”! “What is it”? “I think I will buy her a store”! “ don’t you think you are rushing it a bit”! “No what are friends for”! “ you know you like her more than your friend and that is why you want to buy her that store”! “Maybe”! replied. “So you like her more than a friend”? “Yeah I do, I guess I can’t hide it anymore I am falling more and more in love with her”! said. “HI LADS”! yelled. “WHAT NO ”! said. “What”? said. “ has finally admitted that he is in love with ”! “WOW, so I was right all the time”? asked. “Yeah I guess you were, but please don’t tell her”! replied. “Well has got this crazy idea to buy her a store for a café or whatever she would like”! said. The rest just started to laugh and began to song, “Love is in the air” and just started to blush.

While I sat there watching television in the bathrobe came in, “Hi”! I said a bit sad. “Hi why are you sounding so sad”? “Because I am a bit disappointed in how you acted last night”! “Yeah I know and I am sorry, but I think I have solved the problem”! “How”? I asked. “I will buy you the store then you can open whatever you like”! “No I can’t let you do that”! “Why not”! “Because I don’t want you to, it’s too expensive”! “ I can afford it and you know that”! “Yeah but I don’t want to use your money”! “I don’t want to fight with you I am buying you that store”! “NO ”! I replied and went to the bedroom and he followed me. “Do you mind I need to get dressed”! “I am sorry he replied and went out”! Soon after I was done and went back into the “Living room”! “Come on let me buy it for you”! “No”! I replied. “Well let’s talk about that later, we are soon going to have some dinner and then we are of to The Point again”! “Okay”! I replied. We then went downstairs where we met the other lads and girls in the restaurant. “So , have you told her”? asked. “No only about the store”! “So”! “She won’t let me buy it for her she thinks it’s too expensive”! “Then don’t buy it for her”! “You got me an idea”! replied. “Oh god no”! replied laughing. “So I hear you turned down s offer about buying you a store”! said when we sat at the table. “Yeah I don’t want to use his money, he has earned them him self, I am sure I can borrow them in the bank and after some time I can pay them back”! I replied. “Then you can borrow the money from me and then pay me back later”! replied. “No I am sure you won’t let me pay them back to you, so no”! I replied. “She knows you”! replied. “Yeah I am afraid she knows me to well”! I just smiled at him and kissed his cheek, “Not better than you know me”! I replied. He then started to blush and I started to laugh, “He looks so cute when he’s blushing”! “Yeah and he has been doing that a lot lately”! replied laughing as well.
I need to talk to you”! said. “What is it”? said when they stood in the lobby. “Well I was thinking about asking out on a dinner, not a date just a dinner and then tell her about my feelings”! “Well I think that’s the best idea you have come up with for a long time”! “Yeah I think I will do that”! replied and then they went back into the restaurant.

After a week which I really had been enjoying asked me out on a dinner just the two of us. “Well girls can any of you help me”? I asked when I just sat with the girls in the bar. “With what”? “I have no clue what to wear when I am going to dinner with ”! “Of course we can and will help you”! They said and then they all helped me to find a beautiful dress and when we came home from shopping they help me to put it on and with the make-up. “Wow now you look really stunning when will he be back to pick you up”! “Yeah it’s kind of weird to think that I am in his room and he has to get ready in ’s”! I replied making the girls laugh suddenly it knocked on the door. “One moment ”! yelled. “I was so exited to see him”! “So what are you hoping he’ll be wearing”? asked. “His new jeans and some shirt”! I replied. “Okay let’s see”! She replied and let me into the bedroom and opened the door. “Hi ”! They all said. “So is she ready”! “Yeah and I SEE SOME OF HER WISHES HAS COME TRUE”! yelled so I could hear it in the bedroom hoping it was the jeans, because he had such a cute butt in them. then opened the door and when I came out there stood with his back towards me, so I could see his cute butt in the jeans. “Thanks for the help girls”! I replied smiling and then turned around. “WOW”! “What”? I asked. “You look absolutely beautiful”! “Thanks so do you”! I replied. He then took my hand and I waved to the girls and then we went to the lift. While we stood there waiting the girls ran pass us and down the stairs. “What’s up with them”? He asked “I don’t know”! I replied, but when we came down both them and the lads stood there smiling at us. “ you look stunning”! Most of the lads said and all I could say was, “I owe it to the girls”! We then went outside where a cab held to take us to a restaurant. “This is crazy even I drive in a cab I feel like a princess”! “And you look like one as well”! He replied. I took the chance and took his hand and we sat there saying nothing just looking at each other. When we arrived to the restaurant there were a section closed just for the two of us and on the table there stood a single red rose. “Aawww it’s beautiful”! I replied. “Yeah it really is it’s all because of you”! He replied. “Thanks ”! I replied and then we sat down and soon after we ordered some food and some wine. “Thanks for buying me dinner”! I said breaking the silence between us”! “It’s all I can do, now that you don’t want me to buy you that store”! “ we have talked about this”! “Okay well I just want to tell you that I have bought myself a café in and I need someone to take care of it when I am away on tour and promotion”! “ ”! “Well I would just like that it is someone I trust and I hope that you will take care of it for me”! “Yeah I guess I will”! “Please”! He said begging. “Okay , but I owe you”! “You owe me nothing”! He replied smiling and took my hand again, soon after the dinner arrived. “So why did you decide to ask me out for dinner”? “Because I wanted to have some time with alone, which wasn’t on the hotel and then I have something to tell you”! “Yeah you told me about the store and thanks you are the reason why my dream can come true”! He just smiled, “ it was not about the café”! “Well what is it; you look really serious even you smile that gorgeous smile”! I replied. “Well it is serious”! “Okay tell me”! “Well I have always been thinking about my career and lately I have been thinking about my future as well and I”! “ , don’t tell me that you are quitting Westlife”! “No I am not, well I have been thinking a lot about my future and this last week has shown how much I want you to be a part of it”! “Well I will always be here for you as long as you want me to”! “ , not like my friend, I want you to be a part of my life as my girlfriend and maybe later on my wife, what I am saying is that I am in love with you”! When he said those words I just sat with tears in my eyes. “I am sorry I just needed to get it of my chest”! He said not knowing what to do. “I am in love with you too”! I replied low. “Did you say something”? He asked nice. “Yeah I am in love with you too and I would love to be a part of your future”! I said and he just sat there looking at me, “Really”? He asked. “Yeah really”! I replied smiling. He then stood up and went over to me and then he kissed me something I had longed for, for a really long time. “So how long have you had feelings for me”? He asked. “Since I kissed you in Sligo”! “Same here, I couldn’t get you of my mind after touching your lips again”! “So that was why you wanted to buy me that café”? “Yeah didn’t want you to move away and especially not coming back with a husband and kids that would kill me”! “You are always so sweet”! I replied. “No only when you are around”! He said smiling. Two hours later we took a cab back to the hotel. “Oh there are a lot of fans out there”! I said looking nervous at . “Just be yourself they would love you”! He then kissed me and then we walked out, I was positive that they had all seen the kiss, which made me even more nervous, but didn’t care as long as I was there with him. We walked through the fans hand in hand. “I will come down later to sign your stuff”! He said nicely and then we went inside. “Why don’t you just sign their stuff now, I will wait in the bar for you”! “Okay I will be right back”! He replied and kissed me on my cheek and then he went outside to sign the stuff that the fans had brought with them.
I walked into the bar and there the rest of the crew sat, “ what are you doing here ALONE”? asked. “I am just waiting for I sent him outside to sign some autographs”! I replied. “Oh okay, how was your night”? asked and in that second came in and put his arms around me from behind”! “It was great hopefully it isn’t over”! I replied and turned around in ’s arms and we kissed each other in front of the rest for the first time. “Nice one I guess this is the new couple of the Westlife crew”! said. “When will you guys go official”? asked. “I guess we already did, when we kissed in the cab in front of the fans and in the lobby also in front of the fans”! said. “Okay I guess Louis will be thrilled if he sees a picture”! “He won’t the fans promised me not sell the pictures and they will wait to put them out on the net until we have gone official”! replied. “Okay hope you can trust them then”! said with a dirty look. “Yeah”! He replied. “Well I will give you guys a drink a new couple is great news”! said and bought us some black ice. After a while I looked at , “Want to go to bed”? I asked. “Yeah”! He said and we went upstairs where I slept in his arms.

The week after I had to go back to , “ I have to go now”! I said kissing him, while we sat in the couch. “Yeah I know, I wish I could go with you, but I can’t well, I will make sure you will get the key within a few days and then you can go down and look in the café, to make an impression and to figure out what we need to make it complete”! He said. “Okay well sweetie I will see you soon, please call me when you…”! “I will call you everyday”! He replied and kissed me. “Okay”! I said and kissed him for the last time and then I gave him a hug and went down to my car and then I drove home.

When I got home there lay a single red rose on the doorstep and I called immediately:
- here
- what’s up with you and all those red roses?
-Well I made buy that one for me; I just want you to know how much I care about you!
-I know how much you care about me, but that doesn’t mean that you have to buy me roses all the time! I care about you as well, but I don’t buy you stuff all the time!
-I know and you don’t have to!
-Sweetie I have to go inside and unpack I will talk to you tomorrow!
-Yeah bye gorgeous!
We then hung up, even I told him not to buy me all those roses there was always a new one on the doorstep every morning and one day there was an envelope as well, which was the key to the café. When I was about to get into the car I saw , ’s younger brother, “Hi thanks for buying me all those roses for your brother”! “No problem ”! He said smiling. “You are lucky to have your brother’s smile”! “Thanks”! He replied not knowing what to say. “Well I am on my way to check out the café has bought, want to join me”? “Yeah that would be great I can’t wait to see what he has gotten himself into this time”! “No me neither”! “Well it’s great that the two of you are together again and I am sure my parents think that as well”! “Thanks ”! I replied we then went to the address that was in the envelope along with the key. “Well this is it are you ready”? I asked. “Yeah”! He replied and we went inside. “Wow this could be a great café”! said. “Yeah it could, let’s get some ideas about how this is going to look like”! We then used the whole day there having fun talking about all sorts of ways of how it could look like when it was done!
I drove home and thanked him for the day and the week after I picked him up; we were going out to find some furniture to the store. We went into a lot of designer stores, but at last we decided to drive to Dublin, then we could say hi to as well.
When we arrived to the hotel we met , “Hi and ”! said giving us both a hug. “Hi have you seen we would like to ask him about something”! I said. “Yeah he is sitting in the bar with I think”! “Okay thanks”! and I then went into the bar and there they sat just looked up, “ what are you doing here and hi ”! I then went over to him and he gave me a huge hug and a kiss. “I have missed you so much”! He replied. “I have missed you to, but I am busy, and I are shopping for the café, we have come up with some ideas”! “Okay cool, well brother I am glad you take care of my girl while I am away”! “Well I am just helping her out”! “And I appreciate that”! I replied smiling at . “Well what are you looking for chairs and stuff”? “Yeah”! replied. “Okay well I am sure you will make the right decisions”! “So you don’t care about what we are buying”? “No not at all, it’s your café”! “No it’s yours not mine, but okay I will decide”! I replied then I kissed him again, “Well Sweetie we have to go before all the stores close”! “So you just came down here to kiss me twice”? He asked. “No 3 times, I will see you at home soon I can’t wait”! I replied. “Me neither”! He said and we kissed again. “Come on we have some shopping to do”! I said and dragged out of the bar and into the car and then we went to a few stores before deciding what to buy.

“Wow it was great to see her again”! replied. “Yeah and then so sudden”! said. “Yeah I am glad her and are helping each other when I am not there, but my family have always loved her”! “So she is safe with them that must be great to know”! “Yeah it is, I have only been with her for a week and I am more in love than ever, well actually I think this is the first time that I am really in love with a girl”! “I feel the same for ; she is the only girl I have ever loved”! “Yeah, well I want to be able to say I love you to her, but it’s just hard, because I don’t know if she is ready to say it back to me”! “No well wait until you think it’s the right time”! “Thanks , I think I will”! replied. They had to go to a press conference that same afternoon, “So do you think they will ask you about ”? asked. “I don’t know, but if they do, I will be honest and tell them that I am in love”! “Okay is she ready for this madness”! “Yeah I think she is. I think she will be ready for anything as long as we are together”! “Yeah but remember you aren’t together all the time”! “I know, but I am sure we can handle it”! replied with a smile. They then went to the conference room, which was full with reporters and photographers from all over the world.
: So let’s start!
PRESS: It’s the last show on this year’s tour, how have it been?
: As always it has been amazing, the fans have supported us no matter where we have been and they have been fantastic night after night!
PRESS: So where have the crowd been loudest?
: Well they are always loud no matter what country they are in, but it always nice to be back at The Point in Dublin, where the fans go wild as always.
PRESS: So you and is still a couple how is it to have a relationship, when both of you are busy?
: Well it’s easy as long as you love each other, you can always make it work if you want to and we want that, we just try to see each other as much as we can. So I go to her set if I am off and she will go with us on tour when she is off!
PRESS: So we have heard rumours, about you having a girlfriend now is that true?
: Yeah I am seeing a girl that’s true!
PRESS: So are you in love or is it just another fling and where have you met her?
: Well I think she would be angry if I say it’s just a fling and then I will be lying as well. I am very much in love with her and I have known her for a long time she lives in !
PRESS: So how long have you been keeping this as a secret?
: Not for long we have only been together for a week and I am sure it will last for a long time; right now I hope it will last forever.
PRESS: How do you think the fans will react to this news?
: Well some of them already know and some even have pictures of the two of us kissing and they were really sweet about it and I am sure they will support us, just as they support the other lads and their relationships.
PRESS: Well Lads good luck with tonight’s show and with the love life

Then the lads went to The Point where they had to give the last concert on the tour, which was something special, they had a great night on stage and even they enjoyed being there, they all looked forward to go home and spend some times with their families.
Two days after they all said goodbye to each other and then they all went back home. When arrived home there was no one there, so he decided to go to ’s place. He knocked on the door and soon after opened in boxers only. “What the hell is going on here”? asked. “Oh I know this doesn’t look good, but nothing has happened, is at the store I just went back here to have a nap”! “Well okay, so she is in the store now”? “Yeah and she loves you, she would never cheat on you”! “Thanks”! said sat into his car and drove down to the store.
, are you in here”? I heard someone yell. “ is that you”? I asked exited. “Yeah where are you”? I then ran from the kitchen and into his arms, “Finally, you are home”! “We saw each other last night, but I am glad you missed me”! “I always miss you”! I replied kissing him. “So have you read it”? “What”? “That I told the press about you last night before the concert”? “Oh yeah showed me this morning. He came down here with breakfast and the newspaper”! “Have you been sleeping here”? “Yeah that’s why is sleeping at my place”! I replied. He kissed me, “So what do you think”? “Well I think it’s sweet that you are very much in love with me”! I replied. “I am”! “I know and I am in love with you aswell sweetheart”! “So you don’t mind that I told them”? “No and they don’t know my name so it’s all fine and I don’t care if they take a couple of pictures of me, that’s what I have to go trough dating you and I am willing to do everything just to be with you”! “ …”! “Yeah”! “I love you”! “I love you too ”! I replied and we kissed.

After about 3 months the café was ready to open and was going to be there for the opening. A lot of our friends stopped by, even Caleb was there to wish us congratulation, with both the café and our relationship and a whole lot of fans came by too. They were all so sweet and while I stood making food for them, wrote them signatures. After a very long day we went for a walk in town, just looking at closed stores. “Wow this has been amazing”? I replied. “Yeah and tomorrow the whole UK would know what you look like”! “I don’t care I have you here by my site”! “Yeah and I want to be for the rest of our lives, will you marry me”? I looked at him. “Yes I will marry you, I love you”! I replied and we stood there kissing in the middle of . The next day we went to visit his parents. “We have something to tell you”! said looking at them smiling. “You sound cheerful”! said. “I am, we are engaged”! I smiled at him, he was so beautiful and I just loved everything about him. “I am thrilled for you, but isn’t it a bit too early”? asked. “Dad we love each other and we want to be together for the rest of our lives and it’s not that we don’t know each other”! “Yeah, but you guys are young you don’t have to rush into this you know”! “We know, but it’s something that we both want to do”! replied. “Well then we are happy for you”! said. “Thanks mum”! “So when will the wedding be”? She asked. “We haven’t talked about that yet”! I replied. “I was thinking about next summer”! asked. “Yeah that would be nice”! I replied. We ate at their place and told that there was a job open for him and took it right away.
followed me home and looked at me, “ I would love it if you moved into my house”! “Are you sure”? I asked. “Yeah we are engaged”! He replied. “Okay, why don’t we go over there then”? I asked. “Okay let’s do that”! That was the first time since we began to date that we had sex, which was perfect after such a great day.

We had a wedding planner, who worked everything out with me, while Barry took care of the café and was on work. Summer soon came and I was very nervous. I had chosen the girls to be my bride maids with as the head maid and was ’s best man while Colin, and were groom men. I ran around confused not knowing if I had it all, “ , calm down it is all going to be perfect”! said. “Thanks , I am trying, but what if he doesn’t shows up”! “He will and you know that, he loves you more than he loves everything else”! said. “Yeah, yeah you are right”! I replied. I stood there thinking for a while, “But girls how do I tell him that”! “That what”? asked. “That we are pregnant, that he is going to be a father, should I tell him that tonight or tomorrow morning”! “Oh my god, are you pregnant”? asked. “Yeah I am”! They all surrounded me wishing me congratulation. “Well I think you should tell him while you are alone, maybe as a wedding gift tomorrow morning”! replied.
what if she doesn’t show up what will I do then, then my life would be ruined I love her so much, maybe my dad was right about rushing things, we have just been together for a bit more than a year”! “Yeah but you guys have known each other for a long time and you both know that was you are about to do is the right thing to do”! replied. “Yeah but what if I stand there in the church and she doesn’t show up”? “She will , she loves you just as much as you love her and don’t worry you are not the only one who is nervous she must be just as nervous as you”! “Yeah you are probably right, can’t I speak to her over the phone just to make sure that she is coming”? “No you can’t it has to be exiting and it’s normal to have all these nerves”! “Shane, Mark we have to go now, the limousine and the wan are here”! Kian said looking at the lads. “Where are and Colin”? asked. “ is in the limousine waiting for you and Colin is in the wan waiting for me and ”! replied. “Okay let’s go”! said and followed him to the limousine, “Hey it’s going to be great”! said. “Thanks ”! replied and went inside where Barry sat. “So you seem nervous”! “I am”! “You are doing the right thing”! “Thanks ”! replied and the rest of the drive he kept quiet he was so nervous.

“So just called the lads have left for the church now, so we will be going in 10 minutes then you will be about 25 or 30 minutes to late”! said. “I want leave him nervous”! I said. “I have told that you will be about 20 minutes late and he has to be a nerve wreck then he will be more pleased to see you”! “Yeah she is right and don’t worry he will be there waiting for you”! replied. “Thanks you girls”! “ the limousine is here”! said. “Okay come on girls it’s now”! said. I then got a hug of them all and we went to the limousine.
When we arrived to the church there stood a lot of press and some fans had turned up as well. They were all quiet when we got out I think some of the bodyguards had told them to, just so couldn’t hear anything inside the church. I waved at the fans and they took some pictures. “Louise you look beautiful”! Dave said helping me out, he was the one leading me up to . “Thank you Dave”! I said and gave him little hug. “So it’s now”! said kissing my cheek then the music for the bridesmaids began and they all walked in on a line. “ , don’t be nervous I promise you he is more nervous than you, he has been waiting for half an hour now and he is looking forward to see you and the dress”! Then we heard Ronan start his song, “First time”! When he came to the chorus the door opened and Dave and I walked up the aisle while he sang. I looked up at Ronan who sang with a huge smile then over at who stood with tears in his eyes and then a shy smile. I could feel a tear running down my cheek. When I came up there Dave gave me a kiss on the cheek and then I went over to , who gave me a kiss on the cheek, “You look so beautiful”! “You too”! We whispered. Then we stood there in front of the priest and then Ronan finished the song and the next thing I knew was, “ you may now kiss the bride”! And then I could feel his lips on mine, they were soft and I couldn’t be happier. After the ceremony we went outside the church and thanked the fans for coming and then I kissed , “I will be right back”! “Okay”! He said smiling and kissing me again. I then went over to Ronan, “Thanks, it was so beautiful”! “Just like you, guess it was the perfect song”! “Yeah and you made my day more beautiful thank you Ronan”! “No problem”! He replied and we kissed each other on the cheek. I then went back to and we went into the limousine and drove to the castle where we were having a reception.
I know it wasn’t the most romantic way I proposed, but I got the yes, which I hoped for. I don’t think I have told any of you how I proposed, but we just walked around in and looked at closed stores and that was when I proposed actually very sudden, not only for , but for me too, I guess that was the right time. can you believe that after we started a relationship 8 years ago and broke up 6 years ago, that we are finally sitting here as husband and wife? Well if the lads hadn’t opened my eyes and made me realise how much I love you, I would still go around dreaming about this day coming true and now it did. I can’t be happier and I feel like the luckiest guy in the world having you here by my side as my wife and I am looking forward to spend the rest of my life together with you”! I smiled at him and then we kissed each other. “I love you”! “I love you too ”! I was so nervous to tell him about the baby. We had a great night and we went to bed at 5am and we could still hear the guests dancing around an hour later. When we woke up again, there was breakfast ready for us downstairs. “ there is something I want you to know”! I said with tears in my eyes. “What is it, what’s wrong”? “Nothing is wrong, you are becoming a daddy”! He looked at me, “Seriously you are not joking with me”? “No I am pregnant, we are pregnant”! “Oh my god, what a wonderful gift”! I got a huge kiss and then he kissed my belly. “I love you so much”! He said and then we went downstairs in our bathrobes and there all the guests sat eating breakfast and when we arrived they all stood up clapping at us. “Well guys I would like to thank you all for celebrating yesterday with us, it was one of the best days of my life. But this morning was as good as yesterday”! Then everybody started to laugh. “Not like that guys come on, think straight; I got some brilliant news this morning”! “IS WESTLIFE NUMBER 1”? yelled making everybody laugh including us. “Well I sure hope so, but that wasn’t the news I am going to share with you, just told me this morning that I am going to be a dad in 7 months”! Then they all went silent, everybody went over to us and gave us hugs and wished us congratulation.
When they all had left we sat there enjoying a moment for us self just looking at each other, “Wow I can’t believe that we will soon be parents”! He said. “No me neither, but it’s great I can’t wait, this child would get the best dad ever”! “And the best mum”! He said kissing me with his hand on my belly.

7 months after we sat at dinner at and ’s, “So when is it you are going to give birth”? asked. “It was a week ago”! I replied with a smile. While we sat there enjoying the food the water broke, “ ”!!! “Yeah sweetie”! “The water”! He then passed me the water on the table. “ this isn’t the right moment to be silly at, the water just broke”! “Oh my god it’s now then”? “Yeah it is”! “Okay guys we have to get going now, we will see you soon”! “ , call us when you have become a dad”! said. “I will”! replied. “Good luck you guys”! They all yelled after us and then we drove to the hospital.
10 hours later we had become parents of a little baby boy. When I was a sat with our son went out to call the lads, but when he came out all the lads and their girls and his parents and brothers sat outside the room. “I was just going to call you all”! said. “Well we heard a baby, is it a girl or a boy”? asked, hoping he would get a nephew after all he got 2 nieces in Molly and Lilly Sue. “It’s a boy”! replied getting hugs from them all and when he stood in his mothers arms, he didn’t want to let go. “I am so proud of you”! said. “Thanks mum, he is just so beautiful”! “With that mum of his, could he be anything else than beautiful I don’t think so”! replied making them all laugh. “Thanks ”! said with a smile. “So have you found a name yet”? “Yeah, Robbie Scout ”! “That’s so sweet”! said. “Yeah it was mainly ’s idea, but I love it and he is a real Robbie”! replied with tears in his eyes. He was so overwhelmed with all the people around him he loved. “I think you can come and see him this afternoon”! “Okay”! They all replied said goodbye and went back home. They all came to visit us that same afternoon.

When we came home from the hospital 4 days later, carried Robbie into a room and I followed them. It was so perfect a really boy room in blue with Disney characters all over. “It’s so beautiful”! I said. “The guys helped me”! We then put Robbie into the little bed of his and then we sat on the floor starring at him, “He is so beautiful”! I replied. “Yes I can’t believe it yours”! I then punch him in the site and then I leaned into him. We couldn’t be happier we had each other and having our son completed it all. We had now started a family of our own, which we both knew would grow bigger with time!