Back At One

Chapters..: 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5 - 6 - 7 - 8!

Chapter 1.

and just stood looking up at the house in front of them. It had belonged to ’s Nan. She had just passed away and left the house to her as well as other things.

wasn’t sure if she wanted to move over to Ireland considering her whole life this place had broken her heart more than once when she had visited her Nan.
had vowed never to come back to this place again once her Nan moved over to London with her. Although knowing her Nan would never sell the place it had been passed down from generation to generation.

She knew she couldn’t look back to the past and decided that she would move to Sligo after all. It was a change and more independence.

Naturally she asked her friend to go with her. had said no she didn’t want to go back there and see the people who had made her life hell for not being one of the crowd and always so focused on her career. But as pointed out. “Were not the same people. We’ve change. We can’t live in the past. You have to grow.”

So finally agreed. was right they had changed.

So here they were back to the place that tore them apart one way or another. But also making them stronger in the process.

“Are we going to go in or just stand out here in the freezing cold” moaned at the side of .

“Ok, I was just thinking and remembering”

“How much the people in Sligo suck and how much we hope we don’t see them and” “ And nothing . We have made the mature choice to come back and face what we went through. Come on the boys went on to form Westlife they can’t still be as evil as they were. So can you please look on the bright side?” stated and walked inside.

“Or there big headed evil people now.” whispered under her breath.

walked around the house taking everything in. It felt so strange to her being in the house she used to love with out her Nan.
She felt tears coming to her eyes but she pushed them aside.

“I don’t think we need to decorate much. Its so cool Nan Ivy was so hip.” smiled knowing what must be feeling being back in the house.

“Tell you what lets go into Sligo get a bite to eat in one of the pubs.” smiled

“Better yet how about seeing if Dave’s burger bar is still here”

’s eyes blighted up. That used to be the best place to hang.

Funny enough it was still there. As they walked in they noticed a small group in the corner. and looked at each other years ago they would have run right out the door again but this time they didn’t they kept their heads up.

went to get a table while got the order in.
“One small donair and a Chicken burger with Chips please.”

casually lent on the counter turning round to look at who was looking in the other direction. followed her view line.

couldn’t help but look over at the table. To her horror it was him. The guy that broke her heart years ago.

He was looking at her and smiling didn’t know what to do. So she gave a weak smile then she grabbed the menu on the side and pretended to read it.

“Ok do you know who that is?” said with ‘you can’t be seriously looking at him’ look.
“What I was just looking. And I don’t know what you mean.” said as innocently as she possible could. sat down and rolled her eyes “please I know you to well. I can’t believe you were checking out after everything he did.”

“Can we not talk about this here?” said not wanting to start another argument over .
“Tell you what we won’t talk about it ever again.” said taking a bite of her donot.

“I need to go to the bathroom,” said excusing herself.

had seen go out a few seconds ago. She wanted to know if he remembered her. She wasn’t banking on walking into him though.

“Hey sorry there little lady” said giving her his best Smile.

“It’s Ok” was stuck for words she was panicking now why did she have to go and see him.

“I’ve not seen you around these parts before you just moved here?”
wasn’t sure if she was happy or sad at the fact that didn’t remember her but she would play along for now.

“I used to live here. I’m back. My Nan just passed away and was left her house.” And she was giving him too much information. looked to the floor then back at who was smiling at her

“I’m sorry. I’m by the way and you are?” looked at him she couldn’t tell him her real name could she. Would he know it was her from years ago? If he did would he just laugh in her face again.

thought for a moment she would go with her middle name no one apart from close friends like and her family knew it so she was safe.

” “Nice to meet you. Why don’t you and your friend join my mates and me? Were kind of bored with each other,” laughed.

nodded she walked back to and told her that the lads invited them over. Well didn’t need to say anything to know she was pissed beyond belief.

“We have no choice I said yes. So come on grab your burger” “It’s a kebab,” stated. “Don’t get smart.”

“Hey” said jumping up to let the two girls sit down.

“Hey this is .” said introducing her. “Hey” said weakly.

“Hey this is , , , I’m .”

was saying you used to live here where about were you? We can’t believe we don’t know you. We don’t do we?” said happily.

being went to say something but gave her a look so she kept quite which for her was the hardest thing in the world.

“We had busy lives.” said with a harsh tone.
“Shame” said smiling at her.

found she smiled back had always been a sweetheart to her. It was the others that were evil.

“So how long have you been back?” asked looking from to “We got back a few hours ago.” said not really meaning to.
felt nudge her in the side. looked at her with a ‘What’ look

looked at the counter to find three girls standing there looking at them. remembered them right away they hadn’t changed a bit.

, Nadine and Sam “Are they your girlfriends or something cause I think they want to kill us for talking to you four.” said a bit pleased at their reaction.

“Oh god no you must be joking.” said not even bothering to look at the three girls at the counter
“Really I would have thought they would be right up your alley” said with a dirty look.

The guys looked at each other with a bemused look about ’s comment but they chose to ignore it.

“Ok we used to date them. The biggest mistake ever.” said with half a smile “What breaking up with them or dating them?” asked looking to “Dating them. God if we knew now what we did then we would never have been such pricks.”

“You got that right.” said then biting her tongue. They all looked at her as if to say excuse me. Thankfully the three witches saved her.

“Hey boys are you going to introduce us to your new girl friends?” asked leaning all over .

and meet , Nads and Sam.”
“Oh I knew it was her middle name. A right freak. I wonder what ever happened to the little cow.” and the other girls laughed.

was ready to pounce but was stopped by ’s words.

“Yeah well coming from you that’s a compliment considering you’re the freaks.”

looked to for support but didn’t get any.
“Well you’re the freaks now.” and the other two girls turned on their heels and walked out trying to get attention by slamming the door shut.

“God I can’t believe they haven’t changed one bit. Still the Barbie’s of the world.” said to not realising she had said it a bit too loud and the other lads heard her.

“I thought you didn’t know anyone from around here?” asked with a questionable look.

“We don’t, you know you hear things about people.” said her face getting redder.

didn’t believe her there was something they were hiding he wanted to know what.

“Why don’t we go out tomorrow night? To celebrate new friendships and you moving back to Sligo.” asked

He noticed give a look and a small shake of her head.
“We don’t know” said standing up.

not wanting to take a no for an answer wrote down his number on a bit of paper he had in his pocket.

“Here is my number call me. We’ll arrange a time and pick you girls up.”

As and stepped outside and shut the door they noticed all four lads looking at them. But they just carried on walking.

Once was sure no one could hear their conversation she nagged senseless.

“We so aren’t going tomorrow. Well I’m not if you want to go. do you know you and were flirty are you mad. And the comment from they are going to find out and they will laugh at us and it’ll be hell.” ranted not really caring if was listening or not. It just made her feel better.

breath we didn’t say yes. And maybe we can get to know the guys without all the history and stuff. Maybe we can see past what happened.”

spun around to look at face on. “Ok so you’ll forgive the fact that in front of the whole school said you were nothing to him. He wanted Nads and that’s who he got he was just using you. He said that in front of everyone the whole bloody school. He left you. You were just lucky you weren’t covered in pig’s blood Carrie style.” shouted folding her arms in protest.

had tears in her eyes. Yes had broken her heart but she was willing to see if he was still like that or not. She thought he wasn’t.

“Well maybe you’re just pissed at the fact that asked you to the school dance for a joke and did all those stupid things. You really need to get over that. And I’m not Carrie. And stood up for me today with out even knowing it” shouted back.

“Whatever” said turning round and heading home walking miles in front of .

Chapter 2.

had been playing with ’s number all evening right into the morning.

Part of her wanted to start a fresh but the other part agreed with .
She reminded herself that she decided to start a new life in Sligo she had to forget the past and that is what she was going to do and she was going to drag along kicking and screaming.

was sitting on ’s sofa when he heard ’s mobile ring he partially jumped on it and threw it at to answer.

“Hello” “Hi is that ?” “Yeah who’s this?” “Hi its umm. from last night.” “Oh hey how you doing?”

“Great, look if tonight is still on I’d love to come.” “Yeah sure what about ?”

stood there for a moment thinking. “Umm I don’t know to tell you the truth.”

“Ok well give me your address and myself and the others will pick you and maybe if she wants to come at 8.”

stood there for a second thinking again. If she told them the house they would know who they truly were.

“Why don’t we meet you guys there, it’ll be easier and hates other people driving.”

“Ok well how about we meet at the Belfry and go on from there”

“Yeah great see you at eight.” With that put down the phone.

walked into the living room just as was putting down the phone.

“Who was that?” asked handing a cup of coffee.

looked at her and smiled sheepishly at her.

“Now please don’t be mad. I told I’m and maybe you are going out tonight were meeting them at the Belfry.”

’s eyes widened in horror. She could see the past flashing in front of her eyes.
“Great well done I’ll go and get the pig’s blood ready shall I.” stormed upstairs into her room and put on some very offensive music that drove mad.

“So are the girls coming?” asked once he had put the phone down.

“Yeah well anyway. She didn’t no about

found himself pouting. “Why?”

“I don’t know. Why do you care anyway?” asked but he already knew the answer.

“Cause I’ve got my eye on her. And I’m pretty sure has his eye on said turning to look at then back to and smiled.

“And who does that leave me with?” asked why did he always have to be left out.

“I’ll invite replied seeing ’s eye light up made him laugh. He knew he liked her and liked him this would work out perfect.

was sitting on ’s bed looking at her with puppy eyes begging her to go tonight.
“NO for the millionth time in 5 seconds no. I’m not going to sit in the company of that lot. fine his a sweetie but the others no way. I’d sooner have hot pokers up my nose than that.”

“Fine then do it for me. I need my best bud there”

looked at she knew she would have to go even if it was to play bodyguard.

“Fine but don’t think I’m playing nice or talking or anything.” went to her wardrobe and got out jeans with a halter neck top and boots.

“This will do I’m not showing off tonight.” “You don’t have to them jeans and top are tight enough to make an impression and them boots. Well don’t think your holding on to me all night cause you can’t walk in them.”

“I wont I’ll hold on to .” stopped and looked at . “ don’t mess with cause Of that’s not fair.”

“I’m not” said honestly ok it had crossed he mind but that was being mean and she wasn’t like that. If she was going to screw anyone over it would be and maybe just maybe she would do that after all.

looked at she could tell she was thinking about something and that worried her.
are you ready were going to be late,” shouted out just as came in the door. had gone for a short denim shirt stiletto heels and a light pink chiffon top. had decided to wear her hair down and have it straight but with curly bits. And with her make up she wanted her eyes to be the focus.

“Ok let’s get this over with, you know how much I’m dieing to go… home” said with a fake smile. “Hun you look great” said ignoring ’s comment.

locked up while got the car started.

In the car they decided that they wasn’t going to tell the guys too much about them.

But had a feeling that was going to be putty in ’s hands and that worried her.

looked at his watch then at back at the door.

They were late. “What if they don’t turn up” asked himself more than the others.

“Oh my god I can’t believe here is having a blue fit over a girl. God I’ve got to video tape this” laughed at the side of him.

“Well he don’t need to worry as they’ve just walked in and my they’re hot” said smiling to himself.

and entered the bar it was just how they remembered it.

saw the guys in the corner she didn’t tell that she’d spotted them though she was hoping that the guys wouldn’t see them so they could just go home and forget them.

looked at the girls he could have sworn saw them but walked off.

“I’ll get them and another round of drinks.” offered standing up.

“There not here are they?” said a little up set.

“Who’s not here?” and turned around and to see standing there.

“Oh nothing” lied.

“Right what drink will you be having?” “Anything as long as its alcohol” said turning around and looking about the place.

“Ok. ?” “I’ll have Archers and lemonade please said smiling.

As the three walked towards the table pulled back a little bit.

don’t screw this up. You may have issues still but I’m willing to move on. Don’t mess this up with me.”

With that walked up ahead leaving pouting.

“Right girls now you’re here let me introduce you.You’ve got s boyfriend . And who is ’s cousin.”

“Hey” and said in unison.

“Guys this is and ” “Like you needed to tell us that I think we know everything about them apart from there dress size” said into his pint.

and gave him daggers but relaxed when it seemed that neither nor heard.

They had been in the pub for about an hour talking about life.

and had to make a lot of the stories up when they were asked about when they lived in Sligo.

sometimes got a bit stuck she was never one for making things up on the spot. on the other hand was having a field day.

just hoped that remembered what she was saying as she was on her way to getting drunk which meant they were going to have to get a lift home with the boys.

“Why don’t we head to a club?” offered looking around at the group.

Everyone agreed they arranged who was going to go with who.

“Right someone needs to drive ’s car as I can’t been drinking” said a little pissed off at her friends actions.

“Well I can drive I’ve not been drinking and can drive my car.” offered.

“Ok but it’s a two seater so I’m going to have to get a lift with someone”

“You can come with me” said a bit too quickly.

blushed and nodded her head.

“Right so what car is it?” asked holding out his hand for to give him the keys while he held onto with the other.

“Its that car thing. Sports thing I don’t know its that one.” said pointing over the other side of the road.

looked at the car and his mouth fell to the floor.

“She has a Louts?” asked stunned. Not once in his life had he ever met a girl with that type of car.

“Yeah” said walking off with to the car.

walked over to her car and got her inside. He walked around to the driver’s side and got in.

looked at who was looking at the road ahead. She had been quite for a while now. He wanted to get to know her better.

“So you like sports cars. You’ll have to see my Boxster.”

“I’ve seen them before.” snapped back.

“Yeah I guess you properly have.” laughed nervously.

looked at then back to the road. “You know I’m not drunk I could have driven.” stated as a mater of fact.

“You’re not drunk?” “No I just wanted to get you alone to be honest”

“Oh” Was all could say he could have kicked himself for it but he wasn’t sure if she was telling the truth or it was in fact because she had been drinking.

and were sitting in the back seat of ’s car talking amongst themselves.

At the club and kept seeing people that they used to know. Thank god the few that recognized them did not blow their covers. The more she talked the guiltier she felt. She was never one for lying and this was becoming too much she knew she was going to mess up before the night was over and if she didn’t it was going to be a miracle.

The girls got through the night and when they got back home said she would never see them again. wanted to see them again but she knew she probably shouldn’t because the lying was just too much and she knew in the morning she wouldn’t remember what she had said anyways.

Chapter 3.

There was knock at ’s door but no one was there expect an envelope when he got there. He picked it up and took it into the room where the lads were sitting and chatting.

“Who was it?” asked.

“No one just this” said showing them.

“Well open it” said.

opened the envelope and pulled out four pictures two of them seemed older and the other two were just taken the night before because they were from the club. knew it they did know the girls. The older pictures were school photos of the girls. They had changed a lot since their high school days. They were always nice pretty girls but now they were gorgeous women both of them looking like models now. took the photos from .

“Hey” said.

“We all want to see” said looking at them “I knew we knew them!”

“What?” said grabbing them from “Shit they changed a lot”

“Oh let me see” said taking them from and ! Fuck why didn’t we remember them”

“Because we were complete pricks to them” said taking the photos back.

“That is true” said remembering back to that day when he completely embarrassed in front of the whole school.

“Man I feel so bad now,” said.

“Yeah and we look like bigger asses now because he didn’t recognize them” said.

“Yeah but I mean they have changed a lot! They could be models now” said.

“No wonder didn’t want to come out with us or but she always seemed more forgiving then said “We’re gonna have to make it up to them and let them know we know now”

“And how are we going to do that?” asked.

“I have no idea,” said.

“Lets go out for a bit then think about this” said grabbing his jacket.

“Yeah lets get out for awhile,” said following .

The guys just walked around the town aimlessly. As they were going past a store bumped into someone.

“Oh Sorry” said “Hey Girls” He had bumped into .

“Hey Guys” said “We have to get going”

“Yeah we do sorry for bumping into you said walking away.

was pulled back by who leaned into her and whispered “I know we know now felt her stomach flip. She pulled away and caught up with . She could feel tears burning her eyes.

“They know” said walking faster.

“They know what?” asked confused.

“They know it is us,” said throwing her bags into ’s car.

’s face went white. This was the last thing she wanted. What she needed or . “Do you know what this means?” said,“Don’t go there please.”

“How did they know? Oh god what if they knew all along and now there going to get us back cause we lied and oh my god” said in one breath.

shut up please” shouted unable to let it enter her head.

and didn’t say one word too each other on the way home both were freaking and was waiting for to say I told you so.

walked up to her room and flopped on the bed. She could still feel ’s hot breath on her neck and the electricity she felt when he touched her.

She couldn’t still have the same feelings for him could she? Ok she was willing to move on and be friends with them again but she didn’t have feelings for him.

If she did she knew she couldn’t tell , she would kill her.

It had been two days since the boys found out about and . The only number they could go on was the number called from. They would always get no answer. The guys really wanted to make it up to the girls. They felt like crap for the way they treated them.

walked in to the living room with a few beers noticing was fiddling with the picture in his hand. “You still looking at that?” asked.

“Yeah he is he won’t even let me look at it. I’ve had to copy it on my phone” said pouting.

“Yes hello have you seen her she’s god I’m a fool, really a fool look at her and I gave that up” said still in shock he was looking at the same girl.

“You better be talking about cause if the look is giving you anything to go by your likely to die” laughed. He had to admit even though he was gay and were hot.

“Well I’ve been doing some research online and well you wanna know something”? said getting some paper from the side.

“What”? They asked eagerly “Turns out and did some acting and modelling. They were living in Halifax. Also seems they had some admires in the sense they dated Nick and AJ from the Backstreet boys.”

jumped up grabbing the paper from and reading it themselves. “There’s a number here?” said

“Yep an agent, and guess who now has an address for the girls.”

grabbed “You have their address and you waited till now move come on” said rushing to the door.

“Wait” said a little concerned “What are you going to say and why do you want to see them. Guys we must have really hurt them we picked on the for years made them look right idiots and now there back and you fancy them. “NO I fancy said as a matter of fact.

“Whatever. You can’t expect everything to be ok.”

shrugged “ I don’t but we can talk be friends or something. I want to make it up to them ok and hopefully get number” He winked.

The other three lads followed behind . drove them to the address he was given.

was outside tiding it up a bit when she heard a car pull into the drive. She looked shocked when she saw a Bmw. She was even more shocked when the lads stepped out all smiling at her

“Umm hi” She said running her hands threw her hair. “We’ve been trying to find you. I think we should talk about a few things” said walking up to and taking her arm.

opened the front door and shouted out for to come downstairs.

A few seconds later came bounding into the living room stopping dead at the sight of the lads sitting there.
She looked down and blushed she was all wet and in a towel after just getting out the shower.

“I’ll go get dressed then I’ll come back and throw them out” said giving them dirty look.

’s eyes followed he felt a nudge in his side when elbowed him to stop drooling.

“Your hard women to get hold of,” said smiling at her.

“Yeah well when you don’t want to be found it’s the way to go”

“Look were sorry for what we did to you and years agoThat’s why were here we want to make up for it. Were not the same and we can see your not the same.” said for some reason he was put in charge as spokesmen, which felt weird, as it was normally who did the talking.

“I guess we can” said walking into the living room now dressed in jeans and a vest top saying warning this bitch bites.

gave a confused look. smiled sweetly at her. She would have to fill in later. had an idea that the guys needed to be paid back and as her t-shirt said she was a bitch. She was going to make sure and knew what if felt like to be hurt so back and humiliated that you wasn’t sure if you would get over it.

“I’ll get some drinks,” said standing up “I’ll help” said following her out.

“I understand why you lied about who you were. I hope we can be friends” smiled at her.

felt herself smile back letting her melt into his deep blue eyes. She was going to be in trouble if she let herself carry on like this. But always was her weakness.

and walked into the living, wasn’t sure how she was feeling at the sight of laughing and joking with the guys. She knew well enough to know she was up to something.

“We wanna invite you girls out tonight what you say?” asked looking at then .

“Umm yeah sure I’m up for it” smiled as casually lent his arm around her.

“Great will pick you up this time what you say?” asked.

“Yeah be fun great thanks” replied.

The guys stayed an other few hours they just told and about their lives in Westlife and what they’d been up to. The girls told them a bit about their lives but they really didn’t want to open up that much.

Chapter 4.

“Wanna dance said smiling sweetly at him. downed the rest of his pint before standing up with .

The song Dirty came on and really moved her body to the music and grinded herself against . She could tell he was getting hot and bothered and didn’t know what the hell to do.

“Wanna go outside for some air?” asked “Please”

led them outside. When she was sure no one was around she pushed against the wall and kissed him running his hands all over his body.

“God I want you” said husky. pulled away and looked at him sweetly. “Umm no can do . Thanks for the dance, you’re a great kisser.” blew him a kiss and walked back into the club.

stood there breathless for a moment, guessing was going to play games with him but if he was honest he wanted her to she drove his body wild.

“You ok ?” asked looking over at her. She had been a bit quite and he was worried. “Yeah just a bit of a headache. Umm can you take me home please?”

stood up grabbed his jackets and s. “I’ll take you home”

The car ride was filed with silence rested her head against the car window her head pounding. She noticed keep glancing at her for a moment then looking back to the road.

took ’s keys and helped her inside. They both sat on the sofa.

“You sure you’re ok?” asked still worried about her. smiled gently at him. “Just a headache” pulled her towards him she rested her head on his chest taking in his aftershave.

She looked up at him her and ’s eyes locked. He lent forward and brushed his lips over hers. He pulled away for a moment but pulled him back kissing him again. deepened the kiss and pushed in back down on the sofa. He kissed his way down her neck before she stopped him.

“I can’t do this” said breathlessly “We’re not suppose to be friends you hurt me”

“You have no idea how sorry I am” said kissing her neck again “I want to make it up to you”

said wishing his lips did not feel so good on her neck.

said now looking her the eyes “I wanna make everything up to you starting with this”

gave him a soft smile and he kissed her again before they headed for her bedroom.

“Where did and go?” asked coming back to the table.

had a headache so took her home” said.

rolled her eyes knowing was putty in ’s hands now he had her alone “I’m gonna leave too nice night guys”

“Need a ride?” said coming up behind her.

“Nope I can get a taxi” said giving him a smile.

“We don’t have you taking a taxi” said.

“Yes you will bye bye Guys” said walking away.

When got home she saw ’s car in the driveway and rolled her eyes. She walked into the house expecting to find them in the living room because knew had some sense in her head but she did not so she went to the kitchen and then upstairs to find ’s door shut.

called “I NEED to talk to you” then walked into her bedroom and waited.

get off me” giggled, “ will come in if I don’t go out”

“Fine” rolled off her and watched her as she grabbed his shirt to wear “Looks much better on you”

just winked and headed to talk to .

“Don’t say it” said coming ’s room.

“I cannot believe you’re having sex with him” said “He hurt you a lot”

“Was having sex with him” said “ I don’t care anymore. I just want to have fun. I was hurt but him a long time ago it was time to get over it”

“Or under it” said.

“Go find and shag him because you really need one” said going back into her own room.

threw a shoe at ’s closed door. Yes she hadn’t been with anyone in a while but that didn’t mean she needed to shag ! She was going to toy with him though. picked up her cell and texted to come over.

“Hey” smiled sweetly as she opened the door to see standing there.

pulled him inside kissing him as she took of his jacket and threw it to the floor.

She led him to her bedroom and pushed him on the bed and climbed on top of him.

“Do you know this is wrong?” said pouting a bit looked at her “ What no its not its fine god please. I want you”

“Its wrong I mean I could ride you at a gallop till your legs buckled and your eyes rolled up. I could squeeze you till you popped like warm champagne and you’d beg for me to hurt you just a little bit more. And you know why I don’t. Because it’s wrong. Sorry.”

climbed of he sat up looking at her. “You can stay if you want” said nodded unable to find the words.

woke up with kissing her she had to admit she liked it. “Morning sexy” said as he kissed his way up her body.

“Hey now that I could wake up to everyday.” said not meaning to she felt her face go a bright shade of red.

sat up and smiled. “I’d be more than willing. Umm look umm” started to mumble as he rubbed the back of his neck trying to find the right words.

“I was kind of. Need to say something.” felt her heart break again this was it this was saying they could never be anything it was a mistake, he had his fun and that was that.

“I wanted to know if you wanted to go on a date” couldn’t help but let out a huge sigh of relief.

“Yeah I’d like that”

Chapter 5.


and was now officially a couple. still was winding up but she had warmed up to him a bit she still thought it was funny he would fall for her games time and time again. She was even thinking of stepping it up and maybe sleeping with him but she wasn’t sure.

and did row over the lads still. didn’t like the way she was playing with and she hated the fact that would make remarks about and him breaking her heart at some point.

There was going to be an album launch party and the girls had been invited was obviously going with .
had asked to go with him. still was not warming up to being with . She just had a feeling was going to end up hurt in the end. She have to admit she liked stringing along though and she had a plan for the night of the launch party.

“Hey I’m going to see said grabbing her keys.

“Say hi to the asshole for me” said.

“Grow up said “Wanna met for dinner later?”

“Will you be able to tear yourself away from long enough?” asked sarcastically.

“Whatever I’ll see you later” said walking out the door.

got into her car and drove to ’s. She hated the way was acting. Yes, back in high school the guys were pricks but they grew out of it. They were great now especially . pulled into ’s driveway and decided she was not going to think about anymore that day. She was going to have a nice day with her boyfriend.

When walked into the house it was quiet which was strange always had music going or something. She looked around for him downstairs and could not find him so she headed upstairs to find him asleep in bed. She carefully climbed onto the bed and leaned down to kiss him.

“Mmmm I like getting that wake up call” said pulling down onto the bed.

“I figured you would” said giving him a smile.

“But you know what you just wearing too many close to be in my bedroom” said giving his best smile before kissing her.

went shopping for something to wear at the launch party. She needed to look extra hot that night for her plan to work. She picked out a hot black strapless dress. This was for sure going to get his attention.

The day of launch party the girls spent the day going to the spa and salon.

“Man I love being pampered” said after her massage.

“I know it is the best thing in the world” said as the lady was finishing up her manicure.

“Too bad we are going to waste the night with Westlife boys” said.

really we are having a great day please don’t start” said giving her a look.

“Yeah okay” said, “What are you wearing tonight?”

“That white Dior dress we show a few weeks ago. I told I loved it and he went and got it for me” said smiling.

“Aren’t you lucky” said.

“Totally” said.

“Ladies come on” said shouting up the stairs “We have to leave”

“Coming” said walking down the stairs. Her hair was a mass of curls, make up was dramatic and her dress was to death for.

“You look great said.

"Amazing is more like it” said looking her over.

“Thanks guys” said getting her bag.

“Now you perfect,” , said looking over , her hair was in soft curls and her make up was pretty and natural, her tanned skinned made the white dress look even better.

“Thanks” said kissing him lightly.

“Lets go” said opening the door.

The party was in full swing and everyone that was anyone was there. It was more of a social event then a launch party.

, can I talk to you for second?” asked.

“Hey sure” said following her outside the club.

looked around for and when she did not see him she headed outside to see if he was there. When she opened the door she found her best friend kissing her boyfriend.

, get off” said seeing .

“What are you doing?” asked turning to see , this really isn’t what it looks like”

“I know it isn’t is being a bitch” said looking right at her “Leave us alone. Thanks for being a shitty friend”

With that and walked back into the party. That sure did backfire on . Now she was mad. She went back into the club to find . He was finally going to get want he wanted tonight.

opened is door and let is. “I’ll go and get us some drink you look around. I’ll be back soon”

walked over to ’s cd collection and looked through it. “Oh my god” shouted a moment later came rushing in “What’s wrong?” He asked freaking.

“You have the Limited edition of Metallica they only made a few copies of these, the band all got one and the sent out five to fans. And you got one oh my god”

“I know trust me It wasn’t easy. You like them then?” “Love them more like I tend to drive mad sometimes with Frantic.” smiled putting the cd back.

“Have it” said taking it back out and giving it to her. “No I couldn’t do that.” smiled at her “I want you to have it.”

“Thanks” replied she put it on the side and looked back at . She put her arms around his neck and kissed him. “I think we should go to your bedroom” whispered pulling away from him. “You sure?” asked shocked that he and were finally going to sleep together.
But he had to admit he liked that fact that she didn’t jump in bed with him from the start like every other girl before. Although had been playing with him was falling for her, she was one girl who would keep him on his toes. “Yes I’m sure”

and were lying on his sofa. He was still a bit confused over kissing him. He was dying to know what the score was.

why did kiss me?” had been hoping he wouldn’t bring it up but he had.

“She was just testing you to see what you would do” lied. How could she tell that had it in for them all. She was terrified that if she did would think she was part of it and she really didn’t want to lose him not again.

“Ok if you’re sure” said not believing her he knew there was something more. He had an idea if was cause of the way they treated them but they were older so it couldn’t be could it.

“I’ve got some good news and bad news” said sat up and looked at him trusting not to expression her worries.

“Were going on a Promo tour for about three months so I won’t be able to see you. But the good news is that when we get back will have the next six months off so it can be just us two. I was kind of hoping we could go away just us two?”

smiled and kissed him lightly on the lips. “Hey if I’ve got you to myself for six months I can live without you for three.”

“Good. So what you say we make the most of the next few days together.”

and spent the next few days together one never leaving the others side. She hadn’t seen since the night of the club she still had issues with her but she guessed was licking her wounds.

What didn’t know is that had been staying with . She was finding it fun hanging with him but she still didn’t trust him and knew that it was just about timing before they showed their true colours.

“I’ll see you soon Hun and I swear I will call every single day” said while he held on to tight he really didn’t want to leave her.

As held onto him she did her best to hold back the tears she had a horrible feeling in her stomach that something was going to happen and she didn’t like it. She wanted to stay but he couldn’t.

“I love you whispered in her ear”

“Come on ’s we have to go” Dave said calling him for the hundredth time.

went to reply but was dragged off before she had a chance.

Chapter 6.

It was a month into the Promotion and was missing like mad her and were getting on fine now the guys wasn’t around. stopped to get the morning paper but when she saw the headlines she felt the room spin and her heart stop.

was walking out of the coffee shop when she bumped into someone. When she looked up she cringed. “Hi said smiling from ear to ear.

“Hi” “I’m so tried just got back from London what a trip that was the lads are just well mind blowing and well he was great. Nads had a great time with . Tell Brittany sorry about but his with he should be bye” hurried off as quickly as she came.

stood there for a moment what the hell was she talking about.

When got home she called out for but there wasn’t any answer so she headed up to s room, she opened her door to see curled up on her bed crying her eyes out.

“Oh my god s what the hell is wrong.” rushed to the bed and saw the morning papers.

He eyes widening when she saw and Nads all over each other each other. and were all over each other.

“Oh god I’m so sorry.” “No your not you wanted this all along. I bet you’re dead happy you were right. ’s made a fool out of me all over again. Now get out my room.” shouted

knew it was best that she left her alone for a while. She walked downstairs just as she was passing the phone it rang.

“Hello?” said “ is there I need to explain its not what she thinks I” But couldn’t finish what he was saying.

piss off I was right about you lot all along. Don’t ring this house anymore or you’ll regret it.”

put the phone down and turned to the lads. “What am I going to do? I can’t even remember what the hell happened. I love I wouldn’t do what the papers were saying would I?” asked tears in his eyes.

stood up and put his arm on his mates shoulder. “I don’t know mate. I’d say no but I mean look at the pictures your pretty much having sex.”

“I feel sick” said walking out the room and going to his room.

It had been a few days was putting on a brave face had even agreed to go shopping with .

As the two of them walked into Morgan froze when she saw , Sam and Nads there giggling. decided she wasn’t going to let them get the better of her and carried on walking in.

“Do you think will like this?” Nads asked making sure she looked over at .

“Hell yeah he’ll just properly rip it off you.” Sam laughed. “Yeah what about me and god than man just knows how to get me going by his touch.”

screwed her eyes up as she looked at the three girls. “I need some air,” said having enough of hearing them talk about .

“Ok I’ll be right out in a minute ok” said giving her half a smile

Once was out the door she walked over to the girls. Before she would have run with Brittany but she wasn’t the same girl anymore and she wasn’t scared of them either.

“So you got then Nads. God can I just say thank you” smiled at them.

“Huh? I’m not with” Nads started to say before elbowed her in the side. Nads just looked at Sam then at confused. “Well I’ve been trying to spilt them two up for ages and I couldn’t even tried it on with but it didn’t work so thanks.”

“Umm yeah sure umm great thanks” Nads replied still in shock.

said her goodbyes and walked out the shop she looked around for to see her looking in a pet shop at the puppies.

She hated seeing her friend this down. She had seen her like this before but this time she was worse. She knew what she had to do.

She had to get to the bottom of the story and as much as she hated to admit it she felt that maybe had been set up. She had to get Nads alone and get the info out of her then once she had done that she would find the lads tell and get him and back together.

She just hoped it was going to be as easy as she hoped it would be.

“Hun, want a puppy?” joked.

“I want back” whispered “And I wanna go home”

“Lets go and get some take away and head home then” said linking her arm with ’s who nodded.

‘I’ll kill him if it wasn’t a set up’ thought.

Over the next few days only left her room to go to work. Her brave face was gone. She missed and he was not even calling her so they were over. She cried at everything. was worried about her. She wasn’t eating right or anything. had to figure out what happened.

was waiting for Nads at Starbucks. She looked to the door and Nads was walking in. She came and sat down, she waited for to speak.

“What really happened that night?” asked firmly.

“We partied with Westlife, started flirting and then the pictures tell the rest,” Nads explained not looking at .

“You’re lying and you know it Nads” said getting mad “My best friend is devastated because the man she thought loved her cheated on her with you”

“It was a set up” Nads blurted out “ , got everyone really drunk. talked about all night and how he missed her and how he just wanted to be home with her”

“Feck said getting more and more mad.

got to bed and told him she had a surprise for him. He was so drunk he thought I was ” Nads explained “He loves her so much and I feel so bad for what I did”

“You really should” said getting up and walking out.

Chapter 7

needed to get to Italy as soon as possible since that is where the guys were for the next couple of days. She had to know if didn’t really remember that night and if he did she was going to kill him.

got their neighbour to check on while she left for Italy she hated leaving her alone but she had too it was going to be for her in the end hopefully.

was sitting in the lobby of a beautiful hotel waiting for the lads to come back. She could hear the loud screams from the fans outside. walked in first.


“Oh my god said hugging her “What are you doing here?” The other lads saw her and came over.

“I have to talk to him” said looking right at who looked as bad a did.

“Be nice” said, “He isn’t doing so great”

“Neither is she” said.

looked to the floor feeling tears in his eyes again. “I’m sorry I really don’t remember what happened I wish I did but I don’t.”

“That’s what I’m here to find out. Look trust me as much as I’d love to say I was right all along about you guys I can’t cause as much I still have issues with you guys its gone further than that. Look Can we go somewhere to talk please?” asked as she noticing fans outside the hotel were staring at them in the lobby.

“Yeah sure.” replied. They all walked up stairs none of them saying a word.

opened his door and let walk in. Once the door was shut started to fire questions at him.

“What’s the deal with you and Nads I mean I know you said you don’t remember but no one gets that drunk you must remember something. Look if you tell me the truth I’ll help you win back but until you do I’m keeping her away from you.”

sighed and sat on the edge of the bed resting his hands in his head.

“All I remember is going to this party , Sam and Nads there they were all over us, they wouldn’t leave us alone they ended up drinking with us I don’t remember how or why. But they did then the next thing I no is its in the morning papers and the rest you know. God I’ve tried everything I can to remember but I don’t. I feel so I dead at the fact that I’ve lost I can’t even explain how I feel.”

sighed she had to admit she believed he looked just as bad as she did. “ look at me” said.

looked at her “Do you love her truly love her. Your not going to screw her around or anything like that are you?”
“God no I love her. God I’m jinxed when it comes to her aren’t I” said letting tears start to fall.

“What you mean?” “The way we used to be. I think it was cause I always fancied her and well I don’t know at the time Nads was a better off I was young stupid I don’t know and look now with this Nads thing. I bet she thinks I did it to mess her around again.”

“Hum kind of but look it was a set up ok”

stood up and looked at . “You?” He asked thinking back to the night she kissed him then tried to blame him

“Oh god no no hell no. set it up. Look sit back down and ill explain ok.”

couldn’t believe what he was hearing after explain. He jumped up from the bed and started to grab some of his bits.

“What you doing?” asked. “I’m going back to Sligo and I’m leaving it like this I need to talk to her.”

stopped and looked at . “Why did you tell me the truth I mean you could have let think what I did was true.”

sighed and fiddled with her hands. “Cause I don’t want her to get hurt. I was trying to protect her but didn’t do a good job and well. I guess I believe now that you don’t want to hurt her. I mean you look as bad as she does that’s got to say something.”

smiled and kissed the top of her head. “Thanks . Sorry for all those years ago.”

“Ok just look after ok. I’ve passed my job on to you now.” smiled at him.

“Have you thought that maybe it’s about time someone looked after you.”

“I better get a flight” said “Wait have mine the plane leaves in a few hours I’ll rebook another one ok”

handed her ticket then watched him rush back to Sligo.

looked in her bag and took out the cd in her bag. She walked along to ’s room and knocked on the door.

“Hey” He smiled sweetly at her. He looked at her hands noticing she had the cd he had given her.

“You need this back” said not looking up at him.

“Why I gave it to you. And come in.” sighed and walked into his room.

please take it I don’t deserve it” looked at her confused “ your not making sense”

“I was using you ok. I was playing with you I was trying to hurt you like you hurt me way back then and look just take it ok. I’m sorry.”

“You were using me?” said feeling hurt “Yeah I was playing you for a fool” “Get out” shouted at her.

“So cause of I did something to you years ago when we were kids you thought that you’d do the same to me make me fall for you and then throw it back in my face. Get out. I never want to see you again,” shouted again.

backed away and ran out the door as she ran back to ’s room came out hearing shouting and crashed into her.

Chapter 8.

was laying on her bed looking at the ceiling tears still flowing she had just read in interview with the lads and seeing the new picture of just made her cry again.

She broke out her thoughts when there was frantic knocking the door. wiped her tears and went downstairs.

“What do you want?” said taking a deep breath.

“You” said “It was all a set up. I would never ever hurt you like that. I love you too much”

“Right I’m sure said chocking back her tears.
“You can ask she knows the truth. She came to Italy to get me” said trying to make her see the truth.

“What?” asked confused.

“She talked to Nads and she confessed set it up” explained “ came to Italy to tell me. She was only trying to protect you but she realized I’m not gonna hurt you”

“Really? This is all true?” asked letting a few tears run down her face.

“Every word” said getting closer to her “I love you”

“I love you too” whispered before pressed his lips against hers.

sat on the plane going back to Ireland. She realized she had fallen for without knowing it and now he hated her. She had been childish she wished she could have been like and just forgave the lads. It had been a long time ago she should have just let it go. was going to be happy when she got back and she was going to be the unhappy one. When was home she went straight to her room ’s car wasn’t even there anyways.

and had gone out to dinner and were having a great time until , Sam and Nads walked in. was ready to jump up and scream at but gave him a look before standing up and walking over them.

“Hi Girls” said sweetly.

“Hey said “Who ya here with ?”

said pointing over to him.

“Shouldn’t he be somewhere?” asked confused to why he was there.

“Leave us alone you stupid little bitch” said staring at “You are nothing, you have done nothing with your life. If I remember correctly you wanted to be a movie star well I did that and modelled and now I have my man. So you can only hope to maybe someday be half the person I am. You’re just pathetic . Have a nice dinner”

“I love you” said kissing her when she came back to the table “That was great”

“Thanks and I love you too” said smiling at him.

was in the living room when and came back. hugged her.

“Thank you” said.

“No problem” said giving a smile.

“What’s wrong hun? You look off” asked as pulled her close to him.

“I told I was using him and he hates me now” sighed.

“He may be mad but he doesn’t hate you” said, “I know for a fact he thought he was falling for you”

“Yeah right said.

“I’m serious even with the teasing him he loved it and he told me he wished you would stop and be with him because he was falling for you”

sighed, “Yeah well I’ve just fucked it up haven’t I. It doesn’t matter I got over him once I can do it again”

watched go upstairs. She felt really sorry for her friend. had helped her with so it was right she had to help .

Hun were going out you coming with us?” asked walking into ’s room to see her laying on the bed listening to her I-pod

took her ear phones out and looked at . “No your ok not in the mood to party”

smiled at her. “She coming?” asked kissing when she got the bottom of the stairs. “Nope but I guessed she wouldn’t”

looked over at on the dance floor and sighed ever since had confessed to him had gone back to his old ways of going with any girl that would come along. Flirt and dance with them. Then be totally miserable and walk around like he had the weight of the world on his shoulders.
“Do you really think your going to get through to him?” asked looking back at .

“A girl got to try hasn’t she. I mean he’s hurting and so is . They can at least talk” She replied

is as stubborn as hell.” said “So is see perfect match. Now wish me luck” said standing up.

cursed under her breath when there was a knock at the door. She looked at the clock it couldn’t be the taxi not yet.
She shut her suitcase and dragged it downstairs with her.

“Coming” shouted when there was another knock at the door. She opened the door and gasped when she saw standing there. She didn’t know what to say he was the last person she was expecting to be seeing.

seems to think I should give you a chance to talk for the way I treated you before” said not looking at .

“Oh right ok.Umm come in I guess”

walked in and noticed the suitcase by the stairs. “You going away somewhere?” “ doesn’t need me to look after her now she’s got

nodded his head. ”You really hurt me and I’ve not been hurt like that for a long time.”

looked to the floor then back up at . “I wish I could take it back . I was just so angry at you. I know it was stupid childish. At the time I didn’t see it all I could think was getting you back I didn’t know I was going to” stopped when she realised what she was saying.

“Well if I hurt you as much as you hurt me I’m sorry. I felt like a right fool”

“That was the aim at the time. Look the only thing I can say is sorry and if I could change it I would I hate the thought that I hurt you. I’m ashamed of everything.”

“Even?” said “Ok” replied a bit confused. “Good cause I don’t want you to leave. may not need someone to look after then but I do and I want that person to be you”
looked at him shocked. “You want me to stay so we can be together?” She asked still a bit unsure if what she heard was right.”

I love you. Even when I knew you were playing games I just wanted you to be mine. ’s right we both did things to each other that hurt us but together we can make up for it please stay.”

smiled and stepped closer to she couldn’t believe he was standing her telling her all this after everything it just made her love him more than she did.

“I’ll stay. I fell in love with you and I love you too.”

wrapped his arms around ’s waist and pulled her to him there lips meeting. “No more games?” “No more games I swear I just want to be with you properly”

smiled and kissed her again. He still couldn’t believe the girl he had hurt so bad when he was a kid would hurt him back and turn out to be the one girl he couldn’t live without.

“You want to go back to my place?” asked as he and got into the taxi. “Yeah I’m hoping and are sorting themselves out.” She replied smiling at him

“Umm how about you move in with me?” asked nervously

looked up in shock “Really?” She asked “Really I want you to be around all the time I want to go to sleep and wake up with you”

“I’d love to” pulled closer to him and kissed her on top of her head. They headed to what was going to be their home together.

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