Baby Be Brave!

Chapters : 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5 - 6 - 7 - 8!

Chapter 1.

- Mrs. !
- Mr. Jackson! She smiled turning around looking up at the man who smirked at her.
- Glad you could join the party!
- Me too but will you excuse me I have to go and find my husband! She replied short
- Ahh why go to the trouble when I know for a fact he is busy with the lads at the moment doing interwievs with all those people from the press, it is a release party after all. So why don’t you stay and wait with me? He asked stroking his fingers down her arm making her wish she could just yell at him to get lost.
- Well because then I could go over and wait with the girls.
- Oh, so you don’t want to spend some time with a good looking man like my self you know we could get along pretty well... He winked at her...
- I thought we were getting along!
- Aww but we could get even better along... He replied stepping closer inches away from her face. Closing his eyes he leaned in when she gently pushed him away.
- Are you forgetting I’m married? She asked trying to stay calm
- We could play you weren’t. He ginned at her.

Turning his gaze away form the journalists a smil formed on his lips noticing his wife had comed and stood further down the room. Then the display that were going on hit him in the face, someone was hitting strongly on his woman. Feeling the rage hit him right away he suddenly felt a clap on his shoulder.
- Don’t , the press is watching your every move! whispered in his ear. Taking in what was saying he turned and looked at .
- But that’s my wife! whispered through gritted teeth.
- Then make a lame excuse! sighed while forced him self together and turned back to the journalist and indeed made a lame excuse so turned his eyes at him.

- I think not! I love my husband and would ask for you to respect that!
- Who said I didn’t? He asked smirking
- I do! said harshly coming over placing his arm around his wife’s waist while starring angry at the man in front of him.
- Ahh Mr. I think you got this down the wrong way we were just sharing a joke.
- Sure you were! replied angry
- Please let’s just go. She pleaded with her eyes looking into his seeing him soften slightly. Not answering gave the guy a last harsh look and then guided her away from there. Stopping up when they had gotten a bit away from there he looked into her eyes while stroking her cheek with his fingers.
- I’m sorry . sighed
- I know, glad you came over though.
- I would fire him if I could it’s just...
- ..not only your decision... whispered looking down
- !!! suddenly called making look over towards the boys and nodded
- I have to go back sweetie. He said softly before leaning in brushing his lips appon hers feeling a siver rush through him like it always did feeling her kiss him back.
Pulling back he smiled seeing her pout at him...
- One more time, please! She pleaded with puppy dog eyes
- Anytime for you love. laughed before leaning in kissing her again feeling her fingers tuck at the back of his hair.
A moment later they pulled sligtly apart...
- I love you! He said placeing a kiss on her forehead.
- Love you too. She said softly before he let her go and walked back to the lads.
- Aawww how cute! laughed coming up from behind making turn around seeing her and come over.
- Aww hey and ! smiled and hugs went all around.

A few hours later in a room further down the hall slightly away from the party. stood tipping on her feet with a bottle of champagne in her hand. Grinning she handed it to who stood tipping on her feet in front of her. Grabbing the bottle from she took a sip and laughed.
- This is da way to drink bubbles! laughed
- Bubbles?? But we can hardly see the bubbles! answered starring down in the bottle
- But it bubbles in my mouth! said in a serious tone
- Hehe in mine too, but can’t see ‘em! grinned.
- Let’s fixe that! replied and stumbled over to a table and grabbed a glas. Holding it up in front of her poured some into the glas.
- Uuuuuhhhh bubbles! laughed.

A moment before.....
- Hey , have ya seen ? asked reaching through the crowded place.
- No, have ya seen ? replied
- Nope have only seen and over there. laughed
- And their having a good time, it might be a good thing the journalist are gone now! laughed watching them kissing.
- Yeah. laughed and watched coming over with someone laughing.
- Hey have ya seen and ? asked
- Hehe oh yeah and think their had to much champagne. He laughed
- Really, where are they? It came from
- In a room further down the hall, ya can’t miss ‘em! grinned watching them walk off.Hearing their soft giggles smiled to him self and looked in through the door seeing them in serious drunken talk about bubbles. Turning he’s face he looked at who laughed under his smile.
- Should we tell ‘em we’re here? whispered
- Naaa not yet! grinned.

-Yeah now taste ‘em! said handing the glas. Taking the glas and handing the bottle to , starred down on the bubbles at first.
- How do you taste bubbles? suddenly asked
- With ya tongue! stated
- Ahhh she replied taking the glas up to her mouth. Sticken her tongue out she let it slide over the bubbles in the glas.

By the door...
- So that’s the tongue you like so much! laughed making push him in the side making him laugh harder so and heard them and turned their faces to look at them.
- like ya tongue! kept laughing making a slight blush crep up on ’s face.
- Well I’m sure like ya’s too! simply replied making stop and laugh at him.
- How long ya been standing there? demanded to know
- Long enough to hear about bubbles babe. grinned going over towards
- Hmm! replied starring at him. While starred at them swifting her face to one side.
- It’s rude to watch! smiled.
- Their kissing! simply just replied before turning her gaze to who tried to suppress a laugh.
- looks like he knows what he is doing! replied casting a glint at them again before turning her gaze to again who raised an eyebrow at her seeing her smile suddenly widen. Going over to him she pulled at his tie to get him closer. Leaning in to kiss him backed a little.
- Now don’t know if I wanna kiss you, when ya on about . said inches away from her lips.
- I was just saying, it didn’t mean I wanna taste his lips. she pouted at making him smile.
- Aww in that case. He replied and leaned in and kissed her lips tasting the champange on them. Feeling her hands slide up towards his chest he reached his hand up and took the glas out of her hand feeling it beginning to slide from hers. Letting go of the glas she reached her hands up around his neck and tucked at his hair. While he pushed his tongue into her mouth and tasted the champange on her tongue making her moan into his mouth.
- Hehe does know what he’s doing too? It came suddenly from making and pull apart. Turning her gaze towards nodde drunkly.
- He does! She sighed deeply with a smile.
- Really, and here I thought I was the master! said seriously.
- Well thinks you are! stated making blush.
- Have you tasted the bubbles? laughed looking towards who stood now with the bottle.
- No. said raising his eyebrow.
- Well you should stated.
- But not with our bottle! stated walking over taking it from . Then she stumbled towards the other side of the room before she looked over at , who started to grin.
- Where’s ? She asked while she stumbled over to
- I’m coming, I’m coming! It suddenly sounded from coming in through the door with .
- So it’s here ya hanging? asked

- Yeah, we were trying to find these two. laughed nodding towards and .
- Ahh yeah couse ain’t we supposse to be out there with all those people? asked
- We were yeah! replied
- LOU! and cried hugging their friend so the guy’s laughed at them
- Um are they drunk? It came from
- Yeah I think ya can be pretty sure of that. stated.
- Song, sing song! stated seeing her two friends nodding.
- I’m tellin’ you to loosen up my buttons babe, but ya keep frontin’, sayin’ what you gon’ do to me, but I ain’t seen nothin’... They all three sang drunkly making the guy’s starre at them amused.
- You’ve been sayin’ all the right things all night loooonnggg! sang
- But I can’t seem to get you over here to help take this off! continued...
- Babyyy, can’t you see? It came from
- How these clothes are fittin’ on me! took over grinning lightly
- And the heat comin’ from this beat! came in
- I’mmmm about to blow, I don’t think you knowwww...! followed up.
- Um should we stop ‘em? asked looking at them
- Um very soon, they weren’t born singers! stated amused watching on how they stumbled around more or less drunk
- No, but um they can do other stuff! replied watching how almost lost the bottle while handing it to
- I’m tellin’ yo to loosen up my buttons babe, but you keep frontin’, sayin’ what you gon’ do to me, but I ain’t seen nothin’! , and sang on together...
- Um um girls, girls we have to go back out there! It came from and all three stopped singing and starred at him with a blury look.
- but we having fun! pouted
- I know hun, but ya can have fun out there at the party too. replied
- Hmmm...! replied placing the bottle on a table and let take her hand to lead her out of there.
- Yeah yeah! sighed taken a sip of the bottle which made come over and take it from her and put it down. Looking on the display bite on her button lip...
- Yeah you too babe! smiled
- But this was fun! She pouted at him
- Hehe it actually were, you can continue at home when we come to that..
- Yeah? She replied, her eyes lightning up again
- Yeah, now come on sweet cheek! He grinned and reached out his hand for her to take.

Chapter 2.

Two days later....
- Are you sure about this are ya really dissing me your handsome loverboy for a slumber girl’s night? He asked while pulling her to him when she passed him and pushed her gently down on the bed and placed him self on top of her.
- I am she giggled
- Hm what happened to I can’t bare to be away from you?
- I still can’t but sometimes a girl needs to see the others, just like your nights with the lads
- Okay you got me babe. He smiled down at her
- and about the handsome loverboy part who said you were just that? She asked with a naughty glint in her eye making ’s heart poud
- You did hunny, one night where I did magic to your body all night right in this bed! He replied feeling his smile widen by the slight blush that crepped onto his wifes cheeks.
- Stop teasing me! She said shyly making him laugh warmly
- Aww I love I can still make you shy baby....
- Stop and kiss me. She pouted
- At your service. He replied before he brushed his lips down on hers. Pushing his tongue into her warm mouth he moan feeling her tongue tease his own. Moving his mouth away to get his breath while feeling her hands crawl under his shirt...
- You don’t have to go right now do you? He whispered husky. Seeing her shake her head softly his hands went under her shirt touching her skind. Smiling at her he pulled the shirt over her head. Then he leaned down for another breath taking kiss before she pulled his shirt of him. Traling kisses down her body he heard her moan and in a number of seconds rest of the clothes where thrown to the floor. Feeling her finger nails gently press a trail down his back while she ached her body up against his he gasped and crashed his lips down on hers having his tongue collide with hers just as he entered her and pushed as deep into her as he could to feel all of her. Feeling her gasp and cry his name as he did so he felt her finger nails press down in his back making him gasp. Finding a steady rhythm quickly he felt her met his every trust to feel him deeper making him feel like his whole body would explode. Hearing her cry his name when she came he pushed one last time and heard him self cry her name loudly when he released him self into her.
Collapsing down on her body he stayed inside her where he knew she wanted him and right where he wanted to be. Holding her thight he nuzzled his face down into her hair while feeling her hands stroke his back tenderly with her small fingers.
- I love you so much she whispered feeling her heart beat for her husband. Moving slightly so he could look into her eyes his heart melted seeing all the love in her eyes.
- I love you too baby sooo much he whispered before leaning down kissing her softly.

An hour later....
- Are ya ready missy?! asked raising an eyebrow at her
- I am now loverboy... She laughed grabbing her bag
- Awww very funny... He smirked at her with a grin and opened the door.
Getting into the car they drove over to the house of and . Ringing the doorbell and came to the door jumping up and down screaming making take a step back seeing them throw their arms around pulling her inside. Following them inside he raised an eyebrow at coming towards them.
- ....’erm... What have you given those two? asked nodding towards and .
- Oh don’t blame me... I think they acttaked some red wine....
- Ahh that would explain it! replied lightly amused
- By the way what took ya so long, ya late? said
- Yeah ya are! stated. Blushing slightly looked over at who grinned back at her.
- Yeah okay think we get the point, now shall we go? Shane said
- Yeah... we’re going...! said while kissed lightly before opening the door.
- Oh oh yeah, wait... It came from getting away from and jumping excitement over to .
- Still sure about this?! asked her laughing towards and .
- Yeah! smiled and leaned in to kiss him bye.
- See ya tommorow sweetie whispered to her ear and took off with .
Seeing the guy’s dissapear the girls settled down with their redwine in the living room.
- So ya just started without me? pouted
- Hehe ya could just have been here on time. laughed
- Hey I did try, it was ’s fault! stated
- Hehe ya just blame him! laughed
- But it was... pouted
- Oh.... was he to cute to let go.... grinned
- Well actually... replied innocent
- Hehe yeah right! laughed throwing a pillow after her.
- Hey stop I’m an angel! smiled
- As if! It came from
- Don’t you start, you ain’t your self. laughed
- Sure I am! replied putting on a face
- Not what I’ve heard! laughed
- Sssshhhh.... replied
- Oh spell, spell... said curious
- had an accident in the bath.... Hehe she was going to take a bath but put to much bubble bath in and it ended all over the room... laughed
- Well it could happen! said acting innocent
- And then came but because of all the soap he slipped and splashed into the bath hehehee.... laughed sliding on the chair.
- It was just an accident! pouted
- Hehe why does those things always happen to you? grinned
- I don’t know, it’s unfair! answered
- Um sure, really unfair! grinned
- mmmm..... more wine? asked
- Ah change of subject ? grinned
- Well about that, the bottle is empty...
- Uh uh fat frogs? asked
- Uh uh good idea! stated
- Follow me, the stuff is in the kitchen replied.
Placing the bottles on the kitchen table all three girls starred at the booze.
- I’ll make ‘em suddenly stated.
- Yeah and I’ll find music stated and stumbled into the living room.
- And I’ll taste you make ‘em right. said watching mixe the booze.
Walking into the living and stood still with the glasses in the hands starring at stumbling around on her feets singing as loud as she could....
- You never close your eyes any more, when I kiss your lips, and there's no tenderness like before, in your fingertipsssssss. sang as loud as she could while and looked at each other and then ended up in fits of laughter.
- Hehehe ... tryed to cut in
- You're trying hard not to show it baby, but baby, baby I know itttt! continued
- ! sceamed at her making finally look up at them.
- Wha?? Sing... come on sing... You've lost that loving feeling... sang on. Looking at each other and shoke their shoulders and nodde. Walking over to handed her a glas and all 3 sang loudly “Oh, that loving feeling... You've lost that loving feeling... Now it's gone, gone, gone...Whoa-oh....” just to end up sitting giggeling on the floor.
- Okay okay maybe the guy’s sing it better! laughed
- Oh you think? grinned.
- Um yeah maybe. said looking over at who had gone quiet.
- What is it ? asked.
- I miss . She replied quietly
- Already? smirked
- I can’t help it, I’m gonna call him. She stated grabbing her mobile
- No it’s his faulth right? grinned
- Exactly. She replied and pressed dial on her phone.

At ’s and house....
Hearing his mobile he fumbled it out of his pocket. Seeing her name flash over the display he smiled.
- Awwww is it ?? asked pouting
- Yeah! grinned putting the phone to his ear.
- Baby! pouted in the other end followed by the other girls screaming baby after her making laugh hearing her repliy with a “Sssshhhhh girls” before she got up and stumbled away from them.
- Hey hun, grinned followed by the lads screaming aawwww.
- Ya having fun? pouted
- Hehe ya babes loads, and you sweetie?
- I think I’ve had to muchi of thosi greens thingsi
- Awww are my baby feeling a bit tipsy? replied tenderly while getting up from the chair walking away from the lads who noticed and laughed at him.
- Yes and I need to touch you she replied with a pout making ’s heart poud harder
- Ahhh but you said I couldn’t come! He smiled
- I never said I made good decisions she mumbled
- Hehe I’ll remember that hun
- Can’t you come and sneak in here for a little while? She asked with a smooth voice that send a siver through his body
- Baby you know I shouldn’t! He replied hearing his voice getting a husky sound.
- But but but I want you... now! She pouted softly
- I want you too baby! He replied almost in a whisper leaning towards the wall closing his eyes, seeing her image before his eye.
- aawwwwwwwww my hands want to touch my baby! She pouted
- and mine want to run all over ya sweetie! He replied husky making her heart pout harder and her longing grow by the second.
- Uh I could sneak over to you! She suddenly replied with a smil on her face making him laugh warmly
- No you can not! He grinned
- Yes I can! She stated
- Babes, I can hear ya to drunk for that besides it’s late and really dark outside don’t want my woman walk out there alone on this hour! He replied with a slight worry in his voice
- Hmmm but then I can’t touch you!
- Hehe no, but you can touch me all you want tomorrow sweetie...
- You promise?
- I promise! He grinned
- Good! She stated
- I better get back to the lads baby
- Umm all right then I’ll go back to the girls and gossip.
- Hehe yeah you just do that. I’ll pick you up tomorrow babe.
- Yes bye hun.
- Bye babes. replied softly going back to the lads.
- So is everything all right over there? asked
- Yeah their fine, apparently they had to much to drink grinned
- Ah maybe I should be with ‘da ladies in stead then smirked
- Hey you shut it! laughed and threw a beer can at him.
- Ey watch it! made a face touching the place the can had hit him making the others laugh at him.

Entering the house next day with , they looked at each other sensing the house were way to quiet.
- EY GIRLS! shouted suddenly making make a face at him. Hearing a moan coming from the living room they went in there. Seeing the state of the room in front of them a laugh escaped ’s mouth.
- What happened in here? It looks like a dump! blurted out seeing blankets and pillows all over the place and a table filled with pizza boxes, glasses and bottles.
- Good point and we can’t even see the girls. replied
- Well that’s . stated lifting pillows and blakets from the floor seeing her underneath.
- Ah go away! moaned
- Well hey to you to babe. replied
- Uh I found ! laughed standing beside a sofa chair seeing her snuggled up under blankets.
- ! groaned.
- Um no sorry, I’m last I checked anyway he laughed
- mmmmm. She mumbled back.
- Ya wouldn’t by any chance know where is? asked.
- There. mumbled pointing out her hand towards the sofa.
- Ain’t that just more blankets? asked
- Look! said raising an eyebrow
- Guess it wasn’t. grinned finding cuddled up underneath.
- hjbgrik. She mumbled
- Um wha sweetie? asked leaning down
- hey. It came quietly
- Hehe hey babe, you okay?! asked softly
- Soooo tired!
- Wanna come home? He asked seeing her nod
- They are gonna be fun today. said looking at who looked beat.
- Oh yeah very. I’m gonna take this one home . replied helping up.
- Yeah sure. I’ll see ya later.
- Yeah! grinned looking around the place before looking up at who made a face at him about the mess.

Chapter 3.

Next night doing some promotion...
- Just a preformance and we can go home babe, are you feeling any better? asked concerned kneeling down beside her on the sofa in their dessing room.
- No but I’ll be fine! replied quietly.
- You better! replied smiling stroking her cheek.
- I will.. I have promised to come to that charity thing tomorrow. Even my red dress is ready. She smirked.
- We’ll get you home in bed soon so you can sleep, it’ll be all right baby.
- I hope so...
Just outside the door stood Jackson listening in on their conversation with an idea forming in his head and a smirk slowly crept onto his face.

Waking up the next morning turned over on his back reaching his hand out touching the side beside him only to find it empty. Moaning to him self he dug his face down into the pillow trying to fall back to sleep, just to hear the alarm clock go off. Fumbling his hand over the bedside table he found the clock and gave it a push with his hand to make the noice stop. Lifting his face a little when he heard her foot steps he looked up at her seeing her pale.
- Baby are you okay? He asked sleeply yet worried.
- Not really. She replied softly crawling down into bed under the covers snuggeling up to him.
- Well then stay in bed to day and get well for to night.
- I will. She mumbled.
- Sorry hun but I gotta get up and ready ’s picking me up soon, we have an live interwiev to do this morning. He explained pushing her softly away so he could get out of bed. Seeing her snuggle herself around in the covers he quietly went to take a shower in the bathroom. Half an hour later he was ready.
- I’m going hun. Sleep thight. He whispered and kissed her forhead and walked downstairs while he heard ringing on the door bell.
- Morning! mumbled when openen the door.
- Morning ...
- It still feels like it’s night time. grunted
- Hehe late night last night huhh??!! laughed
- Yeah, keept me awake. smiled
- Yeah well it’s to early with that information mate. replied while they walked to the car.
- Hmm so no details for ya? asked raising and eyebrow
- No thank you! said firmly
- Yeah yeah okay. mumbled and started off the car.

Later in the afternoon came up the stairs when he saw her running past him and right into their bathroom. Stopping on the spot he stood still watching how she pushed to the bathroom door before she disapeared quickly. Hearing the sound from the bathroom he knew exactly what was going on. Going over he pushed to the door and looked at her.
Hearing the door go up she took a breath and got to her feets quietly.
- Hunny...
- Don’t! She replied almost in a whisper knowing all to well what he was going to say. Going to the sink she turned up the tap feeling kind a shameful feeling him watching her. Feeling her stomach crumble again she moved her hand down over her stomach praying for it to stop. Watching that had had it.
- Okay that’s it, your not going. stated firmly in a serious tone looking at his woman taking a sip of water from the tap..
- I have too. She cried
- Seriously you have the flu, you might aswell admit it.
- No I don’t. She said quietly looking over at him.
- Babes you have just been throwing up and I’m not letting you go anywhere in this state.
- But..
- You need to go to bed and stay there ‘till your well again and I’ll take care of you. He replyed a little softer starring into her eyes making sure she knew he meant it.
- But what about to night? She replied feeling she was letting people down and didn’t like it.
- I’ll try and call babe.
- You think she would go?
- I’ll make her. He smiled lightly reaching his hand out for her to take. Taking his hand she led him guide her back to bed.
Opening the door later that night smiled at .
- Thanks for doing this !
- No problem, so she’s really bad then?
- Yeah, not fit for anything except staying in bed.
- Well I’m fine with doing it. So a red dress?
- Yeah it’s waiting for you up in the bed room.
- Cool I can say hey to then too. smiled
- She would like that, come along! replied showing upstairs.

Tapping his fingers on the steering wheel he starred at the door impatient waiting for it to open any second. Feeling nerves fill him slightly he shoke his head to get rid of any regrets about what he had decided to do.
Watching a cab drive up in front of house he took a deep breath and got out of his car. Putting on a smile he made the driver pull down the window.
- Evening Sir. I’m sorry to see you have comed the long way but I’m here to pick up the lady so you don’t have to stick around.
- Well I was payed to come. The driver told off
- Ahh well here ya go! He replied handing over the driver some money seeing him think about it a little but then shoke his shoulders.
- Well thank you.
- No problem, sorry for the trouble Sir. He replied seeing the driver just nodding. Watching the cab driver drive off again, he smiled to him self walking over back to his car. Getting in he sat down and starred back over towards the house.

- So have fun! smiled opening the door.
- Thanks, I’ll go out and do ya proud! smiled
- Hehe I’m sure you will . Have a nice evening. ginned.
- I will. smiled at him before she walked out and down a small path in front of the house while hearing close the door.
Walking back upstairs turned on the tv and sat down on the bed beside who looked up at him tenderly.
- She’s gone?
- Yes she just took off in her big red dress. smiled.
- Okay, sorry I’m sick.
- Oh hunny don’t be, it’s okay. He smiled softly taking her hand squeezeing it softly.

Seeing the woman come out in a dress and go down the path he jumped out at his chance and in the dark he grabbed her. Putting his hand over her mouth to stop her from screaming. Pushing her into his car he drove off fast.

Chapter 4.

Waking up next morning by the phone keep going on cursed it far away.
- This better be imortant ! replied finally picking the phone up.
- Sorry for waking ya up, but is at ya place? asked sounding worried
- No, why would she be here. I would think she is at home. replied with a sigh rulling over on his back.
- She’s not so I thought maybe she had gone over to spend time with afterwards.
- , has the flu so I very much doubt she would. He replied looking over seeing open her eyes and sleeply look at him.
- But where is she then? asked getting more worked up by the minut.
- She’ll probably enjoying her self, she’ll be home soon. replied
- And if she’s not?
- Then we’ll figure out where she’ed gone to, now may we sleep?
- Fine... But how can you sleep, if it was you wouldn’t be this calm. answered harshly. While turned on his side and stroke ’s cheek with his free hand.
- Alright I’ll be over in a bit okay, now calm down.
- Thank you! replied breathing in deeply.
- Yeah sure, bye .
- Bye.
Placing the phone away sighed.
- What’s wrong? He heard ask and looked around at her.
- hasn’t come home yet.
- But why? She should be, it was not that kind a party. She replied suddenly a bit more awake.
- Maybe she met an old friend and they went for coffee and talk all night. relied but noticed the not convinced expression on her face.
- She wouldn’t do that without writing a message to .
- Well we’ll see. I have to go over there. How are you feeling today anyway hun?
- A little better, should I come with you?
- No baby, stay in bed, I’ll call you if it is...! He replied grabbing his clothes and headed for the bathroom.
Coming back into the bed room a moment later he went over to the bed looking into her eyes. Kissing her lips softly he knew was right, had it been he would be just as worried.

A few hours later was sat with watching go around in front of them panicking.
- try to calm down, have you tried calling everyone she could be with? asked
- Yes I have, everyone except her parents, I didn’t wanna worry them if it was for nothing. explained.
- Maybe you should try them. said right when the phone went off and grabbed it as fast as he could.
- Babe is it you? He asked hope flashing in his eyes, just to turn into horror a moment later. Hearing the phone go dead the phone slipped out of his hand and dropped to the floor.
- What happened? asked just as taken back as by the expression on ’s face.
- She’s been kidnapped by Jackson! answered in a state of shock.
- She’s what? bursted out
- Been kidnapped! said again his lips starting to trimble and his eyes fill up. Looking over at he started to feel a slight anger creeping up.
- Oh my God! replied in shock.
- It was a mistake he didn’t want he wanted . He said he waited for to appear last night couse he knew she was going to that charity thing and in the heat of the moment and in the dark he took in stead. He wants to swap ‘em. said in one go starring at feeling his heart twist around.
Hearing those words ’s heart beated so fast he felt like throwing up. Not knowing what to say or do he just froze to the spot. Watching the state of his two friends picked up the phone and called the police.

Through the day everything went on in a blur for all of them. Neither could believe what was happening. Police had come by and ’s pretty quickly and everything has got set up for the seach of and to catch Jackson.
Through the day had gotten more and more worked up by everything that was happening and his concern for was unbearable. His frustration ended up landing on so much so he in the evening had gone over to him with in his tall who then had called for back up.
Standing in the hall kept his voice heigh while yelling at his mate. Starring at him with a frown on his face he heard him yell back at him while and looked from one to another helplessly trying to calm both of them down.
-YOU GOT TO BE FUCKING KIDDING ME? sreamed at his mate
- NO I WONT HE HAS ! cried
- GUY’S PLAESE STOP!!!!!!! suddenly yelled making them both stop but still starring at each other with the eyes filled with anger
- Yes let’s sort this in another way. said calmly
- THERE IS NO OTHER WAY, CAN’T YA GET THAT INTO YOUR HEADS! screamed slapping his hand out against a lamp in disperation
- we know your upset and we understand that but what your asking is out of order and you know it. started while watching go towards the stars.
- UPSET, I’M... (seeing walk away he turned his attention towards him again) WHERE THE FUCK DO YOU THINK YOUR GOING? yelled
- I’ll be back in a sec tried out wanting to go upstairs to hold his woman, feeling the need to have her in his arms.
- NO YOU’ RE NOT! stated.
- God stop the yelling will you? It came from making sending him an angry glanze.
- Fine! mumbled walking back while sending the stairs a sad glanse
- Let’s state facts. The police is on it, I’m sure they’ll find her soon. said trying to calm the situaton just a little. Watching his mates slump down on chairs sighed. This surely was the worst situation they had been in and he was greatfull it wasn’t he had taken, but felt just as horrified as he’s mates did. He just wished it would soon be over for everybodys sake.

Seeing the lads finally leave the house rushed up stairs and found currled up on their bed starring blankly at the tv on the wall showing a movie. Looking into her eyes he watched the scared look in them. Walking over he sat down on the bed and pulled her thight into his arms while he nuzzled his face into her hair and sighed relifed to have her in his arms. Feeling her hold on to him as thight as possible he started to feel her shake a little and heard a sob escape her mouth. Trying to ease her grib on him so he could look into her eyes her hands slided down to his and he entwined their fingers and felt her hold on to his thightly.
- Sweetie, look at me... He said softly trying to get her to look into his eyes. Seeing her slowly look up he looked into her scared eyes.
- I’m I.... I’m scared of loosing you! She cried making his heart melt. Making her let go of one of his hands he moved it up and stroke her cheek watching her siver under his touch.
- Sweetheart you wont loose me!
- I heard what said, maybe his right! She cried and as soon as he heard those words he had both his hands cropped on her face forcing her to look at him.
- No his not baby, I will not let anyone swap you, you belong here with me, and no one is going to take you, I wont let them! He stated feeling his heart raise once again that day of the thought of loosing her.
- But what if he hurts ? She sobbed
- He wont sweetie. He said tenderly
- But we don’t know that, he could be hurting her now.
- But he wont sweetie, cause he still thinks he can get you! replied stopping on the sentens feeling sick by the words.
- But if he could get , what would stop him from getting me?
- Me sweetie! said seriously while stroking the tears away from her cheeks. Gazing into her eyes for a while no one of them said anything.
- I love you! She suddenly blurted out feeling her body ache to be in his arms.
- I love you sweetie. He replied softly pulling her thight into his arms.

Chapter 5.

The next day they all got together at ’s and house to have a meeting with the the man from the police who was in charge of the whole thing! In the kitchen looked over towards her friend seeing her just as worried as she felt yet there where a little more.
- Lin, what’s the matter? said carefully
- I... It’s.... You know the lads where over yesterday... ! replied turning the cup of tea around in her hand.
- Yeah I know, told me what happened.
- wanted to swap me to get back, and I understand why, but I... ! She replied starting to shake on her words.
- will do everything he can to protect you, and he wont have swap you, he couldn’t bare it and either could you! replied softly going over to give her friend a hug.
- Hey you two... would you get in here! It came from the living room from the policeman Greg.
- Okay? said watching . She nodded placing the cup on the table and they walked into the living room. Seeing sat on a sofa chair walked over to him and sat down on his lap letting him put his arms around her.
- You okay babe? He whispered looking for a sign in her eyes. Nodding she leaned in and kissed him softly on the lips. When she pulled away slightly smiled at her weakly and let her lean back and rest against his chest.
Hearing Greg go through all the facts again sighed. He had heard it all. He wanted action, someone to actually bring back to him. Through the night though all he could think about were that where the one who could make it happen but how could he do that to her and ? Looking over at the couple on the chair he noticed how thight hold her. How he lately since had been taken always made sure he knew where she was and when ever she was near him how thight he would hold her to make sure, nothing would happen to her.
- , are ya listening? It came over from who sat beside him and shoke back to the reality.
- Yeah, couse I am! answered and watched Greg looking serious talking on his phone which had gone off.
- Right! Greg said ending the phone call.
- What? It came from .
- Well to get back to facts, all we can do right now is to wait for Jackson to call
- What for, you tell me that? We all know what he wants, we only have one option! stated harsly avoiding the thunder storm sent towards him by ’s eyes.
- It wont solve anything Mr. seriously I feel for you but even if we did go for a swap then it would only leads us in the same position of having to find, in this case then . When he calls again we will try to track the number he is calling from and take it from there. Greg replied
- Or we could let him think we’ll do a swap but you guy’s will end up grabbing the guy. said.
- GET IT INTO YOU FREAKING HEAD I WONT RISK LOOSING ! yelled while he sat up streght in the chair still holding on to her thightly making his point.
- THEN WHAT THE FUCK DO YOU SUGGEST? yelled back standing up
- Guy’s please calm down, let’s just do what Greg says! said
- YEAH COUSE THAT’S SO FUCKING EASY FOR YOU TO SAY, HE’S NOT AFTER YOUR WOMAN! yelled at him making look at him blankly while taken hand in his. Storming out of the room. smiled weakly to the others and got up and followed .

Taking a deep sigh Greg looked around seeing how it all tore these close friends apart. He had seen it before but also knew agruing would lead them no where but to actually make them see that in all the hurt and concern were right now impossible he knew that.
Watching each and everyone of them he had also notice how they each took their own role in this but mainly he wacthed them to know how he was going to treat them, how he could talk sense into them so they understood or at least so some of them understood what he was saying. Looking over at he watched on how he took charge of trying to calm his friends down just like did it. Getting eye contact with he noticed how he for a moment looked defeated while holding on to hand. Feeling someone suddenly talk to him he looked aside at the police man beside him showing him some papers.

Feeling leaning into him turned his face and gave her a little smile before looking up seeing stand in the door further down giving him a sign to come out. Nodding he gave a kiss before he got up and walked out to and .

- please! begged trying to calm him down which seemed to be impossible.
- Don’t please me , you know just as well as me it’s the only way. replied still agry. Seeing come looked at him reliefed to get some kind a help.
- So he haven’t calmed down just sligtly? whispered towards who shoke his head helplessly.
- Mate! simply said making look at him now with eyes that were getting blury of tears.
- How are we gonna get her home if we don’t try the swap thing? asked helplessly
- We’re gonna do what Greg said. said calmly
- But it doesn’t help, is still gone can’t you see that?
- Of ‘couse I can see that , but we can’t feed him with ! replied
- DAMN, I KNOW THAT ! BUT I WANT BACK! suddenly yelled again.
- We know that and you will get her back, but that is just not the way. said trying again.
- Besides would you really do that to and ? Haven’t you noticed how scared they are in there? said making think for a second and lean up against the wall.
Looking down on his feet for a moment the tears push their way down his cheeks.
- I’m just so scared too. finally replied almost in a whisper taking the tears away with his hand before looking up at his two mates.
- We know that but we’ll find her. said going over placing his hand on ’s shoulder for comfort.
- Will we? asked now looking over at .
- Of ‘couse we will, and the police are doing everything they can. said trying to reassure him.
- No will you come back with us to the others, maybe Greg have something to say?! said and watched nod as an answer.
Walking back into the living room looked over on still holding on to thightly. Seeing suddenly look back at him, he knew exactly what he was thinking, he would never let him swap and deep down inside knew that if he did it would take a miracle for him to forgive him.

Chapter 6.

A few days later....
- Sweetieee! called letting him self into the house. Not getting an reply he started going through the rooms.
- , sweetie where are ya babes? He called again starting to get slight worried. Mumbling to himself he felt his stomach start to crumble while he went through rooms ending up in the kitchen he found a note on the table...
“Hey babes... just went for a ride with will be back in a few hours, love you... ..”Reading the note he felt more relaxed and walked over to take out a bottle of water from the fridge. Taking a sip he heard the door bell. With the bottle in the hand he went to open up and came face to face with and watched how Greg + another policeman stood behind him.
- Hey mate can we come in? asked feeling nervours about the news he was going to tell his friend.
- Sure! replied stepping aside letting them in.
- Um firstly is back! said with a smile.
- Hey that’s great... that’s... wait a minute how did ya get her back? asked feeling his stomach start to crumble again. Seeing the serious looks appon their faces, his heart started to beat harder and his mind set back to the note... “went for a ride with ”...
- I’m sorry we have to tell you this but.. Greg started..
- No... nooo.. ? said feeling the horror fill his body.
- I’m sorry but... tried out but didn’t know how to find the words still he knew his friend knew what had happened by his reaction...
- NO... NO NOT MY ! cried.
- I’m sorry sir but it seems like is back at the expense of . Greg finally replied.
- No she’s not, she just went for a ride, she’ll be back soon, she’ll... cried feeling tears on force in his eyes and his stomach crumble in a way it never had done before.
- I hate telling you this, but Jackson has her. said walking up towards putting a hand on his shoulder...
- No no no no she just went for a ride... she... He kept on saying...
- , listen to me! said forcing him to look at him.
- but ... I can’t.... he... no.... how.... couldn’t be that cruel.... cried.
- Listen mate... was, he was, he didn’t mean for this to happen, he meant to bring back to you. He thought he could trick Jackson and somehow he could get back and back home with him. You got to know he didn’t think streght. He was just a guy who would do anything to get his woman back.
- ON EXPENSE OF MINE?! yelled backing away from ...
- please, we need you to stay calm and... Greg started
- ! tried
- NO, FUCK.... MY GOD.. .....! cried walking away from them
- Please we need to talk to you! Greg said making turn around looking at him
- LEAVE ME THE FUCK ALONE AND GO OUT AND FIND MY WIFE! He yelled at him throwing the water bottle to the side crashing into the door. Feeling his heart ripped apart he looked at who smiled sympatheticly to him. Turning around he walked up stairs as fast as his feet would let him. While he heard turn to Greg and say something.
Walking into the bedroom he sanke down on the bed. Seeing her jersey lay on the bed in a way like she had decided not to wear it. He took hold of it and hold it thight in his hands moving it to his face smelling her scent all over it he broke down letting his tears run freely while feeling it getting harder and harder to breath.
Walking up the stairs stopped for a sec looking in through the door seeing holding on to her jersey seeing him cry made ’s heart ache he wasn’t used to see his friend cry. Taken a deep breath walked in and sat down beside him and he squeezed his friends shoulder...
- I know it’s a bad time, but I need to take a photo of , the police need it to show around to the other policemen who haven’t seen through all the stuff... said softly watching nod but didn’t move...
- , mate did you hear me... asked carefully and again he just nodde..
- I can’t believe it.... it came barely hearable from
- I know, but we’ll do anything to get her back, you know that. said softly
- Did she, did she know where would take her? said trying to stay so strong that words would come out of his mouth...
- No she didn’t! had called her, telling her he needed to talk to someone, and she agreed... I guess to show him some support... replied softly..
- But he wanted to swap her, she knew that.... cried..
- Yeah, but do you think she believed he would actually do it?
- Nooo.... but she was so scared that he would, oh god... cried looking down at the jersey between his hands.
- Deep down inside I don’t think she thought he actually would, either did I and it actually wasn’t what wanted... He thought he could take her with him for a drive out in the countryside and then Jackson would show up and somehow he could get both girls with him back home.... I don’t know how he could think that... In a way I don’t even think he knew what he was doing.... he was desperate...
- But it doesn’t give him the right to risk anything happening to .... She’s mine... she belongs here with me...
- I know. said softly watching tears start to run down ’s cheeks again.
- But okay? suddenly asked
- Yeah! smiled weakly
- What have she said...
- She’s okay, scared, haven’t said much. replied watching nod. Laying the jersey on the bed softly got up on his feet walking over to a shelve and found a picture. Looking at it he stroke his finger over her face while taking a deep breath. With trimbling lips he looked over at .
- What am I gonna do?! He cried
- First we’re gonna give the police a picture and they’ll start a seach for her, and we’ll find her. Mean while you have to keep strong.
- Could, could you go down and give this to them... said handing the picture over to with trimbling hands.
- Sure.! replied and smiled weakly at him walking towards the door. Sending a last glanse seeing him hold his hand on the shelve for support he saw him shake. Looking down on his feet walked slowly down stairs to the police.

Next day....
walked in through the door and looked around for . Walking into the living room he found him sleeping in a awkward position on the sofa holding a picture frame over his stomach. Placing the take away he had with him on the table he went to the kitchen to find some glases. Going back in he placed them on the table. Looking down at he reached down to take the frame from him but it made him hold it thighter and wake up.
- ?! asked in a whisper.
- Yeah, just thought I would come by with some food.
- Thanks but I’m not hungry. He replied sitting up. Looking at the picture he stroke his thumb over her lips.
- You should try to eat, would want you too. replied nodding towards the picture of her.
- I know she would. smiled weakly.
- So eat! ordered passing food over to making him starre at it
- I can’t! He replied weakly hiding his face in his hands.
- , you got to stay strong for her. said looking at him seriously when he looked up
- I know but I can’t even help her.
- Your’ll help her by taken care of yourself. replied watching him just shake his head.
- There’s something I should ask you, and if you say no I understand! said carefully.
- Wha? asked looking back at him weakly
- want’s to talk to you, you could...
- No!
- ... listen... you could go with me over there and talk to him and see ! said with a slight plead in his voice.
- NO, I said no, I don’t wanna see him! replied getting up heading for the kitchen.
- please he is really sorry about . said following watching how grabbed a beer from the fridge.
- I don’t care he’s the reason isn’t here.
- please.
- What happened to the I understand if you say no? asked and sighed feeling defeated.

Next day....
Sending a look towards standing by a table, arms stretch with the hands rested on the table. His eyes full or pain, hurt, anger starring at the glas and bottle of whisky standing on the table right in front of him felt worried. Hearing the doorbel once more went for the door. Opening it he came face to face with .
- What are you doing here ? shaked his head
- I should show my mate my support! stated walking passed into the house. Closing the door clapsed on the shoulder making him turn around to face him...
- You shouldn’t have come, you should go! replied seriously
- But his my mate! cried
- That might be, but right now he doesn’t want to see you and you should know that and give him some space.
- You can’t mean that?
- You seem to forget where is, and why you actually have back. You should go home to , why ain’t you home with her? asked folding his arms in front of his chest.
- She’s seeing her parents for a sec. Listen I’m sorry, I really am, I didn’t mean for to get taken of that psyko, I’m sorry! said and watched the sadness in his friends eyes. Throwing his arms to the side shaking his shoulders gave up and nodde sadly to .
Suddenly stopping on the spot watched starred at the glas in front of him. Feeling step up beside him he heard him whisper “I told you” right when grabbed the glas and drowned it.
Placing the glas back down ’s gaze landed on and immiatly he felt he’s blod boil.
- What the fuck are you doing here? asked roughly starring at with thunder in his eyes.
- I was just coming to show you my support! answered taken back.
- BULL SHIT! stated pouring another drink
- Maybe you should just try to listen to him?! said calmly making shut him a starre.
- And why the Fuck would I wanna do that huhh?? asked placing the glass back down some what roughly.
- Because his your friend! said softly while started to fell a little small under the looks shut at him.
- My friend huhh?! Yeah I remember something like that ummm so my friend takes my woman for a drive, but uh forgets to make sure she comes safely with him home! replied harshly
- Please it wasn’t like that? bluted out.
- We were just going for a ride, I was going to have her with me back!
- But you didn’t have her back with you, did you?! cried making feel small
- I’M SORRY, I’M REALLY TRULY SORRY , FOR CHRIST SAKE! yelled trying to get to him. Watching stop his yelling and stare at him.
- Do you know what his doing to my woman right now? asked starring at
- Please don’t go there! It came from
- Do you? kept on starring at
- I can imagine! replied in a whisper
- Yeah, really? Did you know his trying to make her his?
- He can’t she loves you too much! replied softly
- No he can’t take her heart, but he can take her body! replied feeling his heart crumble again while the pain rushed over him and he stretch his arms down holding on to the table while he tried to gain the strenght to stand while his heart ripped apart.
- ! said softly walking up close to him feeling his own heart ache by the site of his friend.
- Go away! It came hardly hearable from
- ! tried again getting a slight shock when pulled he’s last strenght together and turned to him.
- GO, LEAVE! yelled at him pointing his arm out towards the door, making look at him in slight shock and sadness.
Walking to the door looked to the floor feeling the dispair fill him.
- Give him some time! said softly to putting a hand on his shoulder. Looking up nodde sadly.
Hearing the door go fell to the floor and sobbed into his hands.
A moment later he felt a hand on his shoulder and looked up to see sat down by his side.
- She’ll be okay, you have to have faith! said softly to his friend seeing the pained helpless look written all over his face.
- but she needs me, needs me, I can feel it! cried
- I know, but your’ll get her back, we’ll find a way! replied praying to god he was right.

Chapter 7.

Looking around at the four walls in the shed she had been lucked into she sighed. She had tried everything there were no way to get out of there. And the only thing in the shed were a mattress and a chair in the far corner. Nor had she seen a shade of Jackson the whole day which on the other hand she was happy about. Looking down at her hand she touch the wedding ring and smiled weakly closing her eyes she saw the image of in her mind and her heart ached for him. Feeling tears fill up her eyes, she wished she had never gone with but at the same time she started to feel guilty because this was how had gotten back home safe.
Suddenly hearing the luck on the door go her heart started to beat faster “he was back, or was he?”. Seeing the door go he came in and closed the door and lucked it after him. Pushing the key into his pants. Walking over he handed her some bread but she refused to take it and backed away from him.
- TAKE IT! He demanded. Seeing his face in anger she took it and started to eat it on his demand.
- Now that’s better Mrs. Jackson! He grinned making her spit the bread out of her mouth in shock and starred up at him.
- I will NEVER be Mrs. Jackson! She spat out.
- Oh yes you will, you will even be the mother of my children what ever you want to or not, but hey when you know how it feels to be with me you will never want to go back.
- You could never make me wanna stay! She replied hush. Making him starre at her with anger flashed in his eyes.
- You will do as I tell you and you better start treating me better if you want me to be nice to you. He replied through gritted teeth.
Seeing his eyes land on her wedding ring she placed her other hand over it, not liking the look in his eyes.

Just outside the house of ...
- But what if he wont see me?
- He will, don’t worry. tried to calm her friend down mean while she hoped she was right
- But what if he’ll be mad at me, he’s mad at . stammered scared of faceing the husband of her missing friend
- It will be okay . replied knocking on the door.
- Girls! said surprised a moment later coming face to face with them when he openen the door.
- Have you suddenly becomed the butler of the ’s? asked looking up at
- Yeah kind a, for a few days anyways, can’t face it at the moment, all those poeple. replied softly then looking over at .
- Do you think he would see me? asked a little scared.
- I think so yes, but don’t expect to much. replied seeing nod sadly before he let them into the house.
- He’s in the living room. said seeing them look at him.
- Right, come . said pushing forwards.
Hearing voices he looked up. Seeing her face he didn’t know what to do. Feeling happy she was safe yet slightly feeling a light anger crep up for the fact that she was the reason his wife was gone. Looking over at he watched the pleading look in his eyes telling him to be nice. Looking down to the floor he took a deep breath trying to get control over his mixed feelings. Getting up slowly he walked over and hugged . Feeling her tense at first but then relaxed a little he realized she probably herself had mixed feelings about all of this and he couldn’t blame her.
- Nice to see ya safe. said pulling away and walked over to sit down again nodding to the others to do the same.
- I’m sorry . blurted out making him look over at her again watching tears fill her eyes.
- I know, but it’s not your fault. He sighed.
- But.. said
- Don’t, it doesn’t help you blame your self... replied looking over at for a second who showed a relifed smile on his lips.
- But I thought that... ... you know.. mumbled
- I don’t blame you , yes I’m mad as hell at , but you can’t really blame me for that, and I don’t really wanna talk about him. said firmly feeling the anger at once by the mention of ’s name.
Hearing him talk like that about Lou looked over towards for some kind of support. She knew he blamed she just wished he didn’t, but changing the mind of was not something you could just do, she knew that.
- He is sorry. blurted out just to see froze and not answering her and at that moment she knew that the friendship of and depended on what happened with .

Watching them leave sighed heavily. Hearing about wasn’t exatly something he could deal with right now, everytime he heard his name the anger in him speeded up and he didn’t know how to control it. Seeing coming into the house he had seen the scared look in her eyes knowing she had been scared to face him. He knew what she had felt because even himself didn’t know how he would feel to see her, but after a while it had been fine. Of couse he knew none of it was her fault, but it was still hard seeing her knowing what was happening.
Popping himself down on the sofa he closed his eyes.

Seeing the doors of the lift close he pulled her back towards him and kissed her neck softly. Feeling her learn back aginst him he groaned happily. Turning her around in his arms he let his finger slide over her lips before he let his own touch hers. Hungerly he pushed his tongue into her mouth hearing her moan quietly when his tongue met hers. Letting his hand slide under her top he felt her bare skin under his touch making a siver run through him. Pushing her gently towards the wall he let his hands roam over her body.
- ... we can’t... she said quietly feeling her breathing getting out of control
- but I want you baby he answered with a husky sound in his voice trailing kisses down her shoulder...
- ... not here...
- shhh baby he replied capturing her lips with his again feeling her hands tuck at the back of his hair.
- ! interrupted trying yet again to get out of his sleep
- Yes ... mumbled still not brought back to reality
- ! finally yelled making jump
- What, what? Where’s the fire! blurted out looking around the room getting back to the reality yet still feeling his dream over take his body and mind.
- Sorry mate guess you had a good dream? asked rasing an eyebrow at him
- Yeah! mumbled shortly
- Well Greg called he’ed be over in a minut he said it was important, so I thought you better be awake when he came.
- Important in like they have found her? asked feeling a slight hope
- Not yet... sorry...
- Hmm! replied leaning back on the sofa closing his eyes feeling the touch of her lips again. Feeling his heart and body ache for her while tears started to fill up in his eyes.
Hearing the knock on the door moments later starred over at giving him a starre that pleaded him to go and open the door. Getting the hint got up from the chair and went for the door. Moments later he returned with Greg.
- Evening Mr. . Greg said politely
- Greg. nodded in reply feeling nervous by the look on his face.
- To tell a long story short we got a tip this morning and went out to chek it. Now I have to ask is this your wifes?! Greg asked handing over a little see through bag.
Taking it in his hands felt his heart twist over and his eyes get blury. Stroking his fingers over the ring, he got trouble breathing. Getting up from his chair he walked fastly over to the terrace and flung the door open and tried to breath in the freash air.
- Sir? Greg said following slowly.
- Yes, it’s my wifes wedding ring! replied breathing deeply.
- I thought so. Greg sighed
- Where is she? asked suddenly turning around starring at Greg.
- We’re not sure yet, we are cheking up on leads, we’ll find her soon. Greg replied.
- Soon.. soon you said that before. replied harsly.
- They are doing their best . suddenly said making his friend look over before turning around again looking outside trying to keep the tears at bay.
- I’ll come back again when I know more. Greg replied not getting a responce from so he looked at who nodded and followed him out.
Taken a step out into the garden looked up into the sky whispering “Baby be brave”.

Chapter 8.

- Come on baby I know you want too. Jackson smirked pushing her against the wall.
- No I don’t, let go of me. She cried feeling his body pushed hard against hers towards the wall so she couldn’t move while he was holding her hands against the wall above her head.

- !!! said with a smile
- Wha? He replied starring at him after had placed the phone down.
- The police know where she is.
- WHAT? WHA? Really? yelled jumping to his feets.
- Yes, they have found out where Jackson has taken her and they are gonna storm the house, they are gonna come by and take you with them.
- Oh my god, is she okay? Yes yes I’m ready, are they coming now? blurted out while grinned lightly of ’s eagerness.
- As far as they know then yes and yes they are gonna be here in a sec.
- Oh my god, I’m getting my baby back. grinned jumping over hugging so he could hardly breath.
- Um yes , now let me breath. said out of breath
- Oh yeah sure. replied excited feeling his whole body come alive again.

A hour later found him self deep inside the woods looking at a house beside Greg. Every part of his body wanted to rush into the building but he got hold back by the police.- We have to do this right Sir. So it wont go wrong. Greg repeated firmly.
- I know that, but we gotta do it now, he can’t have her for another second. replied impatient while hearing Greg sigh.
Watching how the police and Greg messed around getting everything in the right order or what ever they were doing felt in the pit of his stomach that something was happing in the house, something he didn’t like one bit. Looking over at Greg he was about to say something when he watched Greg ask if he was ready, which found wird couse of couse he was ready he had been ready ever since she had been taken away from him. Seeing how the next few minuts went on so fast it all went on in a blur for . He had been told to stay back and let the police take care of bisniss and just be ready when they took her out to him. Hearing her cry of help however when the police stormed the house made rush after looking into the house seeing her pinned up against the wall by Jackson trying to rape his woman it just clicked for him and somehow he got over there hitting Jakson right there before the police got him pulled back.
Seeing him there she finally let go she had no more strenght at all. Tears steamed down her cheeks and she was about to fall when he grabbed her and hold her so thight she could hardly breath but she didn’t care. She was back in the safety of his arms and nothing else matters.
- Baby you safe now. He whispered into her ear feeling his whole body trimble of having her back safely in his arms.

Standing in the doorway watching her go around in the living room taking everything in he saw the light tears roll down her cheeks. She had been back home for a few days now, and everything had gone on so fast since he gotten her back. Now they finally had time to take it all in, to breath again. Seeing her turn over and look at him he smiled tenderly watching her soft smile and loving eyes glanse up at him. Seeing her look down at her finger he knew what she was thinking.
- I’m so sorry. She cried making his heart break
- Sweetheart you have nothing to be sorry for. He replied walking over pulling her thight into his arms.
- But I lost the ring, he took it from me, he took my wedding ring, he took our symbol. She cried.
- listen. He said pulling away slightly making her look up at him while he took away her tears with his thumps.
- But...
- Sweetie maybe he took the ring but he could never take what we have together our love hunny. replied firmly yet softly.
- I know... but it meant so much to me.. to you... she cried...
- You mean more baby, so much more! Without you I can’t breath, your my air hunny... my life. He replied softly watching a single tear run down her cheek.
- and your mine. She replied in a whisper.
Smiling to her he put his hand in his pocket and pulled out something. Taking her hand in his he slided the ring on her finger.
Looking at the ring he placed on her finger her heart melted away it was the exact ring that had been missing on her finger the last days, that part that had been missing there showing who she belonged too.
- The ring, who? How? She asked in tears
- Greg came with it when you were gone! replied getting a lump in his throat by the thought of that time. Feeling her heart beat faster looking into the eyes of her husband she felt her whole body weaken and achen for him. Seeing the look in her eyes he couldn’t hold back anymore and softly he leaned in and kissed her lips feeling all the ache in his heart for her melting while he felt her kiss him back. Pulling away moments later he starred into her eyes..
- I love you so much sweetie he whispered
- I love you too, every second of the day. She replied before leaning in kissing him again like she had wanted to for so long.