Hearing the loud music coming down from the bedroom where his girlfriend was getting ready for a night out with some friends sighed while he placed the snacks on the table. She hated his passion for football so when she had declared she was going out tonight to get away from the football maniac he had been relieved. Looking around the room he smiled lightly to him self everything was ready to watch a football match on the tv with the lads and he looked forward to it.
Hearing her shut the music off he sighed sligtly, he had tree things beeing his passion, the band, football and a year ago he met her and his passion for her where there from the moment he laied his eyes on her.

Putting on her boots she heard her boyfriend and his friends cheering in the living room for some football team. Fact was she didn’t care one bit about the game, loved the game for some reason and she loved him to bits, so she had to live with the game being there but she was getting really tired of hearing about the it.
Tonight though she was going out and was determined to have a wirld night out in town and avoid the name football even as much as beeing said. Walking into the living room she looked at the lads being all court up in the game. Shaking her head she suddenly got eye contact with who gulped when he saw her and she couldn’t help but smile..
- God what a stunning lady you have ! bursted out making look up and swallow hard when he saw her. Looking her up and down felt his heart raise. She wore her black boots with a heel, a short skirt and a top that had a low-cut showing off so everyone could imagine her perfect shaped breasts. Looking up into her eyes he swallowed seeing the naughty glint in her eyes, and the jealousy hit him knowing what guy’s would be thinking seeing her look like that.
- Thanks ... have fun tonight and , I’m going now, cheers she smiled turning around walking into the hall. Hearing jump up and run after her she felt him grab her arm and turn her around to face him.
- Baby you can’t go out like that he blurted out
- and why’s that, don’t I look okay? She asked inocently
- That’s not the point? He said getting angry
- Sorry but I thought it was.
- Guy’s will drool over you like that, and I wont have them all over my girl
- Then come with me! She replied looking flirty up into his eyes
- !! He yelled
- SShhh your friends can hear you besides that, I love you so nothings gonna happen with any guy you know that, trust me babe. She replied whiled reaching out for her jacket.
- I trust you, it’s the guy’s I don’t trust.
- Please babe don’t get mad, go back to the lads and watch your passion on tv.
- Your my passion too! He blurted out making her smile by the words.
- and your mine she smiled raching her hands around his neck pulling him close before her lips softly landed on his. Feeling her body so close and her soft lips on his he felt his stomach flip over and he pushed her against the wall starting to lick her lips with his tongue trying to get accross to hers. Feeling her parten her lips his tongue quickly found it’s way into her mouth colliding with hers, sending sensetions through his body. Feeling him self getting turned on by the second he let his hand travel over her body making her moan into his mouth. Pulling away sligtly a moment later he breated heavily.
- God you make me wanna take you right here he breated into her ear.
- Then why don’t you? She whispered into his ear making him siver. He felt his pants getting thighter with every second and he couldn’t believe his ears usually she wouldn’t say that with the lads so close.
- Baby did you just say that? His voice said husky towards her ear. Giggeling she pushed him away gently and then looked into his eyes
- hehe yeah but were just teasing ya, we’re not alone babe! She replied just before they heard loud screams from the living room, making ’s attention swift between his girl and looking towards the living room.
- Babe... He replied with begging eyes feeling the need for her at the same time as he felt drawn to run in to see the match.
- I know... go see your match. She smiled weakly...
- Babe... he said again looking her up and down.
- I’m not changing my outfit
- ... please hun...
- Don’t worry sweetie... She replied and kissed him on the lips before walking out.

An hour later...
- We freaking fucking won! screamed trowing a peanut after
- That recalls for a new beer stated
-... and peanuts grinned while keep throwing them at
- Hey stop it yeah?! laughed
- Yeah remember he has to clean them up laughed
- Funny, funny replied
- Yeah I’m always funny nodded
- Huhh right!! grinned

A little after midnight said bye to the lads and ended up cleaning the mess up in the living room. Seeing his phone on the table he stopped and starred at it and couldn’t help him self from check if had send him a message, she often did when she was out and about. Signing seeing there were none he felt his stomach flip by the thoughts of another guy hitting on her. Trying to get rid of the thoughts he thought about the night he had just had with the lads, it had been a blast.

At a club.
- Hehe just one more shut grinned
- It’s on me a voice suddenly came
- blurted out laughing
- Hey babes, having fun? asked raising an eyebrow
- Very, why are you here?
- Felt lonely at home and couldn’t sleep
- Awwww... poor boy... but ya were with my ...
- I was yeah but we called it a night some hours ago by now
- aaaawwww... pouted at him leaning towards him giving him a pick on his cheek. Looking at her his eyes followed the low-cut on her top to the end and gulped slightly, while he thought it had been to long since he had been with someone.
- Ruuuffff.... it came from her when she drowned the shut, shaking her head and couldn’t help but smile.
- ! Gudrid suddenly yelled running towards her, making jump down from the bar chair running towards her friend. Laughing to him self watched the girls fall to the floor laughing. Walking over he helped them up.
- don’t you think it’s home time? asked
- Ummmm uuuhhh yes home she replied and shoke his head seeing the dirty look in her eyes.

Turning around in bed, not being able to fall asleep, he heard her stumble around in the hall, she was home! Crawling out of bed he walked to the hall og found her sitting on the floor laughing trying to pull of her boots with no luck what so ever.
- my baby she yelled
- Oh God hun, ya wasted! He stated and laughed lightly to him self, she looked so cute when she was drunk and she was finally home.
- Yes, but would you please help me, boots she pouted at him. Shaking his head he bended down to pull them off.
- Now come on babe, in bed! He said helping her up and into bed.
Laying in bed he felt her start kissing his chest which made his body siver.
- Sweetie please sleep. He said. Crawling on top of him she looked down into his eyes.
- Not yet.... I want some she pouted flashing her eyes at him.
- Some? He said in a whisper. Leaning her face down her lips inches from his.
- Some of you in me... She whispered leaning down kissing him hungerly. Feeling his body react strongly he couldn’t hold him self back and rolled her over on her back.
- Well we are alone now he said huskely and recieved a grin from her before she pulled his lips down on hers again. Groaning loudly he felt her center press against him when she lifted her hips up against him and shortly after he entered her and recieved a loud moan from her. Moving in and out of her while feeling her meeting his every trust he felt like his body would explod any second.
- God baby he moaned loudly trusting one last time before relising him self into her while hearing her scream his name.
Collapsing on top of her he felt her arms thighted around him
- I love you sooooooo much she whispered into his ear
- And I love you baby he replied moving his face to kiss her lips softly.

Rubbing his eyes, he moaned at the morning sunlight that came through the curtains and landed on his face. Turning over on his side he looked at the woman beside him sleeping peacefully. Raising his arm he stroke his fingers down her spind before pulling her thight into his arms. Feeling her siver by his action and press her self close to him in her sleep he smiled to him self before kissing her neck. Hideding his face in her hair he sighed, this was how he liked to wake up and not alone without her in a hotel room.
Moments later he heard his phone went on and sighed before kissing her shoulder.
Hearing the phone keep going he started to move his arms with out waking her, but it only made her turn around in his arms placing her arms around him thight.
- Dont’t go she mumbled with closed eyes making him smile.
- Baby the phone...
- phone can wait, want to sleep in ya arms she said barely in a whisper
- okay babe... he smiled holding her close to his body hearing her moan soflty
- me likes this she mumbled before she drifted of to sleep again.

Moments later crawled out off bed but this time without waking her up. After a shower he grabbed his phone and went down to the kitchen and called up.
- Hey you took ya time! grunted in the other end
- Sorry mate wasn’t up
- So, you usually take it anyway, unless ya being naughty with a sudden lady? laughed
- Funny , why did ya call, is something up?
- Yeah yeah okay, well their showing a football match down the pub tonight, ya up for it?
- Yeah anytime you know that, all though well
- All though what?
- Well I was planning to spend it with you know she’s not into football and...
- and you were apart last night, but I’m sure you two made up for it when she came home? grinned
- Well um that’s not the point! mumbled feeling his cheeks flush
- Oh MY GOD you did, naughty you are!
- Yeah as if you ain’t with !
- Well we can spend two nights apart ya know
- That’s only cause she is away for a few days
- Okay you got me but what do ya say?
- Yeah okay, ’s probably with hangover grinned
- Now that’s my boy.
- hehe! Well see ya later then, bye! grinned hanging up the phone seeing stumbled into the kitched wearing only his t-shirt. Raising his eyebrow at the sight he smiled at her. Laughing lightly seeing her stumble clearly still not completly sober she walked towards him placing her arms around him leaning her face on his shoulder. Closing his arms around her he heard her sigh deeply.
- Why ain’t ya asleep babe? asked
- cause you were gone...
- and my shirt didn’t help he grinned
- not when I know the real thing was here...
- awww sweetie, how do you feel anyway?
- Tired, sooooooooo tired, need coke to drink
- Hehe it’s in the frigde sweetie he said letting go of her seeing her walk over to grab a coke.
- ! He said looking at her while leaning up against the kitchen table
- Yeah.. she repiled looking up at him
- Do you remember anything from last night?
- mmmmm a little, I had a lot of shuts with Gudrid, think maybe to many Linda replied making a face making laugh at her.
- Soooo you were fine? He asked again seeing her face light up a little getting his hint
- awww yeah all the guys came on to me and we had a blast she teased him
- Funny! replied a little hush turning around so she couldn’t face him. He knew she was teasing him, but he didn’t like it.
- Awww sorry hunny I’m just teasing ya, you know nothing happened... well not untill I got home to you she replied stepping over in front of him stroking her fingers down his arm.
- You remember when you got home? He asked raising an eyebrow feeling his heart beat raise by the look in her eyes
- cause I did, I may have been drunk but I do remember things and I remember what I got you to do she giggled slightly raising up on her toes leaning in to kiss him. Pulling her close he kissed her back.
- You can make me do that anytime hunny he replied smiling at her a moment later.
- I’m taking you up on that later she smiled back at him before walking back towards their bedroom.

Later that evening went into the living room seeing laying on the sofa watching some serie on the TV. Taking a deep breath he walked around..
- So tonight.. he mumbled out
- Tonight what? She asked still facing the TV
- I’m going down to the pub with
- What, why? Thought it would be you and me tonight? She replied sitting up starring at him.
- Well in this way you can just relaxe and get over ya hangover in peace...
- I thought I was going to do that with you?
- I’m sorry sweetie, it’s just called and asked their showing a match down there and... stopping his sentence he starred at her nervously...
- A match? A new match, football... replied feeling tears fill up in her eyes, football again.
- Sweetie....
- You have been gone so many nights lately either because of the band of because you want to see football, when do you want to see me for a whole night she cried getting up from the sofa. Hearing those words broke his heart mainly because he knew she was right.
- I always want to see you babe, you know that. He said taken hold of her arm.
- Yeah when there ain’t a game going on somewhere she sobbed
- Sweetie please...
- No let go of me and just go to ya match she cried and ran out of the room.
- Damn it! He sighed.

Seeing her in the kitchen he watched her finding a glass and get ready for a night alone with everything you needed after a night out, well except for one thing. He watched her look up at him when she notice he was there and saw her eyes were red from tears, and he knew it was his fault and it made his heart break.
- Babe I’m leaving now! said softly going towards her putting his arms around her waist. Expecting her to still be mad at him he was ready for her to push him away but she didn’t, instead he just heard her sigh and lean back against him.
- When will you be back?
- I don’t know, it wont be that late I think. He replied. Softly nodding in reply she turned around in his arms and he leaned in and kissed her softly.
- You could come with me babe he said quietly while moving a strain of hair behind her ear.
- I better not... she replied shaking her heard.
- Right, well see you later hun! Kissing her one last time he went out.

Seeing the clock strike over 3 in the night she felt her stomach crumble and she knew something was wrong. “It wont be that late” she kept hearing his sentence in her mind. Throwing a pillow aside, she grabbed her phone....

Feeling his phone vibrate in his jeans pocket he grinned when the woman beside him breathed heavily into his ear.
- Let it be she whispred
- Hehe it could be important grinned
- What ever could be more important when you have football and a woman that’s crazy about football and you here she whispered to his ear before nibbeling it.
- You have a point he replied husky...

Around 5 in the morning....
- Heeeyyy where’s ? asked stumbling towards in the bar
- He’s... started but stopped shocked on his sentence seeing appear with some woman all over him.
- He’s what? Where? asked again while starring into his beer
- Nooo he sooo haven’t done that! said shocked making look in the direction of . It took a minut to get what was on about but when he did he gulped on his beer.

Standing in front of the door to their flat. He felt the guilt crumble in his stomach while reading her text message from earlier “Sweetie where are you? I’m worried, I miss you, love you... xxx”. Feeling the crumble get worse he revival the row he just had with while had been standing shocked starring at him.

- HOW THE FUCK COULD YOU DO THAT TO ? screamed at him
- Who said I’ve done anything? said cleary drunk
- She loves football too, she’s hot and loves football which makes it a good combination rambled on
- hates football and I love football which is cursing rows between us stated while clapped on the shoulder to indicate for to calm down a little. Takeing a deep breath couldn’t believe his ears.
- You’re a fool, and when hears what you’re done, I wont be on your site. replied leaving him on the spot.
>>Flash end

Taking a deep breath he walked into the flat. When he got to the bedroom he felt the guilt scream at him seeing her laying twisted into the bed covers clearly she had fallen asleep uneasy. Seeing her suddenly open her eyes he felt more nervous than he had done in ages.
- ! mumbled
- Yeah it’s me, sorry I’m late! He heard him self mumble while seeing her sit up in bed so the covers fell from her and showed she was only wearing a little top.
- What’s wrong? She asked quietly
- Why would anything be wrong?
- Because I can feel it. She replied rubbing her eyes while getting out of the bed walking towards him. When she reached him she hugged him thight. Feeling her this close had the same effect on him as always and softly he planted a kiss on her shoulder before she pushed him away and starred blackly up at him...
- What?! He asked confused. Watching the soft loveing expression on her face change to scared in seconds while she starred at him blankly he knew she had sensed something.
- Who is she? She asked almost in a whisper feeling her stomach crumble like never before
- What are ya talking about babe? asked trying to hide the facts
- Don’t lie to me! She almost cried now making at once jump to her side, but she pushed him away...
- DON’T I CAN SMEEL HER ALL OVER YOU! She cried out. Looking at the hurtfull scared look in his eyes she just knew what he had done.
- Baby please
- Please what, tell me the truth! She stated with tears forming in her eyes.
- Baby I love you! He tried feeling his heart being riped apart from what he had done to her.
- What did you do tell me.... she cried with trimbling lips..
- I went to see a match, I told you to come but you hate football and I love football....
- Oh and there came a bimbow on to you who loved football just as much as you did and oh she was a hottie too, so if you were with her you could have it all, is that it?
- Well I... started knowing at this point in time he wouldn’t be able to hide the truth to her.
- OH MY GOD, IT ACTULLY IS? She cried out seeing the look in his eyes she knew she was right. Suddenly getting trouble to breath she grabbed her clothes and stormed out of the room towards the hall.
- Baby please I’m sooooo sorry.... He cried running after her
- So why did you have sex with some cow....
- I didn’t say I’ve had sex with her
- Didn’t you? She asked looking up into his eyes...
- I wish I hadn’t! He finally replied in a whisper
- Has it happen before? Is that why you alsways wanted out to see football why you never had time to spend a night with me lately..
- NOOOOOooooo it’s not, it had NEVER happen before never I swear... Believe me!
- I believe you, but what you just did tonight....... I.... how could you... I thought you loved me and it didn’t matter that I don’t love football when I love you...
- I do love you babe, forgive me.....
- I... I.... need to get out of here...
- Please ... baby...
- no...
Hearing the door slam, he leaned up towards the wall before falling to the floor while he keept repeting “what have I done... what have I done?”.

A week later in the pub.
- Hey mate! grinned
- Hey , ain’t here? replied sitting down beside him by the bar.
- No his home having quality time with you know.
- Oh sighed starring up at the Tv showing a football match.
- You okay? asked carefully
- I miss !
- Guess you haven’t talked to her yet then?
- Not since she went out the door last week!
- Have you tried? I mean I heard from that you were hitting it of again with that other woman.... said carefully seeing turn his gaze to him. Seeing the pain written all over his mates face wished he haven’t said it.
- I was wrong, I thought that since that woman loved football and etc. That it could be great and football wouldn’t be a problem but I was stupid, I need , I love her! explained and looked down.
- I know mate, we all know but you were the one who had to realize it! said and clapped ’s shoulder for support.
- I most have gone mentel or something...
- Yeah you most have. laughed lightly
- And now has her! suddenly blurted out making cough on his beer.
- .... erm... erm..... what? asked confused
- That’s where she’s staying right? That’s why he’s not here....
- Mate you got it down wrong, yes she is staying there right now but he doesn’t have her like so.... said starring at .....

At ’s place....
- you know I love to have you here, but are you sure you don’t wanna talk to ? asked watching her sitting on the floor going through his DVD’s....
- Yes....
- ! sighed
- Yes
- He misses you!
- Does he?
- You know he does
- No I don’t know. He went of with a bimbow
- I’m sorry ! said softly kneeling down beside her seeing tears start to form in her eyes.
- It’s not your fault. He needs time. She replied quietly resting her head on his shoulder while he put his arm around her.
- I know he loves you! said almost in a whisper feeling her move and look up into his eyes and felt his heart skip a beat. Looking down for a sec tried to shake the fact of him that he had a little soft spot for his mates girl. Feeling her finger stroke over his chin he looked back up at her and saw a small smile form on her lips.
- You forgot to shave today. She smiled at him
- Yeah well when I’m home I sometimes skip a day...
- You know I’ve never tried to shave a guy before she replied softly still stroking his chin
- Hehe well you ain’t missing out on anything he laughed warmly
- Can I try?
- What? You wanna shave me? He coughed on his words
- Yeah, I’ll be good.... she pouted at him...
- Fine.... he replied smiling seeing her jump up pulling him with her out in the bathroom.
- Okay find the stuff she grinned before she ran out and found a chair and placed in it the bathroom...
- Sit! She ordered him.
- Why am I letting you do this again? raised an eyebrow at her making her smile
- Because you are sweet and I wanna try....
- Am I sweet? He asked feeling his heart start to beat a little faster when she spred her legs and sat down on his lap. Taking his hands and placed them on her waist she told him to make sure she wouldn’t fall of which just made him swollow.
- Yes you are and you have the cutest smile she ginned at him oblivian to what she did to him. Taking the foam she rubbed it on his chin and cheek making her laugh lightly.
- Now you have to sit still and no talk I don’t wanna hurt you! She stated
- I don’t want you to either! He replied as a matter of fact. Taking the shaver in her hand she stroke it carefully down his cheek and over his chin. Seeing the result a moment later she smiled happily...
- See I could do it! She cheered while he turned his face and looked into the mirrow and smiled.
- You could, maybe you should do this for me everyday it’s feels much better than doing it my self he laughed.

and leaving the pub...
- Are you sure about this? asked
- Yes why not? You said your self she wasn’t ’s! said frankly
- Yes but it’s late.
- I need to see her! Besides you don’t have to come if you don’t want to. stated.Walking up to ’s house knocked on the door, but nobody came to the door. Determined to see her opened the door him self.
- ... started to said but keept quiet seeing the look on ’s face. Hearing laughter coming from the bathroom they walked towards the room. Seeing the door open looked in and felt his heart rip apart of jealousy seeing her on ’s lap both looking cosy and having a laugh. Feeling the tension coming from , who at first looked on the display stunned, now coughed to make their present known.
Coming eye to eye with jumped of ’s lap and starred at mean while felt like being court and a little small under the anger flarred at him from .
- I was just shaving , it’s not what you think! heard her self stamme
- He can do that him self! replied harshly
- Mate come on you don’t have the right to be mad at her, remember what you did! said defending her.
- No but your my best friend and here you are hitting on her, she’s mine so don’t you touch her again. cried
- YOURS???! What about that bimbow of yours! cried feeling her heart ache
- She’s gone, she means nothing to me, she was a mistake, I came here to beg for your forgiveness because I love you and I can’t breath without you! replied starring right into her eyes just to find all the heart ache he had put on her flash all over her face.
- and you needed her to figure that out? She cried with tears filling her eyes.
- Well looks like you needed ! said harshly with the jealousy clearly in his voice
- Come on , that’s not true nothing would ever happen between us, she’s to in love with you and I’m your friend I would never do that to you!
- Yeah some friend you are, I FUCKING SAW HER ON YOUR LAP, AND YOU CLEARLY LIKED IT!!! yelled.
- OH COME OF IT! yelled back
- Guy’s please, take it easy, we all know what’s going on! It came from
- Yeah we do know, has taken my woman! stated feeling tears fill up his eyes while he looked into ’s tearful once. Turning around he stormed out of the house.

Back in his own house grabbed a beer and drowned it before slamming it down on the kitchen table seeing it break made him break aswell. Letting the tears run as they wanted to he broke.
- ! She said softly nervousness filled in her voice.
Suddenly hearing her voice he felt his heart skip over. Lifting his right hand he moved the tears away and took a deep breath before he turned around. Seeing her stand there before him he had to swollow hard, she looked so frigile. “Oh my God” he suddenly heard her say and run over to him taking his left hand in hers and first now he noticed his hand was bleeding.
- We got to get this cleaned, it looks like there could be glas in it. She said worried forgetting why she was there.
- We? asked while she looked up at him confused untill she realized what she had said.
- I, we.... there’s no and I... you should know that. She replied softly
- I know....... I just got so jealous, I love you and seeing you that close to any other guy kills me.
- But I only sat on his lap, you sleeped with someone else she had you inside her she.... stopped her sentence feeling her emotions take over and let go of his hand before she turned around walking into the living room.
- I know baby but please believe me, I’m sooooo sorry and if I could change it I would, I don’t wont anyone but you, please give me another chance, I’ll do anything , please! begged following her. Taking his words in, she felt her whole body ache for him. Turning around she watched the emotionell begging look in his eyes making her heart raise.
- I want to be your only one , I don’t wanna sit around being scared your’ll be with someone else again she cried
- Your are baby, I don’t want anyone else, I love you and I’ll prove it to you everyday so you wont have to be scared, I’ll make you trust me again, just please, take me back sweetie, your my air, my life! He cried stepping up close to her looking into her eyes felling the dispear in his whole body for her turning him down.
- If your just saying that.... she replied quietly..
- I’m not, I mean every word baby. He said tenderly stroking her cheek feeling a siver rush through him just by the feeling of her skind again.
- We could try but I need us to take it slow. She said softly. As soon as the words escaped her mouth had her wrapped thight into his body nuzzleing his face down in her hair breathing in deeply enjoying every second of her close to him.
- Sure baby, anything but please move back in with me?! He whispered to her ear
- I would love that, but we have to do one thing first! She replied while he moved and looked into her eyes with a hopefull grin
- No not that silly, your hand we gotta go and get someone to look at it. She laughed slightly shaking her head.
- Oh yeah that, but please could we do one single thing first?
- But doesn’t you hand hurt?
- Nothing hurt any longer now I have you back! He grinned at her
- Well it hurts me that your hand hurts! She stated
- Please baby! said showing her his puppy dog eyes.
- Okay but it better be good! She replied
- It will be better than good. He whispered inches away from her lips. Not wanting to wast another second he brushed his lips down on hers. Feeling his heart beat fast by the touch of her soft lips against his he parted his lips and licked on hers with his tongue. Feeling her giving him across he pushed his tongue into her mouth softly tasting her again he groaned feeling her tongue play with his untill he curled it and sucked hers into his mouth deepening the kiss even further making her gasp into his mouth with plesure.
Pulling away moments later to catch their breath leaned his forhead against hers.
- God I’ve missed you. He said softly
- Missed you too more than you know! She replied while feeling him move sligtly gazing into her eyes.
- I love you so much ! He said drowning in her gaze
- I love you too. She replied before she leaned in to taste his lips once more.

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