A Reporters Life

smiled as she re-read the article again. “Another great success” she said to her partner in crime . and where the gossip reporters from The Sun newspaper. Everything and anything to do with the showbiz world they were the first to print it.

, , my office now” they heard there boss Lisa scream. Both girls looked at each other and then got up and walked out to the office. They closed the door and took a seat opposite the desk.

“Have you heard and of westlife have new girlfriends?” she asked. “Yes we do, but we don’t know much about them to print anything” said. “Well find something now, look at this” she said and threw a copy of the mirror down where it had a small clip about the boys having new girlfriends. sighed as she read it. “Look you girls have one week to get the dirt or I’ll demote you, now move” their boss shouted. Both girls got up and walked out of the office into their own.

“Well?” asked. “Well what, we can’t do anything, lets find other stories that will make her forget it” said and sat back down to continue typing up the new article she was working on about Justin Timberlake.

The four lads were sitting in BMG studios waiting for Simon to discuss a new single.

“Have you today’s Mirror?” ask throwing the paper over to .

“What am I looking for?” he asked but he soon noticed what was talking about.

“Oh well they just know we have girlfriends they don’t know anything about them” said as a matter of fact and tossed the paper aside.

“ You know they will try and find out what they can.” piped up

“Yeah and what will they find? Nothing they are just two normal girls.” said harshly.

looked at . “You look as tired as I am” she said. didn’t answer just headed for the door of their flat. She took out her key and unlocked it. Both girls walked into the flat and the smell of cooking hit them. “What’s that smell” asked who looked just as confused as her.

Both girls turned the corner and jumped out their skin. “Hey girl’s just take off your shoes and jacket and will get you a glass of wine” said from where he was standing cooking what looked like stir fry.

Both girls took off their shoes and jackets and walked back through to the kitchen. “And how did you two get in” asked as handed her a glass of wine. “Ah yes glad you mentioned that, you have to change the place you keep your spare key” said and smiled.

Soon the four of them were enjoying a nice home made meal of noodles and chicken stir-fry. “Girl’s ummm the mirror have a bit about us having two new girlfriends”,

“But they don’t mention any names” said, him and had been dreading telling them about it. “Yeah we know we saw the paper, relax they don’t know us” said and took a piece of chicken off s plate then put it in her mouth.

looked at and sighed. It wasn’t as bad as they thought.

Once they had finished their meal picked up the plates and put them in the sink she was going to wash up when she felt two strong arms wrap around her waist.

“ Do you have to do that?” whispered into her ear. turned around and kissed him gently.

“No you can” Seeing pout she winked at him and wrapped her arms around his neck.

“So this thing with the key.” started to say before interrupted her “Yeah you need to find another place for it I mean you’ve got one key through the letterbox and another under the flower pot its not right two young woman having keys so easy to find.”

started to chuckle at him.

screwed up his eyes. “What’s funny?” “You are. Tell you what I’ll give you my spare key that way I know its safe.” smiled at him shyly.

“You want me to have a key to your place?” placed her finger over his lips and nodded

sat down on the sofa and curled herself into who held her tightly and kissed the top of her head.

“You know I was thinking.” started to say “ that is bad . I demand you to stop now.” giggled.

frowned at her. “ Well I was thinking would it be bad to let people know about us. We have this party next week and I would love to take you and come out you’re my girlfriend.”
sat up and looked at him searching his eyes to see if he was joking but wasn’t she had to swallow the lump in her throat.

“What your joking right?” stood up with her hands on her hips.

we can’t we’ve been together four months. We said will come out when its right and it isn’t right yet”

was now standing and looking at her confused. “ the papers are half way there about us. What is the point they may as well know”

no I said no” shouted more through panic than anything.

and came running in “What’s wrong?” asked concerned

“He wants to tell the press about us.”

’s face went white. They couldn’t if the guys knew who they really were they would never speak to them again.

“Why do you want to do that?” said from behind her. sighed at least was talking sense.

“Yeah but the press” said harshly.

“The press will have a filed day about you and then they will get to and I and to be honest I just want to myself like two normal people. And frankly I’m shocked you hate the press knowing anything and the fans.” said as a matter of fact.

sighed and lent down to .

“Will keep it quite.” looked up at him with tears in her eyes she wrapped her arms around s neck and hugged him tightly.

It was 4am when the boys finally left and and had a chance to talk about s comment.

walked into the living room and handed a hot chocolate.

“You ok Hun?”

looked up and smiled at her “Yeah I just freaked. Can you imagine what would happen if they knew were the girls from the sun. That would be it will be over and I don’t want that . I truly don’t”

pulled into a hug. “ I know but look his not going to and will have to be extra smart. I mean were the top dogs of what we do. So it’ll be fine.”

“I hope so ” “It will. Just to let you know I gave one of the spare keys”

smiled at “You like him don’t you?” “ Yeah hello.” “No I mean like, like him.”

rolled her eyes. She knew what she was talking about but she wasn’t going to admit it to herself let alone anyone else.

“And you’re not the same about .” said as a matter of fact.

“Come on we better get to bed got a story to do tomorrow” said heading upstairs

“Umm how can I word this” asked looking at for a response, but got nothing. “Hello Earth the , hello come in are you there” she asked tapping on the head. “Huh what” final said. “What are you thinking about” asked her. “Nothing, just a story that would be better then the one Lisa wants us to find out about”. nodded her head. So far Lisa had been in about ten times asking about Westlife and if there was any new news on their girlfriends. “Yeah well I’m sure we can get one” said. “Now will you help me with this article” asked. “Yeah sure sorry”.

looked at . “What where you thinking last night” asked catching and ’s attention. “What you mean,” asked. “ , telling the press, she almost had a heart attack” said. “She did, wow what’s goin on” asked. “I want to tell the press about me and , cos 1 they know we have girlfriends and it won’t take them long to find out who, special those bitches from the sun who are the first on almost everything, And number 2 I love and feel its about time I told fans about her” said while the other three looked at him as if he were crazy. “I know what your gonna say so just drop it, I told I wouldn’t do it so I won’t ok” added and went back to listening to his mp3 player. The other boys just looked at each other.

“Lisa, we are off and if we see Westlife tonight at the club we will try and get the goss off them” said as her and passed her office on their way out the door. “Good, meeting my office tomorrow at 10 am sharp” Lisa said and waved the girls off.

“Great now she’ll be looking for gossip” said looking at . “Well we just make it up” said and giggled, she would have fun making up a story about . “You mean lie” said giggling as she started to think up some stories for .

move it we will be late” shouted through ’s hotel room door. They were due to meet and in 15 mins and here they all were standing outside ’s room waiting on him as usual. ! I’m here” said stepping out his room and locking the door. “Let’s go, can’t keep the girl’s waiting” he said and headed for the lift as everyone followed on behind.

looked about the street looking for any signs of the boys showing up with and , who were called and for short.

“Told you they would be late and I bet it was who held them up,” said . “Yeah well your not wrong there, it always is him” said while picturing fixing his hair in the mirror. “Let’s go in, it’s too cold to hang about” said and grabbed ’s hand and walked in.

walked up to the bar, “two vodkas and lime and soda water please, and two shots of red aftershock” she asked the barmaid. The barmaid put the drinks down and handed her change. “Ok here you go on the count of three” she said to while giving her the shot. The girls downed the shot then took a sip of their vodkas just in time to see the boys walk in. “Let the fun begin” whispered as the group walked up to them.

“Oh yeah see you two have started with out us” said nodding to the empty shot glasses on the bar next to the girls. “Yeah well you lot took to long” said while wrapping s arm around her. “Yeah well the hairs got to be right. you know what its like” said laughing with the others. “Come on lets get a table said taking s arm and walking off. “Oh be a dear and get the drinks in” she shouted over her shoulder

“ So how’s my girl doing?” asked while grabbing ’s hand and pulling her onto his lap.
“I’m grand” smiled shyly it was the first time had called her his girl. She was surprised how happy it made her feel. rested her head on ’s shoulder she felt him kiss her lightly.

went to make her way to the table with the rest of the gang but pulled her back.

“I don’t think so. Me and you are going for a dance” As led to the dance floor he was relived they put a slow song on as he wanted in his arms for a few minutes at least.

“So were ok right?” asked looking deep into his eyes.

smiled gently at her. “Were perfect. I just want everyone to know so it makes it easier for us but maybe it won’t. I think ill have you to myself for as long as possible without the press especially those two bitches from the Sun. Now if they knew about you they would tear you apart.” ranted not realising was going whiter by the second.

“Um are they really that bad?” asked knowing very well that her and were worse than being two bitches. They loved to gossip and rip Celebrities lives apart.

They had both loved the job but that was before and had come along.

“Well maybe they won’t find out about us. Can we change the subject I love this song.”

smiled at her. “Will make it our song. Always and Forever” bent down and kissed fully.

The gang had been in the club for a few hours when grabbed hand and pulled her up. “ I need you to help with drinks” looked at confused. “We’ve got drinks?” said looking at her

¨ “Yeah but I fancy something else.” With that pulled off into a corner in the club where no one could see them.

“Ok you going to explain the weirdness?” asked looking over at the table watching laughing at and trying to stand up on the table but falling back into Nicky and Shane’s arms.

hello are you listening to me. I said I just saw Mel from the Mirror. We have to go because if they see us you know were in trouble.”

gave her full attention. “Oh my god we need to go now. How can we just leave?”

“Call and say were going home as I’m ill. And you’ll talk to him later”

did as she was told. She couldn’t help but look around the club for Mel and hoping and praying that she hadn’t spotted her or with the lads.

looked at his phone as he felt it vibrate and saw number. He was totally confused as to why she was calling him.

“Umm can’t you find or us something” He laughed down the phone.

“No and I have had to go. She’s ill” “Oh” replied disappointed.

looked over him at his pint when he heard say he was looking at him questionably.

“Sorry I would have come and told you but she really needs to get home.”

“Its ok. I’ll tell and call you tomorrow. I’ve got a meeting at some point but maybe we can do lunch if I get out. I’ll call you. Love you”

“Love you to more than you know. I’m sorry” With that put down the phone.

“What’s going on? Tell me what where are they” asked in a rush.

isn’t well so they have gone home. sounded weird.” replied picking up his pint looking at it then putting it back down.

“Oh my god is she ok. What’s wrong with her? I have to go and see if she’s ok.” jumped up followed behind him.

“ Where are you two going?” asked as and rushed past him.

is unwell so were going to their place.” said as a matter of fact.

“Leave them. There’s nothing you can do.”

“I will no she’s my girlfriend, she’s ill and I’m not leaving her alone.” With that stormed off. let go off s arm and watched him follow out.

and were sitting on the sofa when they heard a key in the door. “ whispered. looked at her “Great just great act ill” said standing up and walking to the hallway to see and walk in.

“Hey what are you doing here?”

wanted to see how was. And no way was I letting him come here without me.” said grabbing by the waist and pulling her towards him.

“Lets go upstairs” whispered she let her hands drop from around s neck she smiled at him wickedly with a glint in her eye and headed upstairs.

walked into the living room with concern writing all over his face.

“Hey babes what’s wrong with you. You ok?” asked as he sat down next to on the sofa he took her hand and kissed the back of it.

“I’m ok just feeling really sick and dizzy. Sorry we run out I just wanted to get home.”

“It’s ok. I’ll look after you?” lent forward and brushed his lips gently over ’s.
cupped ’s face in his hands and looked deep into her eyes. “ I’ve fallen in love with you .”

bit her bottom lip as she looked at him she knew she felt the same. “I’ve fallen in love with you too.”

cupped ’s face in her hands, pulled him towards her and kissed him passionately.

grunted when she heard her alum go off she turned over and switched it off then cuddles back into .

“Morning Hun. Sleep well?” asked with a cheeky grin. “ I don’t know. You could say I had the best night sleep ever.” giggled.

“I wish I could stay here forever” said looking over her shoulder at the clock and seeing it was now 7.30.

“Well why don’t we go away for the weekend. The band as it off. Was thinking maybe the lake district.”

smiled “I would love that so much” lent over and kissed him then she jumped out of bed.

She walked along to ’s room and knocked on the door, she didn’t get any answer so she opened it to find wasn’t there. walked down stairs and saw that and was fast asleep on the sofa.

smiled as she saw that their hands were in twined. She didn’t want to wake her but knew that they had a big day at work.

wake up. Were late.” made some grunting sound and turned over and landed with a thumb as she hit the floor. burst out laughing

“What the hell” She shouted out waking up in the process

“Don’t you dare say anything.” said glaring at him and .

and had been in work for about an hour and half they were both surprised that Lisa hadn’t spoken to them at all about Westlife.
was typing up a an article about the lads being in the club and that they were seen with two girls a few times but nothing solid that you could call them girlfriends.

She had just printed off a rough draft when Lisa popped her head in. “ You two ready for your ten o clock?” “yep but who are they?” asked looking at then back to Lisa.

“It’s a surprise. Do you girls have anything for me” nodded and handed her what she had just printed out.

Lisa scanned over it as they walked into the meeting room.

“Great work . Next time try and get a picture of the girls. Oh and speaking of Westlife.” Lisa said as the three of them walked into the room.

and stopped dead in their tracks as their eyes focused on. , , and sitting around the table. Their faces just as shocked as the two of them were.

“Morning Gentleman. I’d like to introduce you to my two star reporters. and they will be doing the interview today.”

The guys looked at and in total shock none of them knowing what to say or do.

Lisa looked at the guys then at and totally confused by the silence.

spotted the anger look on Lisa’s face so she stepped forward swallowing the lump in her throat as she saw the look gave her as she stepped forward to shack his hand.

After they introduced themselves. and sat down at the opposite end of the table looking at them wishing the ground would open up and take them whole.

“So umm would you like to do the pictures first or the interview”? asked trying to sound professional since Lisa was in the room.

“Oh I think the interview its more interesting don’t you think” snapped at her

They had been in the interview for about ten minutes when looked ahead and saw the dreaded question.

“So and you’ve got some girlfriends we hear you want to tell us about them”? asked not looking up at any of them.

“Oh yeah we heard that too. I was dating someone one but she turned out to be a lying bitch. She was using me to see what she could get. The same for his girlfriend she was a lying bitch as well.”

“Yeah and a few things make sense to me as well. Like why she didn’t want to come out about our relationship. It wasn’t a relationship as it was fake. and I feel like a right pair of prinks as we thought we finally got two girls who loved us for us not our fame but yet why are we surprised.”
“Yeah well what if you got the wrong idea. And maybe they didn’t tell you the truth because you would have thought the worse” snapped back.
BR> “ No they didn’t tell us the truth cause they knew they were playing us and like a paid off fools we fell for it.”

it wasn’t like that” said tears forming in her eyes.

“Get lost . No wonder you didn’t want us to come out about us. You were writing a story. Well you got something else to add to your story now. Girl gets found out and is dumped by . The big question is when will he learn not to be played for a fool?”

“You wasn’t I love you . I don’t want it to be over.” “ Yeah well it is. I don’t date lying bitches like you.” shouted back at her. couldn’t take it anymore she stood up and ran out the room. went to follow her but was stopped by Lisa.

“You need to take pictures then you’re in my office.” Lisa stood up and left alone with the four lads.

like she was a deer trapped in the headlights as they looked at her with pure hatred.

“I guess will take the pictures then.” The guys posed for her as best they could all faking a smile.

“That’s it then. I guess” said looking to the floor. “Yeah it is.” snapped and walked out.

looked up at his eyes filled with hurt, confusion anger tears.

“You better have your key back” stood there watching him take her key of his key ring and place it in her hand.

its not what it seems. I love you I really, really love you” said wanting to grab hold of and not let him go.

“Don’t leave your key around for people to find ok.” said his voice almost breaking. He left the room and standing there tears falling from her eyes.

said behind her turned around and opened her arms for to fall into as she cried.

“It wasn’t meant to be like that. why did they have to find out that way, s gone. I love him I don’t want it to be over”

“I know Hun. But once they calm down will talk to them and explain”

looked up at her. “ You and I both no that’s not going to happen we’ve lost them.”

“Girls my office now” Lisa said as she stood in the doorway.

stood up then helped as they walked into the office everyone’s eyes were on them. All knowing they had been the girls and were dating.

“Right you two are in big trouble. And I can quite easily sack you. But I won’t well not yet. But to get back into my good books I’m giving you ten days to get me a huge story about the lads. If you don’t I’ll make something up”

“Were not doing that and you can’t.” replied in between sniffing.

“Yes I can. Were a newspaper you have inside information and your going to tell the world and also that you were dating them. I’ll give you the time off so you can sort it out. I want it on my desk by noon on the tenth day to go to print on the eleventh day.”

and looked at her. almost passed out when replied that they would do it.

Once they were out the office attacked her. “What the hell do you think you are doing agreeing to Lisa’s demands? are you insane this is and . I’m not going to say anything about them.”

“How about the truth” replied simply.

looked at her blankly. “What do you mean?” “Ok well I have a plan. We tell the truth.” filled in about her thoughts. Lisa wanted the details she was going to get it and the whole world would know the truth including the lads.

“ I hope you know we’ve got our work cut out for us.” replied feeling a little bit of hope creep into her heart again.

and walked into the hotel bar and saw that and were sitting there drowning their sorrows

They had managed to cancel the rest of the week’s interviews once they had explained to Simon what had gone on.

“Look I know your upset but what if they do actually love you, they never ever printed stuff about any of us while you two where dating them” said while and gave him daggers. “Yeah guys, I mean think about it ok they lied about their job but if they were only with you to get stories the sun would have been full on them, but they never did” added. “Doesn’t mean they weren’t planning to, I bet they are sitting in their office the now cooking up a big story about us, all of us” said and downed the rest of his pint and indicated to the barman to fill his glass up again. and sat down and sighed.

and walked home, it was raining now and the weather matched perfectly how they felt. They walked into their apartment to the answering phone beeping. hit the play button. “Hello, this is Simon Cowell from BMG.RCA records, im phoning for a Miss and a Miss , I would like it very much if both girls would phone me back please thank you” and with that the machine beeped.

“Great wonder what he wants” said and just watched has walked through to the living room not caring, she sighed and picked up the phone and dialled the number Simon had left for them to contact him on.

“Hello, I would like to speak to Simon Cowell please” she said when a man picked up the other end of the phone. “This is Simon, who am I speaking to”. “This is Miss , I’m returning your phone call” said down the phone. “Ah yes miss I would like it very much if you and miss came down to my office straight away we have things I need to discuss with you” he said. “Yeah sure bye” said and hung up the phone.

“That was Simon, he wants us to go down to his office straight away to discuss stuff” said to as she walked into the living room. “Yeah ok you know its going to be legal stuff” said as she walked into the and grabbed her jacket. quickly followed and the two girls were off back out into the pouring rain.

looked at , “Why does Simon want us to go into his office” he asked for the 5th time since had told him. “I don’t know he just said could you and go into his office ASAP” said trying not to shout; he was getting fed up repeating himself to . “Ok, let’s go said and walked out into the rain.

They arrived at the office and went straight up to Simon’s room; they were just going to walk in when they heard him talking to some one so they knocked on the door. “Excuse me girls” Simon said and got up and walked out the room.

“What you want us for Simon” asked he was in no mood for Simon. “I have the girls in my office going to get them to sign a contract stating what they are not allowed to print, though you two may want a say on this” Simon said. looked at . “This is I suppose is good cos you know they could print stuff we don’t want no one to ever find out” said hoping agreed. “Yeah I guess, ok Si so where do you want us to state what we do and do not want printed” asked. “Well come in and tell the girl’s yourself” Simon said. looked at and hesitated, the though of seen was too much for him. “Do we have to Si can’t we just not tell you” he asked. “No it has to be made perfectly clear to the girls as well, I wont leave you alone with them” Simon said and opened his door for them to walk in.

and both looked at the door as it opened. They both gasped when they seen and walk into the room. didn’t dare look at them, she could if she did she would cry, she could feel ’s eyes burning into her and that hurt enough never mind to look at them. looked at he looked so sad he never looked at her once, this was such a mess and she hated it she hated herself for having the job she did, she hated Simon for having this meeting and she hated the way hated her. This day was definitely the toughest day she had had to face in her whole life.

“Ok girls, we all know the cirmstances here, so I won’t beat round the bush, this meeting is been held for legal reasons at the end of it you will sign a contract stating rules of which we will discuss” Simon said. He looked at the girls then at the boys and shook his head; he then went on and discussed the terms he had with and adding in bits. After the meeting the girls signed the contract and just got outside, as quickly as possible they didn’t want to hang about.

Once they got home, spoke up. “That article is now going to be even harder to write isn’t it” she said looking at who could only nod her head. “I’m going to bed” said and walked off into her bedroom, sighed and followed her upstairs to her room. Both girls didn’t sleep they just cried the whole night.

Let’s go get drunk” said to as they left the record company building. “Yeah deff need to do something can’t believe them they lying bitches” said and they walked off to Click.

The boys hadn’t been in click long when tow girls came up to them. “Hi im and this is Michelle, we were wondering if you would like some company” she asked them while eyeing up and down. “Yes alright” said and both girls sat down, ok if the lads hadn’t have been drinking and weren’t drunk they would have said no but this wasn’t the case.

It wasn’t long until the atmosphere with and Michelle was getting streamer, the girls where teasing the boys but kissing each other and touching each other up, they could tell they were enjoying it. “Let’s got back to out place” Michelle said and grabbed s hand. did the same with and the four of them left the club to have flashes around them, the press where now going crazy, after they had found out about and and what had happened thanks to Lisa phoning up and spreading the word about.

woke up and went downstairs; she picked up the paper and put on the kettle. While the kettle was boiling she decided to have a quick look at the headlines. There on the front page of the sun their newspaper was a picture of her and and then underneath it a picture of and staggering out the club with the two girls from the previous night. This was too much for and she ran into the bathroom and throw up everywhere. How could they, do that and be like that she thought. She came out and look at the picture again it was clear to see the girls where holding the boys up and that they were extremely completely drunk.

moaned as he opened his eyes, he was just about to roll over when he felt someone next to him he opened his eyes and realised he wasn’t in his hotel room, he looked at the person next to him to find out it was , huh where the fuck am I and why am I in bed with he asked himself not remembering anything of the pervious nights events, what was worse was he got up and realised he was naked, he looked at and suddenly realised he was naked to. “OMG” he screamed waking up and causing and Michelle to run into the room.

“What’s wrong sweetheart” asked a distressed . didn’t know what to say or do. “Shall we explain” Michelle asked climbing back in beside as walked over to the bed and slipped between the sheets making from for him. “Please” asked not thinking he’d like this. He and had drank so much last night that they didn’t even know what had happened, where they were and who these too girls, where and to top it off they were not pretty, in fact they were ugly.

Michelle went on to explain how they had met in the club and came back to hers and ’s to have a four way orgy this made and feel sick and they quickly made their excuses to leave. “Omg, omg, omg, we didn’t did we” asked as they walked along the street. “I don’t know, its disgusting, by the sounds of it I think we did” said feeling disgusted and dirty. They walked past a newspaper stand the front pages caught their eye as they were all over them. “And now this just great” said and the paid of the walked on to the hotel.

walked downstairs to see sitting at the kitchen table paper everywhere.

“What’s up with you?” asked puzzled.

“I tell you what and are a pair of hypercritics and they have messed with the wrong girl.” replied angrily she looked through the paper on the table finding the article she handed the paper to .

“They, they but” tried to find the words “They freak over us then they go out and shag the first two girls who come along and look where its got them. Well I tell you what I know we signed that contract with Simon but we can’t help it if Lisa finds something can she” spate

sat down in the chair in a daze totally heartbroken. “What are you saying?”

looked up from the article she had been writing. “A nasty article about the lads.”

eyes wide with fear she realised how mad was. “Why are you so mad. I mean I get why your mad but your extra mad as in revenge and that’s not a good thing when it comes from you”

“Cause I told the stupid Irish fool I loved him. And at first it wasn’t a revenge thing. I spoke to Mel at The Mirror she was going to print an article for us, as Lisa wouldn’t. But seeing this cheesed me off.”

“Ok. I want to quit the Sun.” turned to look at her and smiled “I was thinking the same thing. Especially when Mel told me a little bit of inside information.”

“Like?” “ Vogue want two new girls for the magazine and Since Mel works on it she wants to offer us a job.”

jumped up out her seat jumping around “That’s great omg that’s wow. we have to take it.”

“Yeah its in New York” stopped jumping for a moment. She looked at the floor then at the paper on the side and sighed.

“Nothing keeping us here.” shock her head and showed the two articles she had been writing.
BR> As and walked through the reception of the Hotel. and jumped them.

“Are you going to explain last night?” snapped looked at then back to

“I think its best we don’t.” “Well since and Michelle are here I think you should.”

“What” said trying not to raise his voice too much?

“In the bar.” said pointing over at them. and Michelle saw them and gave a little wave.

and walked over to them “Hi what can we do for you” asked gesturing for the bar man to bring a round of drinks over.

“Well you guys ran out we didn’t get your phone number” said moving closer to and running her hand up and down his thigh making very uncomfortable.

“So you want to come out with us tonight? We can have another round if you want cause I loved having both of you inside me.” Michelle said leaning closer to then she reached her hand out trying to put it down the front of ’s jeans.

“Hey get your own,” said slapping Michelle’s hand away. Both girls burst out laughing
gently pushed Michelle away from him. “I don’t think so. Last night we were drunk it was a mistake so you can both piss off.” stood up grabbed ’s arm and walked off.
Both the two girls looked at each other. “What was that editor name Lisa right get her on the phone. Lets get them back.” said with a sly smile.

mouth dropped opened when she read the first article wrote, then she burst into fits with the second one. Revenge was defiantly a good game could play.

we can’t do that to them. I’m hurt and upset but to really say all them lies about them, it wouldn’t be right. You know that.” said softly but giving one of her looks.

“I know I couldn’t do it just made me feel better. Do you want to go with the article that says a few home truths?” said with puppy eyes.

“Yeah let me get changed will go and see Lisa and tell her we quit”

and walked into there offices and went straight to Lisa’s office. A little while later Lisa opened the door letting two girls walks out.

“Thank you girls for the information. It’s greatly respected I’ll put the cheque in the post tomorrow.”

Lisa turned to and and smiled at them. She moved a side and let them enter.

“What are my top girls doing here?” She asked sitting down in her chair she rested her elbows on the desk and rested her chin on her hands.

“We want to quit, well no we are quitting were handing in out notice now.” said as a matter of fact.

Lisa looked between the two girls not sure she heard right.

“Your what. No your not. Is that because of the two guys from Westlife forget them.”

“No its not. Well a little bit but all this has proved what we do or did is wrong were not doing it. I’ve read over our contract and we can leave right away,” said standing up.
She grabbed two white envelopes from her bag then handed them to Lisa.

“That’s our notice” With that and went to pack their desks up.

Lisa picked up the tape recorder on the side from her interview a little while ago and smiled.
woke up the next day with banging on his door. Once he and had left and Michelle in the hotel bar they had disappeared to their rooms not daring to leave.

“What for gods sake I was asleep” shouted through the door with a pissed off tine he hated being woken up especially when he didn’t have to be up.

“Open the door” shouted back. opened the door and march into the room.

“They were working together. They printed a story the whole bloody world knows.” shoved the paper.

He scanned over the page to find was right. and Michelle had sold their story to the paper and the girls who had wrote it was none other than and .

He threw the paper aside and cursed under his breath. “So the whole and ’s thoughts on them were wrong. They were writing about us. Once we found out about them they went to plan b and we fell for it.”

nodded in agreement. “I would say lets get pissed but I’m not drinking again.”

looked at . “You crazy, give up drink no chance” he said and started laughing.

was sitting looking through the papers, was out seeing about their new jobs. She came to the sun and almost had a heart attack as she read the article and the names of the people who were supposed to have written it. She grabbed her phone and dialled ’s number.

“Hello”, “ omg buy the sun omg shes out done us omg” voice came over the phone. was about to say something when she turned a corner and seen exactly what was talking about. “Omg, shite” she said, “I’ll be home in 5” she added and hung up.

ran home not knowing what to think as soon as she stepped in the door handed her a coffee and they sat down at the table. “This is bad really bad” said and looked at . “We need to do something anything to change this about, but what,” said looking as . “We can’t do an article cos they will never believe it”. “No but we could do a TV or Radio interview and hope they see it or hear it” said looking hopefully. “Yeah we could ill make the phone calls” Nads said and grabbed the address book on the side.

“Hello” “Hi Is that Graham Norton?” asked as the man at the other end of the phone asked.

“No it’s his assistant how can I help you?” “Long story” replied laughing lightly
She explained the whole situation.
While was sorting out the TV show was sorting out the press part.

Mel would post her article in the newspaper and say about them being on TV.

walked into the living room smiling. “We got it now we need to sort the hard work out. Were going to be on in two days.”

“Better get this to Mel then.” said picking up the stuff her and had been working on. She went to walk out the room then stopped she turned around and looked at .

“Do you think they will change their minds?” asked tears falling down her face.

“I don’t know but hey we leave for New York the next day so you know.” said knowing she was putting on a front but she was good at it.

and were sitting in the hotels restaurant having breakfast when spate out his coffee. Getting dirty looks from other guests near him.

“Didn’t your mother ever teach you to swallow?” said laughing. “No does it for me” said smiling with a cheeky grin.

“So are you going to explain then?” asked shaking his head at his mate comment.

“Seems and have moved onto the mirror. There’s a article well a problem and the answer to the situation is find out on the Graham Norton Show tomorrow night.”

frowned as handed him the paper. watched intensely as he saw his mate thinking.

“Ok what are they playing at. I’m confused?” said handing the paperback.

“One way to find out we go to the sun” grabbed by the sleeve of his shirt and they made there way to the Suns offices.

was walking up one side of desk while was walking up the other. They had no luck what so ever when a woman stopped them. remembered her as Lisa the girl’s boss.

“Can I help you gentleman” She smiled nicely at them. “Yes we were looking for and

“Oh there out at the moment on a new Case you know how it is.”

looked to and sighed. “Ok fine tell them we were looking for them. Wanted to give them the money we owned them from the strip poker game the other night.”

Lisa looked at them blankly. “What?” “Oh yeah. I know we can trust you not to say anything.” “ Umm no I wont I swear. I’ll tell them thanks,” Lisa said turning around and going back into her office.

She quickly drew up tomorrow paper draft and typed smiling the whole time.

Once they were in the safety of their car turned to and bit his head off.

“What the hell did you say that for? What if they print that.” “Yeah what if. You and I both no we didn’t do it and so does and but Lisa doesn’t. It’s a test that’s all.”

“I think it was stupid,” said as a matter of fact when he jumped out his skin when there was a tap on his window. rolled it down looking questionably at the girl standing there.

“Hi I’m a huge fan of yours. But that’s not why I’m here. I heard you and Lisa talking. Look the thing is and left. Handed in their notice two days ago.”

“Why?” asked

“ Well I’m not meant to say but there going to New York. They got a job wit vogue”

looked at knowing he was thinking the same. opened the glove department and looked back at the girl.

“What’s your name love?” “Its Nancy” She replied shyly.

grabbed a Westlife photo and signed it with a little message he handed it to who did the same.

When he gave it to Nancy she jumped and screamed with joy. “Thanks.”

“What do we do now?” asked “Wait for the paper tomorrow.” replied as a matter of fact.

phone vibrated at the side of her. She opened her eyes and blinked a few times. She lent over pressing the answer button not even looking at the name.

“Hi” said while half asleep. “ its , have you seen the sun today?” “No why”? “Cause and I believe you two and were going to help you with and .”

jumped out of bed once she had finished talking to . She went straight into ’s room to find she wasn’t there. She was just about to call her when the front door opened.

Lisa did this story.” “Hello where were you two days ago” said looking at as if she was insane

“No today’s story set it up and she fell for it. So and are on our side and going to help” ranted while she walked behind into the kitchen.

“Look, the bitches have printed another story about us, well not me and you but about and having a game of strip poker with them” said and throw the paper down in discuss. “You would think they would grow up,” said with hatred in their mouth. “Now, now, that’s enough of that” said as him and appeared at the breakfast table. “How can you be cool have you seen what they have written about you two” asked. “Yeah and its funny how and wrote it when they quit the Sun 4 days ago” said.

looked at and looked at . “What you to talking about, how do you know that?” asked. “Because my friend, me and here we gave them that story when we went to see and considering they had an article in the Mirror the other day” told them. “So we went and found out they quit and that article was written by their boss” said. “Yeah sure stop sticking up for them” said and got up and stormed out the dining room closely followed by . “Plan B” asked looking at . “Plan B”.

“Hi, this is , , you know of westlife” said down the phone. “Oh Mr hi what can I do for you” the voice at the other end said. “Hi ok this is a bit short notice but I need 6 tickets tonight show” said while crossing his fingers, him and had got and to come and help them out. “Umm I have 6 tickets available” “Yes great are they for the front row” asked trying his lucky. “No Mr for the second row from the front”, “Great I’ll take them” and with that gave over his credit card details.

. What do I wear tonight?” said running into room in a panic. “Jeans and a halter neck top, member we will be fine” said and continued to get ready.

Once they got to the show they had a couple of drinks to steady their nerves. “What if they don’t see the show” asked she was really nervous about this. “They will said him and will make sure of it” said and knocked back the rest of her drink as the show started. They were second guest on the show and when it came for time both girls looked at each other took a deep breathe and walked on stage smiling.

looked at then at who was sitting next to him.He didn’t get why they had brought him and to a show with the most hated girls in the world.

“What the fuck is this?” He asked with gritted teeth “Something you should know.” said looking back to the front.

“So we have and here from the Sun. How are you girls doing?”

“Great I guess” said weakly forcing a smile.

“ So lets get to the dirt. This whole thing with the Westlife boys you wrote the other day. You going to give us the gossip on that.”

looked at for the first time she noticed sitting in the second row arms folded glaring at her she wanted to run she didn’t want to do this anymore what if it didn’t work.

“Umm well the thing is we never wrote it. Sometimes our boss writes stuff and puts our names.”

“Oh that’s a bit unfair isn’t it?” Graham asked, “ Yeah especially since people we care about think we wrote it.” said angrily

“You bloody well did” Everyone turned to the audience to see standing there.

“ How the hell did we? We don’t even work for The sun anymore.” shouted back at him.

“ Come on you so did. You were working with them. We know what you did. Once we found out about you two being reports you knew you wouldn’t have a story so you got them two to come on to us.”

“Do you know what yeah we did? It was all one big goddamn plan. and I woke up one day and made it all up. Well I tell you what I wish we bloody well did now cause then I wouldn’t have stupidly told you I loved you and meant it.”

With that walked off stage cursing herself for falling for him in the first plane and second for making an even bigger fool of herself.

was sat there speechless. She didn’t know what to do or say now.

“So back to the interview. “As you said your not working with the sun anymore what are you two going to do?”

“We’ve got a job in New York with Vogue we leave tomorrow”

The interview went on for a little while longer but as soon as it finished was gone she couldn’t bare to look into the audience.
walked outside the studio to see and standing there as soon as she saw them she burst into tears.

“ It didn’t work did it? They still don’t believe us.” looked at as he hugged close to him.

“I don’t know Hun. did stay until the end but he disappeared.”

“Ok its fine. I need to go leaving tomorrow.” said wiping her tears.

“I’ll take you home” A voice said behind her.

slowly turned around thinking that it couldn’t be standing there but it was.
She looked at then at .

“ Umm ok if you want.” and walked to his car in silence.

kept looking at trying to think of something to say but he didn’t know where to start. He was confused.

could feel s eyes on her she couldn’t bring herself to look at him. So she started to speak.

“Look I know you and have this thing is your head about us but it is untrue. I know how it looks and seems, if I was in your place I would properly think the same. But come on if you would have known I was a reporter you would have walked the other way and I didn’t want that. I liked you, I wanted to get to know you without our jobs getting in the way.”

stopped at his car, opening the door for . “You still lied though,” said as he shut her door and walked around to his side.

“ Ok fine I admit it. If I had known you were from the press I would have been more careful. And no I properly wouldn’t have asked you out. But since we found out you there’s been all this crap in the paper and today with and . It has your name all over I what are we meant to think.”

“We’ve had nothing to do with that. Look we were together for over four months don’t you think either myself or would have wrote something about you two hinted about you guys. No if you look back over our column since we dated you, you guys haven’t been it in.”

“ Look I don’t know what to think, I want to believe you I do but I don’t know what to do.”

sighed as silence fell in the car again. “I quit my job for the sun for you I can quit my job in New York, if it means we can start again.”

didn’t answer he just kept driving. About fifteen minutes later he pulled up outside home.

went to open the door but reached out and grabbed her hand turning around looked at him.

moved nearer to her. could feel hot breath on her face she closed her eyes and leaned forward gently catching s lips with her own.

After what seemed like minutes they both pulled apart breathless.

“ I want to try again with you. I love you. But I don’t expect you to give up your job for me” said brushing hair out her face.

“ I was only going because I didn’t have a reason to stay but I think I got one now” replied still a bit unsure if wanted her to stay or not.

“You have a reason to stay. Do you want to come back to the hotel with me?”

broke into a huge grin “Yeah but I have to tell first. Come in with me please” nodded.

, shouted as soon as she opened the door. popped her head around the living room door tears falling from her eyes. As soon as she saw she wiped them away quickly. “Hi” said looking behind to see if was there but to her disappointment he wasn’t.

“Umm I need to talk to you. Umm and I are going to give it another go. So I won’t be taking the job in New York.”

“That’s ok, glad your going to work it out. I’m going to though.” looked at her shocked. “You’re really going to go? But where a team”“I no but you’ve got I want this job.” pulled into a hug the two girls cried.

walked out the living room and into the kitchen and made himself some coffee. He looked through the papers on the side and saw the article from the other night with and Michelle. He had to laugh and had drawn all over them. A few minutes later walked in.

“You ready to go?” asked wrapping her arms around his neck and kissing him.
“Yeah. I’m sorry about everything especially them” gestured to the paper.“We all make mistake. But hey nice to know you got it in you maybe we can try it.” winked.
“I’ll hold you to that.”

, and were sitting at the bar. When and walked in hand in hand.
“Oh my god. Well look what the cat dragged in.” said shocked

looked at them confused as to why was with but was soon explained.

“ What all I did was drag my girlfriend in” smiled smugly. “So your together then?” said happily.

“Yeah we sorted out everything? Were going to give it another go.” said snuggling into .

“Yeah and the best thing is she’s not going to New York. As much as we would like to stay and chat we’ve got some making up to do.”

they didn’t do the article if I was you I’d talk to .” shouted as he walked off with .

“Just because his fallen for it I’m not” said as a matter of fact. rolled his eyes and stood up.

“Well you’re the one that’s going to have to live with it not us. Your too stubborn sometimes As walked along to his room he heard two girls giggling as he looked up he saw and Michelle going into a room with Duncan and Lee from Blue. He thought about saying something but and wasn’t after them.

The next morning went down to breakfast to see everyone sitting there. He took a seat and shoved a paper under his nose. “ See how the hell can we write an article when we don’t even work for the paper.”

looked over and saw that and Michelle had gone to the press about their night with Duncan and Lee.

Finally the penny dropped in ’s mind “Oh my god you really didn’t write it.”

“No and thanks to you is on her way to New York” jumped up “Not if I’ve got anything to do with it”

“I’m coming” said as she jumped up after . Soon the whole gang was on their way to the airport

stood there looking at her plane leaving time. It was going to be delayed for a few hours she wasn’t impressed.

She grabbed something to eat she went to make her way to the shops when she heard calling her.

She turned around never expecting to see as well as the lads running towards her and what shocked her the most was the fact was there to.

“Where you going?” asked her breathlessly “New York” “No your not”

looked at him questionably. “ Stay for me please. Look I know I didn’t believe you and didn’t even give you a chance to talk but I know now it wasn’t you. I’m a hot head once I’ve lost it that’s it. Look please don’t go to New York, or if you do can we at least talk first.”

“ Well I guess we can my flights delayed.” “Good but I’ve got to do something before we do” said stepping towards and cupping her face in his hands.

felt waves of butterflies she noticed the other walk off leaving her and alone.

brushed his lips over hers “ I love you. Even if you go to New York I’m not giving up I’ll prove to you how sorry I am.”

looked deep into his eyes knowing he meant every word, she also knew it didn’t matter what they talked about. The fact was he was here now and she wouldn’t be going to New York her place was with him.