7 Deadly Sins

He could feel his world was coming to an end, in the last few months his life had been hell. Westlife spilt because wanted out the band. Although they had tried to carry on it didn’t work. It had nothing to do with the fans they were great it was them their hearts wasn’t in it anymore.
Now his Wife wanted a divorce they had only been married a year and half.

“What do you mean you want a divorce how is that possible?”
honey, I know it’s hard but our relationship has come to an end, it isn’t working.” said. She was sitting opposite him in the chair. “ I don’t want a divorce I love you .” had tears in his eyes he couldn’t understand what was going on how was this possible.
I’ve made my mind up I’m leaving. I have the papers all ready you just need to sign them when you are ready.” stood up went to kiss but he moved away she couldn’t blame him really. She thought they were meant to be but they weren’t. She just hoped they could still be friends.

just sat on the sofa for what seemed like hours then He headed for the pub. He was in there about two hours when showed up. “ Hi mate, called she is worried about you. She told me. I’m so sorry mate I truly am.” grabbed a chair and sat down next to . He looked at the glasses on the table about 7 pints this was not good.

“What’s there to be sorry about your wife isn’t filling for divorce. Your life isn’t hell. You have . has - has now. Everyone has someone apart from me.” said drinking his 8th pint down straight.“ You have someone you have us and your folks. also I know she wants a divorce but you can still be friends” winced at the last bit. Saying her name wasn’t going to help.
“ Yeah sure, get out my face .” “ No I’m going to stay here,” said crossing his arms in front of him.

looked up from his glass. “ I’m sorry I just feel as if everything I had has gone, Westlife, , My life.” “ I know it must be hard. You can talk to any one of us” put his hand on ’s shoulder pushed it away.

“No it’s something I have to deal with. Can I stay at yours?” just couldn’t face going home. So he stayed at s. That turned into a few weeks. Wherever could stay he would.

and had made a plan to get out and about. They had taken him to The Pod in Dublin.
seems to be having a good time” said half smiling.

“ Yeah I’m pleased but does he have to get so close to .” said glaring in the other direction.

don’t worry, loves you she’s just being a mate to they go way back you know that.” said from the other side of the table. She was sitting next to her head on his shoulders.

“ I guess but I don’t have to like it.” got up from the table and went over to and who were drinking shots.

As soon as saw him she fell into his arms and kissed him. “ I love you Mr ,” she said giggling like a little schoolgirl with a crush.

looked on he could have cried he missed having someone to love and love him back. He was going to be alone forever he couldn’t stand it.

was getting better he was now staying with and . What didn’t know was that it was putting strain on their relationship. couldn’t stand the closeness that was getting with .

Although she told him he was being stupid he still wouldn’t listen. just couldn’t understand ’s problem.

“ Hey said walking in from the front door she had just been shopping. She looked at he had been crying again.

Hun come here” sat down next to him. lent into while she hugged him he felt safe and loved. Could he have feelings for again?They had dated for a few years but finished it when both declared they were in love with other people. sat there in ’s arms thinking what if he hadn’t of met and stayed with maybe he would be happily married with . The more he thought about it the more he knew that was the one for him.

pulled out of ’s arms and looked at her. He did something that surprised even her.

lent forward and kissed so hard she fell back on the sofa. The next thing she knew was pulling off her. He punched in the face and threw him out side.

Then he turned on . “I knew it I knew you were having an affair that’s the reason called it off isn’t it.” shouted at her.

“No I’m not having an affair don’t be so stupid .” shouted back at him

“Oh really then why was you laying on the sofa with kissing you.”“ Exactly was kissing me, I was not kissing him I was trying to get him off me. God” turned round and folded her arms.

Ok she knew the whole kissing her was not going to look good but couldn’t trust her or least know she loved him not to cheat.

heard walk out the room and go upstairs. She thought about following him but she knew him well enough to know he needed to be alone.

So picked up her car keys as she opened the door she almost tripped over who was sitting on the doorstep.

stood up and looked at with Sad eyes. He had heard the whole everything that had said to and her back.

“Sorry” said sheepishly gave him a hard look. “ Well so you should be you had no right to kiss me.” “ I know I shouldn’t have but I think I love you”

“ You what” shouted “ I do I love you more than ever will.” “ I’m sorry but I don’t love you, ’s my guy through and through. You may think you love me but you don’t its just because your upset over .” “No I love you and I want you to be with me. You were my girl once and your going to be again.” shouted so loud that came down the stairs ready to punch him again. was too late had got in his car and driven off.

He turned to look at . “ Sorry” “I’ve been hearing that a lot today from you and .” “I was just pissed he kissed you and then the fear of losing you went through my mind.” looked to the floor then back up to .

She gave him half a smile she lent forward and kissed him. “ Well it’s a good job I can handle your moods. I’m going to I’ll see you later.”

watch go. He smiled to himself. He was angry with for kissing but he was kind of glad as it made him realise that he was making the right choice in asking to marry him. He had set it up with everyone else.

would go shopping with and get ready for a night out with the them, then he would turn up and fly her to pairs and ask her to marry him.”

looked at her watch it was 4pm and still hadn’t showed up. She looked to .

“ I’ll try the others you try .” said to while dialling s number.

“ Have you seen ?” “ No why?” “ She hasn’t showed up.” “ said she left hours ago.” shouted to her.

“ Have you tried her mobile?” asked, “ Yes it was dead” “ Well phone around I’ll get and met you at put down the phone when their was a knock at the door.

They ran to it thinking it was but it wasn’t. Instead at the other side of the door were two policemen.

“ Hello, which one of you is Miss ?” “ I am said stepping forward her stomach was doing flip flops.

“ We found this address. Can we come in please?” nodded just as the officers were walking inside and the other lads showed up.
They looked at as if to say what the hell is going on.

Once they were all inside the officer looked at . “ Do you know who this locket belongs to?” looked at it of course she knew whom it belonged to.
She was just about to answer when cut in.

“Yes that’s my girlfriend ’s I got it for her birthday last year. Oh god what’s happened to her?” asked shaking from head to toe.

The officer looked to his partner who stepped forward. “ I’m sorry to inform you but Miss was involved in a car accident I’m afraid she didn’t survive.”

and the others just looked at them dumb found. “What do you mean she’s dead?” asked the news not ringing true.

“I’m sorry but you will need to identify the body. We can take you now” The officer said to .
“Will follow behind you” said putting his hand on his mates shoulder.

tried to ask the officers the details of the accident but they wouldn’t tell him anything.
As they got to the hospital saw walking out. He looked in a bad state.
got out the car and walked up to him. “ what are you doing here?”

’s head shot up and looked at . “Oh god I’m sorry I didn’t see her. Then, then she’s dead I killed her I’m so sorry I wish it was me and not her.” broke down crying.

couldn’t function the words had just spoken were going round in his head not wanting to sink in. He was numb through and through.

The officer led into the hospital and down to the morgue. had to wait outside for a minute but it seemed like forever.

“You can come in now.” The doctor said. followed behind him. The doctor looked at . “I’m sorry.” He lifted up the blanket. As soon as he saw the body his breath caught in his throat.

He looked at the body tears welling in his eyes. He looked up at the doctor and shook his head.

“That’s not that’s my cousin ” The doctor looked at as if he had gone mad.

“No that’s my cousin not .” shouted he walked around the other side shaking the doctor and repeating the same words over and over.

An officer came running in and pulled of the doctor. The doctor explained what had said it seemed to make sense to him.

“We did find another person with the Name she is in casualty we didn’t think she was any relation.”

didn’t care his was still alive. He bolted back up to the ward where the others were waiting and .

“ She’s alive is still alive.” The others looked at each other. They had to wait for the doctor to explain what was going on to them as had run off in search of .
Thirty minutes later had found where was. He had to fill in details about as well as .

popped his head around the door of ’s private room. She was asleep but it was for sure. breathed a sigh of relief he hadn’t lost her. He walked quietly over to her and sat on the edge of the bed taking her hand in his and kissed it lightly.

opened her eyes they set on . “ whispered. “Hey” sat forward and kissed on the lips. “ We thought you were dead?”
looked back at him. “ what happened?” “ You were in a accident but its ok your alright were together.” turned her head and looked the other way and closed her eyes.

looked at her. “ I love you” “ I love you too” he heard say. put his hand in his pocket and pulled out a small box. “ ?” turned her head back to .

“ I had this whole plan set but that’s not worked so I’m going to do it now.” “Do what?” asked

“ Will you marry me? I thought I’d lost you twice today I really don’t want to go through that again especially when they said you were dead.”

had tears in her eyes she was in a lot of pain even though she was drugged up but she knew what her answer was going to be.

“Yes.” lent forward and kissed her, He placed the ring on her finger. And kissed her hand.”

was woken by the sound of his name. He opened his eyes he was laying down on the bed he tried to sit up but his head was spinning.
“Where’s ?” asked. The doctor looked at him then left the room.

A moment later everyone walked in. “ your awake you passed out after.” started to say before elbowed him in the ribs.

’s where’s ?” looked at everyone with panic in his face.

don’t you remember?” “ Remember what all I remember is being told was dead to find out it was who was dead and not . I found her we were going to get married she said yes.” said as if he was the sane one and the others had gone insane.

is dead there was no mix up. You were taken downstairs you freaked out and collapsed.” said tears rolling down her face.

“But I saw her we were together she was alive, She said yes.” stated as matter of fact.

is dead she isn’t here” repeated herself. felt in his pocket the box was still there he opened it the ring wasn’t there.

“See the rings gone” Everyone looked at the box. “ You put it on ’s finger” said lightly.

just looked at them all. Then a thought crossed his mind. “ Was the driver?” “ What? No” said a bit harshly. swallowed the lump in his throat.

you were the driver” finished. closed his eyes tears falling from them. He had killed her it was his fault. All because he had doubted her trust. Now he was going to suffer that forever.

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