"I'm done with watching you sit and play with your tea. Tonight, we're going out! We're gonna have a great time, and I'll see you laugh for the first time in a long while." she said in a calm tone, not to scare .

released a wheeping sound,

"Oh, ! My life is so boring! I work from 6am to 5pm every single day, Saturday I clean the apartment and Sunday I just sleep all day. I mean, look at me. I haven't worn make-up for years. I was a teenager the last time I had a boyfriend. I've been doing the same rutine for two years now. I need a change, I need something to happen."

nodded understanding,

" ! You need a night out!" she said and flashed a smile. hid her face in her hand,

"Nooo, don't say my name! It's probably the most boring name in the whole world... I want a name-change," she looked at , "I want to be called... Hmmm... Rose Francesca Murray... It's graceful, dirty and still down to earth. Yes. From now on, that will be my name."

knew how her friend could be when she started dreaming. She chuckled,

"Milady, tonight you'll be Rose Murray. We'll dress you up, put on some make-up on you, cut your hair - you'll be a princess with a prince at the end of this night." she said, seeing reveal a tiny smile.

"Okay.. We'll party through Dublin all night." she said and high5'ed her friend.

found a pair of baggy jeans, a tight red top and a jewellery to match. She dressed up , as she'd promised, cut her hair, painted her face with makeup and cheered her up, wondering why she hadn't done that before. When she was done, looked kinky, cute, sexy and beautiful - all at the same time.
Their night in London began around midnight.

sighed deeply, observing the dancefloor. People spinning, turning, jumping, screaming, kissing, dancing, having fun. Taking in his drink in one move, sighed again and turned his head towards the bartender, who was looking at him with a grin in his eyes.

"Not seeing anything you like?" he asked. shrugged,

"It's okay. They all just look... Like they're forced to dance. Y'know what I mean? It's like, they're not dancing because they want to, but because their date, or whatever, expects them to. I don't know, I'm a bit drunk." he chuckled. The bartender smiled and nodded his head towards a corner,

"How about her? She looks like she's enjoying herself. I bet you'd win over the dork dancing with her." he said. turned around, laughing as he saw .

"That's my best friend and his girlfriend through six years. Noone can come between them. And I wouldn't want to either.." he led his head closer to the bartender, "Too blonde, y'know?"

The bartender laughed,

"Ahh well... How about her?" he said nodding towards the entrance. turned to look. A girl in baggy jeans and a red top - tight - wandered through the door, clutching to her friend's hand, laughing so hard, that found it hard not to laugh himself. She was absolutely gorgeous. turned against the bartender,

"Yeah, she's great. But she's either completely blank, gay or married." he predicted, sighing deeply. The bartender wrinkled his forehead,

"You don't know that. Here she comes. Order her a drink." he said, bending his head. turned around to see the girl and her friend come towards him. He smiled at them both,

"Can I buy you two ladies a drink?" he asked, putting on his charm. The girl in the baggy trousers giggled uncontrolled,