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4 - 11 - 2017 - West Words has become a teenager - 14 years, crazy ;-)
- Chap 14 of Tangled (Running Stories)
26 - 10 - 2017
Hey lovelies, How are all of you? Have you been busy taking in the season of autumn? I have been busy, life doesn't stand still here. I am just so tired today, just going around fixing things I haven't had time to do today. I just realized that it wont be long untill West Words birtday is here, then it will be 14 years this site has been online, that still amaze me.
Anyways I got a update for you today, YAY you say, right ;-)
Love Linda
- Puzzle of Love - New fic - The Story Archives, Short Finished

22 - 9 - 2017
- Chap 13 of Tangled (Running Stories)
14 - 9 - 2017
- Chap 11 of Flames Of Desire (Running Stories)
- Age Is Just A Number moved to The Story Archives, Long Finished.
31 - 8 - 2017
Evening out there in West Words land, is everyone okay?
I've been playing around with a new layout, which is what you see. I know I've been gone a long time, I think I lost a spark somewhere. Doesn't matter. Anyone been reading or writing something good?
"Don't underestimate the power of a decent vocabulary"
- New Layout
22 - 6 - 2017

Hey everyone,
Surprise! I'm back with another update so you can read the ending of Anni's fic 'Age Is Just A Number'.
I'm sick atm so if there's any mistakes in the scripting I apologise in advance.

Hope you enjoy!

Love Linda

- Chap 8 of Age Is Just A Number (Running Stories)


17 - 6 - 2017

Hey Ladies,
Sorry I've been gone. I'm okay and I hope everyone is as well. Motivation for the site has been lacking on my part, it's just not the same as it was years ago. Might be because I've gotten older and doesn't write fics as much as I used to anymore, it's rare that I do, honestly. Instead I write on other stories that won't go here on the site but eventually will turn into books.
I aren't closing down the site, but updates won't be as often as they used too. I'm sorry, I know how much you are all looking forward to the updates, but I don't recieve many fics in my mail anymore either, so it's a bit tricky.
Anyways here's a small update for your Saturday, have a lovely one.

Love Linda

- Chap 7 of Age Is Just A Number (Running Stories)


27 - 4 - 2017

- Chap 6 of Age Is Just A Number (Running Stories)


8 - 4 - 2017

Hi, anyone up at this late Saturday night, orrrr are ya out on dates or something else exciting? Me I'm here for a change, and I've made a new layout to welcome spring, even if it's all red here...

As always, much love,

- New Layout


6 - 4 - 2017

Evening Ladies, it's been a while. Hope your month has been good. Sorry I've been awol, I could write a long message here as to why but instead I'll simply give you one word reason; Life.
I am glad to see you are using the tag to chat with each other, that is nice to see. If you got questions for me, I will answer them this evening on the tag as good as I can.
Much Love

- Chap 5 of Age Is Just A Number (Running Stories)


2 - 3 - 2017
- The Move (New Fic, The Story Archives, Short Finished)

26 - 2 - 2017
- Chap 4 Of Age Is Just A Number (Running Stories)

18 - 2 - 2017
Hi Ladies, Hope you are all enjoying your weekend. As most of you know there was trouble with the tagboard and the feedback sections, but it's fixed annnddd so I think it's time to introduce a new author in our mist. Welcome to our crazy little world Becka, I hope you will enjoy your time here.
Her first story is now here, so go have a read girls, and make her feel welcome.
Love Linda
- Leap Of Faith (Short Finished - New Fic)

10 - 2 - 2017
- Chap 3 of Age Is Just A Number (Running Stories)

26 - 1 - 2017
Tangled is back from Hiatus...
Love Linda
- Chap 12 of Tangled (Running Stories)

23 - 1 - 2017
A update for a Monday Evening.
Love Linda
- Chap 2 of Age Is Just A Number - (Running Stories)
- Old update section up to date.

21 - 1 - 2017 - Oh dear...Oh dear...
Hi ladies, hope everyone is doing okay. I have been reading every message on the tag even if I've been quiet, because I didn't have any energy to join in on the discussion, because simply I have been fighting anxiety all week, and I thought it best to just keep neatral, + I love seeing the tag being used so much.
However, starting to feel like I should speak up. We have had that discussion on feedback on stories SO many many times, that it's growing tiredsome. Why not talk about the stories instead? I don't want to step on anyones toes, I love everyone here, but let's take a step back here. Firstly, write because you love writing, share because you are excited about your work and want to share the joyment of it with others. Love when you get feedback, because everyone get's feedback, you may not get from everyone that reads, for whatever reason, but it's always been like that, and it will always be like that. Write because you love writing. Don't write, just to get feedback. Leave feedback to honor the writer, because their story excited you and because you want to be able to keep reading on this site.
Also, and I have heard this one a lot, STOP thinking no one cares about your writing because they haven't asked of you or for more on the tag. Bev stated it perfectly on the tag "I would hate them to feel pressured about writing stories and that my post would come across as moaning and nagging and I would hate to add any pressure to anyone's life", cause that my ladies is exactly why they don't.
Stop feeling you aren't good enough. Stop feeling your writing isn't good enough. Just stop. This place is an escape route. A place for you to get dragged into another world where you stop all your worries, cause there are enough of them IRL, so don't make it a place where you feel unwanted. EVERYONE is welcome here, so make each other feel wanted. And when someone new comes in, make her feel it too, so it's not just me welcoming her in. Keep an eye on each other.
Now I am gonna stop this rambling and actually continue writting on a story.
Much Love - The Webmistress

8 - 1 - 2017 - HAPPY NEW YEAR
- Chap 1 of Age Is Just A Number (Running Stories)