Become An Author On West Words.

 West Words is always looking for new authors, so if you write or have any questions don't hesitate to contact me either by mail or use the tagboard on the main page. I would love to host your stories here but there's just a few guidelines.

  • Your story has to be written in English.
  • Your English must be readable, small mistakes I can correct but I don't have time to do major alterations.
  • Don't worry about scripting the story interactiv, I'll take care of that part.
  • The small summery for each story, is written by you. You know your own story the best.
  • If you decide to send me your story and I post it on West Words, then please don't send it else where, as I would like this site to be special and it's no fun for readers to come here and read stories they can read on another site.
  • If your story is a long one, it will be posted as a Running Story but otherwise as a finished one.
With that said, get writing and mail your stuff in.