Under The Moonlight

Under The Moonlight

walked along the beach and looked onto the lake. The moon mirrored onto the surface of the water. It was in the late evening and as she couldn't sleep she had decided to take a walk. As it was still very warm she wore a thin yellow strapless dress that just covered half of her thighs. She carried her sandals in her hands.

It was really quiet at this part of the beach so she decided to sit down for a while. Her toes moved into the soft sand while her mind drifted off to the train ride she had had while coming over to Stresa. When she had met ! He had been on her mind a lot since she had left the train and not only because he had been so handsome and hot but also because of what they had done as soon as the compartment had been empty. still couldn't believe that she had had sex with a stranger as she never had had a one-night-stand before but she had to confess that it had been damn hot. She wondered what would have happened if he had really shown up here. She had told him that she would spend her time in Stresa but not in which hotel. Her own fault!

“Hello beautiful” a deep but familiar voice sounded through the night and she heard that it came from behind her.

turned her head and got wide eyes when she saw a man sitting on a bench about ten meters behind her. His ice eyes sparkled in the moonlight while he smiled at her.

” she said reverent and blinked a few times as she thought that she was dreaming.

He stood up from the bench and walked over to her. Then he sat down next to her on the sand and leaned over to give her a light peck on her full lips. “Here I am.”

's fingertips run over her lips which he had just touched and she felt how they tickled lightly. “I didn't expect that you really would come over” she whispered and looked him up and down.

“How couldn't I when I have thought of you every day” he asked and flashed her a bright smile. “I have longed for to kiss these delicious lips again that I wasn't a good company for my friend at all.” And with these words he leaned in to kiss her again but this time with more passion.

threw her arms around his neck and let her fingers run through his short hair while stroked her lower back. Their tongue's wind around each other while both moaned into the kiss.

“Wow, that's what I have missed” he said when they broke apart to catch their breath.

“Yeah...” she agreed breathlessly and licked her lips.

stood up and held out his hand. “Come with me.”

Without hesitation took his hand and he pulled her up on her feet. He lead her further along the beach, to a place that was hide between reed.

“Let's take a swim” he suggested and let got of her hand.

Her eyes widened when she saw that he pulled off his shirt and let it fall onto the sand. When he opened his jeans she swallowed and thought of this thick dick that had caused all these amazing feelings inside of her. As soon as was naked he lifted his eye brows and looked at her challenging. Slowly she let go of her sandals and opened the zipper of her dress, so that it glide down her body.

“Oh yeah” mumbled and his best friend twitched in excitement at the sight of this sexy beauty in front of him. The moonlight did an extra magic.

She got rid of her slip and let it fall onto her dress before she walked up to him.

He pulled her close to his body so that his erection was pressed against her lower stomach. “You are so sexy that it should be forbidden” he mumbled against her ear while he nibbled on her auricle.

blushed but he couldn't see it in the dark. She put her hands on his cheeks and looked deep into his eyes. “You look hot for a man as well” she stated and captured his lips for another kiss before they run into the water – hand in hand!

The water had a pleasant temperature and cooled their heated bodies off a bit. They swum and chased each other playfully until they ended up in each other arms, kissing passionately. massaged her well-rounded butt while her fingernails run over his broad back. They were so lost into each other that they wouldn't have noticed if other people had been around them.

Finally they made their way out of the water and laid down onto the still warm sand. lay on top of him and pressed herself as close to him as possible. A light breeze blew over their still wet but hot skin, so that she shuddered in his arms.

“Are you cold, baby” asked and looked worried at her.

“No” she answered and sat up right.

Her fingertips run over his muscular chest and she could feel his hot manhood between her legs. The feeling of his hard member, that was pressed against her tickling sex, was way too good, so she slowly started to rub herself against it.

He bit onto his lower lip when he felt how wet and hot she already was. He locked his eyes with her ones and put his hands on her hips. “You are irresistible” he croaked and let his eyes wander down to her perfect breasts with these appetizing nipples that were almost screaming for his attention.

grabbed his hard penis and run the nail of her thumb over his sensible top, so that sucked in his breath sharply.

“You are a tease” he said through gritted teeth and earned a sweet smile from her.

He wanted to be inside her. Now. But he also wanted to tease her as well. His grab around her hips tightened and he lifted her lightly up until he could pull her up so that she hovered right over his face. Although it was dark he could still see how wet she was. He licked his lips and blew lightly on her sex before his tongue run over her swollen labia. grabbed his head and moaned deeply. She threw her head back and opened her mouth while his tongue teased her dripping wet entrance before only the tip of it dived into her.


Her lust filled sounds were almost too much for him but her taste was unbelievable delicate, so he wanted more of it. When she leaned further back and put her hands on his hard stomach to steady herself he grabbed her butt and trusted his tongue as deep into her wetness as possible. Her tight walls clasped around it and tried to suck it in deeper.

“Ahhh...so good” moaned and closed her eyes.

There was no doubt that knew how to pleasure a woman. Her long light hair brushed over his rock hard member what took almost his breath away. He replaced his tongue through his index finger, so that he could concentrate on her little knob. As soon as his tongue touched her clit she screamed out loud. A wave of proud rushed through his body and he closed his mouth over her little pearl to suck on it. First slowly, then harder. When he felt how her thighs became stiff he stopped and rolled her onto her back.

got a condom out of his jeans and pulled it over his impatient member before he positioned himself between her wide spread legs. looked up at him with a blurred gaze. She arched her back and heaved up her butt to get closer to him. He glide deeply into her and she moaned out in pleasure. It felt so good to be buried deep into her while her tight cunt let him almost lose his control. She wrapped her legs around his hips and crossed her ankles over his butt.

Slowly he started to move in and out. He pressed his lips onto her left collar bone and put butterfly kisses there. She grabbed his hips and tried to force him to trust faster and deeper. Eagerly she met him halfway. Being so close to each other felt wonderful and both wished it would never end, that they could be reunited forever. pressed his hands harder onto the sand while he bowed down to lick between her moving tits.

Their body's moved liked they had never done anything else before. It was just perfect. His trusts became harder and faster as well as their breathing and moaning. closed her arms around his back so that it took him all his energy to steady himself with his arms.

“Oh God...” she panted and closed her eyes.

She felt like she would faint any second. 's dick rubbed over this special spot inside of her that drove her crazy. The muscles in her abdomen started to twitch and she felt how her pussy pulled tighter together around him. He felt it as well and it made him lose his control quickly. bit onto his lower lip while he speed up this little bit more. Desperately trying to push her over the edge. With one last hard and deep trust he send her to heaven and she screamed his name over the beach. He followed her right away and released himself into the thin condom.

“I knew that our little adventure on the train had been unique. But I also knew that it would be even better if we had more time for it” he mumbled against her left shoulder.

stroked his back and smiled at his words. He was right! She had also wondered how it would be if both wouldn't have to worry about getting caught. Now she had got the prove that it was just perfect, that they were made for each other. But what would happen after the holiday? They both lived in different countries. Would there be a chance to meet again?

“Yeah” she said in a whisper while her hands glide down to his crispy butt. “Would you like to spend the night at my place” she asked and felt kind of nervous about his answer.

lifted his head and looked deeply into her eyes. “If I like to spend the night with you? Honey, I didn't plan to go back to the cheap hostel I have booked myself in this afternoon” he said and kissed her lips softly. “I think we have a lot of catching up to do, right?”

She nodded and couldn't wait to spend more time with him. Maybe he would even stay for a few days.