The Move

The Move

packed the last clothes in a big brown box and closed it before she turned around and looked at the empty closet. The last time she had seen it like this had been two and a half years ago when she had moved into this apartment. A light smile grazed over her lips when she thought about the new apartment she would move into tomorrow. An apartment she had chosen together with . They were together for six months now and he had already talked about moving in together after two months but she needed more time. Now felt that it was the right time.

Both had agreed that they would furnish their home with furniture from both their apartments. 's apartment was more functional and cool like you expect it from successful men that didn't spend too much time in their own four walls. Her home had been more cozy as she had loved to decorate it with different pillows, vases, deco figures and so on. had liked her home from the first day and so he wanted her to take most of it to their mutual home. had purchased her sofa, closet and two shelves for a small amount of money as didn't take it with her. Her younger sister Marissa got her bed and the armchair. But she wanted to take her two book shelves with her, no contradiction.

The new apartment had two bedrooms (one with a walk-in-closet), one office, a big kitchen with enough space for a dining table, a big bathroom and one smaller one for guests, a balcony that lead from the living room round the corner of the house and along the kitchen until the bedroom, a storage room and a big living room with a fire place. already imagined how she could read in front of the fire place when it was cold outside. Or how and herself could cuddle while the fire crackled in the background. She was sure that they would be happy there. As work had been really stressful in the past weeks they had hired a painter who had painted the walls like they had agreed to.

While had to do some important writing work this morning and two of his friends had already emptied his apartment and brought the stuff into the new one. Her stuff would follow the next day. Luckily his friends and her sister would help them, so it should go really quickly.

A look to the clock showed her that would be here in a few minutes as he wanted to sleep at her place the last night. And it would be easier if he didn't have to drive through half of the town the next morning. An exciting tickling started to spread in her stomach as she tried to imagine how they might spend the last night in her apartment. In the past six months they had made love in almost every corner of her home. got hot cheeks when she thought of some of the things they had done. Never ever had she thought of doing half of the thngs in her life but with she had explored new sites of herself.


The move started at half past eight the next morning. 's friend came with the transporter that belonged to his father. There was enough space for all the things that were supposed to move into the new apartment. He also promised to deliver the sofa, the closet and the shelves to and the bed plus the armchair to her sisters place.

The five of them needed about one hour to empty the apartment. and her sister Marissa took 's car to drive to the new home while the boys drove with the transporter. When the boxes and furniture were brought up to the second floor the men started to build up some single drawers and shelves and put them to the right places. and Marissa emptied the boxes with the dishes, pans, pots, cutlery and placed it all in the kitchen.

“I envy you for this awesome kitchen” Marissa said and looked around the room. “The oven is one of the newest ones and I wish I could cook with it too.”

“Maybe I'll let you use it if you are nice” responded and blinked cheekily.

“If I am nice? What am I right now? A bad girl?” Her sister lifted her left eye brow. “I spend my free Saturday with helping you.”

“I know and I am really thankful!” folded an empty box together and leaned it against the wall before she turned around to place a smooch on her sisters right cheek.

The younger woman smiled brightly. “You are lucky that you have got . He is such a lovely and hot guy. And when I see how he looks at you then I wonder if I will ever find such a man as well.”

“Oh baby, I am sure that the perfect guy for you is out there. Maybe it is .”

? You mean 's friend” Marissa asked and looked surprised.

“Yeah, I have seen how his eyes have followed you more than once. I could imagine that you two would match perfectly.” smiled at her sister to encourage her.

She knew that Marissa had been devasted after her last break-up and that she needed some time to get over it. was a really nice man. He worked in the building business of his dad and his last relationship had ended badly as well. had told her about it and she had felt with him. So two broken hearts could heal each other, right?

Marissa thought about her sister's words. She didn't know 's friend as she had just met him this morning but he was really handsome. Usually she had a thing for Latin looking men and was the complete opposite with his eyes and the hair but his smile had let her heart beat faster. There had also been a twinkle in his eyes which let guess that he also had a cheeky side. She wouldn't mind in getting to know him better. Her sister always had a good insight into human nature and had also warned her of her last boyfriend but she hadn't listen to it. This time she would trust her.


and unpacked the rest of the boxes until the early evening. When he moved the desk in the office a little bit the box that stood on it glide over the slippery surface and hit his left hip.

“Ouch” he cursed and gritted his teeth until the pain had become lighter.

“Everything okay” asked and looked inside the room.

“Not really” he said in a low tone and breathed as shallow as possible.

“What's wrong, honey” she asked and walked into the room when she saw his strained face.

“This damn box has hit my hip and I can already feel the big bruise blooming.”

had to smile at his words. Men always made a mountain out of a molehill. A light cold was a big flu for them.

“Let me have a look at it” she said and stepped up to him. “We might put some cream and a cool pad on it so that it won't swell on.”

Before could protest she lead him to a big box that stood next to the wall. As it contained only books he could sit on it.

“Pull off your shirt and I will check if it's really that bad.”

“Are you trying to say that I have imagined the pain” he asked and looked at her challenging.

“Not at all but we all know that men can't stand too much pain” answered and put a featherlight kiss on the tip of his nose.

“You can be glad that I love you otherwise I would lay you over my knees and slap your crispy butt.”

“All empty promises” she teased him while she watched him pulling off his shirt.

No matter how often she saw his naked torso it always took her breath away. She loved to let her fingertips or tongue glide over each single stomach muscle and to hear his lustful moans. Slowly her hands stroked over his broad chest and her fingertips brushed his nipples. shuddered lightly.

“I can see that you have been really intent during the anatomy lessons” he remarked and grinned at her.

“I just take my job really serious because I don't want to miss any injury” defended herself and looked at him sternly.

grabbed the hem of her light blue armless blouse with a butterfly print and pulled her closer to him until their lips met. First his lips brushed softly over hers before he let his tongue glide over her bottom lip. slowly opened her lips and his tongue quickly slipped between them. She moaned into his mouth while she grabbed his head to steady herself. His hands grabbed her waist. responded to the stormy attack of his mouth while his fingertips stroked the soft skin right over the hem of her hot pants.

Out of breath they pulled apart and she opened his jeans. leaned against the wall behind him and lifted his hips to make it easier for her to free him from the jeans plus shorts. His impressive erection showed her how ready he already was and she licked over her lips at this sight. She also became wet instantly. Quickly she pulled down her hot pants and slip before she hovered over his lap. With nimble fingers opened the buttons of her blouse and shoved it over her shoulders so that it fell to the floor.

Her left hand grabbed his manhood and she lowered herself onto it. His thick dick stretched her tight vagina and moaned deeply. Again her tightness took his breath away. When he had sunk completely into her wonderful body leaned her forehead against his. It took some seconds before she started to circle her hips and he closed his eyes to enjoy the sensations of the intimacy. had never felt so arrived and home like with . She was his destiny!

pressed her hands against his chest and started to move up and down his dick. Softly. felt the cold wall behind his back but didn't care as he had a hot woman on his lap. His hands lay on her hips but he let her set the rhythm. He wanted her so badly. Always.

A white satin bra with light blue lace on the upper edging and between the cups covered her wonderful breasts. His index fingers hooked into the cups to pull the fabric down so that her tits were free. The rosy nipples were hard and screamed for his attention. let his hands glide over her ribs until he could grab her breasts. Then he started to kneed them with the right pressure and let his thumbs play with her nipples. closed her eyes and moaned in delight. She loved it when he massaged her breasts. watched her as he loved to see all the emotions playing on her face. He also loved that she didn't hide anything from him and fully gave herself to him.

She tensed her inner muscles whenever she sunk down on him and he growled as this was almost too much for him. In the past six months he should have get used to it but he doubted that any man would ever get used to such sensations. He leaned forward and let his tongue circle around her left nipple which became even harder.

“Mmmm...” moaned and threw her head in the neck while her hands grabbed his head to keep him at her breast.

knew how she loved it when he kissed, nibbled, licked and sucked on this glorious mounds. The tip of his tongue teased the little knob and her moaning became deeper. Then he closed his mouth around it and started to suck firmly.

moved faster and more powerful as she wanted to feel him deep inside of her. 's trusts became staccato and she knew that he couldn't take it much longer. She stopped and got up as she wanted to change the position. And she also wanted to give him a little break. She turned around and presented her crispy butt to him. He grabbed her splendid buttocks and massaged them swiftly before she sunk down on him again.

“Oh yeah...” she moaned errected because she loved the epic feelings his thick dick created inside of her.

He put his hands on her hips and moved her faster up and down. At the same time he tried his best to meet her fast and hard. Each trust was more demanding than the one before. put her hands on his and let him do what he needed. She was on fire. Every little nerve inside of her was tensed. Her senses slowly faded. 's moans stimulated her at least equally as his trusts.

“Come baby...please” he pleaded and licked on her neck while his right hand glide from her hip over her lower belly down between her spread legs where his fingers found her hard pearl, “I will explode soon!”

With his index and middle finger her started to rub and twitch on her clit. This was too much for her. She grabbed his knees and started to shiver and shake.

“OH GOD.... ...”she panted and her pussy cramped violently around him.

“YEAH....” he moaned loudly when she started to milk him.

Powerless she leant back against his broad chest while he wrapped his arms around her stomach.

“That's what I call a spontaneous healing” whispered while her hands stroked over his forearms.

“Hmm...” he mumbled while his lips glide over her right shoulder blade. “I had a sexy nurse looking after me.”

She smiled and enjoyed the warmth of his body. How she loved when he embraced her. This was where she belonged, there was no doubt.

“Then you are a lucky man. I never had a sexy doctor or male nurse.”

“You have me now and don't need any other man” stated and softly bite into her soft flesh to underline his words.

Yeah, he was right. She had the one for herself. She couldn't wish for any better man and she loved the imagination of spending the rest of her life with him.

“How about going over to the bedroom and I will give your hurt hip a soft massage?”

“That sounds wonderful, babe” he agreed and freed her from his embrace. “Maybe I can return the favour for the quick healing.”

definitely agreed with his suggestion. She would never decline a massage from his strong and big hands.

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