Right Here Beside You

Right Here Beside You

woke up with the sun shining in her eyes and a cool breeze against her bare skin. She turned round to look at her husband, “wow my husband” she thought to herself, but he wasn’t there. “?” called. When she got no reply, she got up, wrapped herself up in her sheet and walked towards the balcony and found her man standing there looking at the view in front of him. He jumped as he felt ’s arms wrap around him, he turned around to look at his wife. “I thought about what we spoke about last night. I think it’s a good idea if we start trying for a baby” she said. At first, when brought up the subject, it scared her. They had been married quickly and now here they were talking about having a baby. “Seriously? Are you sure?” asked looking at her. dropped her sheet to reveal her naked body. gulped, taking in the sight before him. undone his robe and was delighted to see he was also naked and with a smile on her face noticed he was ready for action. “Take me right here, right now” and with that she jumped on him.

Later that afternoon, they happy couple were walking down the street hand in hand exploring the streets of Valencia. They had decided to drive to the town to visit the well-known market and to do some food shopping since they had eaten everything at their villa. Well, trying for a baby was hard work after all. “Shall we check out that fish stall? I love the look of that salmon” asked . She never got an answer “earth to , helllooooo” “sorry, what did you say?” he replied preoccupied. “What’s wrong?” she asked concerned. “I could have sworn I saw and following us” took a look around. “I think the heat is getting to you honey. Why would they be here and why would they be following us?” “You’re right, maybe a good sleep would help. Let’s finish the shopping and head back to the villa” he smiled at his wife but he just could not shake that feeling of dread. He knew something wasn’t right but didn’t know what.
was driving the car and couldn’t help but notice how adorable Angela looked when she was sleeping. He was really looking forward to seeing her pregnant, he just knew she would be glowing and she would be the most amazing mother ever. Suddenly his attention was drawn to the car coming up behind them very quickly. He didn’t have time to react as the car was hit from behind, sending them spinning across to the other side and down the ditch. The car came to a stop and noticed he had blood dripping down from his forehead. He looked to Angela and she was unconscious, no blood anywhere but she was out cold and not responding. Her breathing was shallow. looked up towards to road to see if anyone had stopped and that is when he saw him, it was , standing there smirking. His friend and bandmate had done this. He knew he had seen him at the market and of course the lads knew where they were going but this, this was beyond anything he would ever imagine. had been acting weird and didn’t take not being allowed to the wedding very well but what did he expect after what happened with him and . found his mobile in his pocket and called an ambulance, had fled when took his phone out. “Can I help you? Is everyone ok?” he heard a voice from the road. 2 guys had stopped “we got the registration plate for the car that hit you” one of them said to when they got to him. “my wife she is unconscious please please help her” One man got into the car to check ’s breathing whilst the other man called Steve sat with . “the paramedics are on their way” with that they heard the sirens and an ambulance, fire engine and 2 police cars were at the top of the embankment.

“Please tell me she will be ok” asked the paramedic who was attending to in the ambulance as they sped to the local hospital. “we will do everything we can for her. I need you to stay calm sir”. “Calm? CALM? Some idiot ran us off the road, my wife could die and you are asking me to stay calm?!” broke down in tears. The paramedic looked at him and put his hand on his shoulder “I am sorry for shouting at you” said “hey in the circumstances it is perfectly fine” When they reached the hospital, was ushered into the family room. “the doctor will come get you soon. Here is a cup of water. You were lucky the cut to your head was only minor, and I know that is no real comfort just now. Your wife seems like a strong woman. I wish you the best” the paramedic said shaking ’s hand before he left.

It felt like a lifetime before the door opened. “ ?” the doctor asked. “yes that is me? How is she? Can I see her?” The doctor smiled. “Mrs has regained consciousness and is asking for you. Before you go to see her I need to tell you a few things. She has broken her left arm and she has concussion. Her injuries are minor and she is lucky in that way but I do have some bad news. was 9 weeks pregnant and sadly the baby didn’t survive” felt the room swim “She was pregnant?” “Oh I assumed you both knew. We have not told yet we were waiting for you to be in the room to console her.”

made his way into the room “Baby you’re ok. Thank god. They doctor told me someone ran us off the road? Was it burst into tears “yes it was and I need to tell you something. I have just been told you were 9 weeks pregnant and our baby didn’t make it.” took her hand and looked at her “What? I was pregnant? I…I…. oh god I didn’t know. I was still getting my period. Oh god I am so so sorry . I have lost our baby oh god” was shaking and inconsolable. The nurse ushered out the way so she could calm down. The doors burst open and standing in the door way was . “oh noooo no no no no he was telling the truth. I am sorry I had no idea.” “What the hell are you doing here . You must have known, you were at the market with him, I saw you” shouted “take this outside right now” the nurse said pushing them out the door. “No I was not with . I was at the hotel. We just got here last night and I was tired from the late night so I had gone for a sleep after said he was going shopping. Wait he was with a woman? Are you sure?” “I am not sure, he was talking to a woman, could have been someone who worked at the market for all I know, him trying to throw me off thinking it was him.” replied. “So how did you find out?” he asked. “He came back to the hotel, laughing and said that he had killed you both, that his mission was complete and we could live happily. I was so confused and asked him what mission? He said he married me just to get back at for having a history with you. That he never really loved me, it was all a lie and that was such a slut for being with you now, that the baby she is, or was carrying was his after he had her that night at the party” fell into the chair that was behind him. “You do know that and I have been together for 4 months, how can the baby be his if she was only 9 weeks pregnant? That little baby was mines. So she was never pregnant with his….” then it came to him. had been unwell a month into their relationship and had gone to the doctor herself. walked into the room “So you know then?” she asked “Yes I was pregnant with his baby, I found out just after we got together, I had an abortion. I should have told you” looked at her with shock “I can’t be near you just now” and he stormed out the room. tried to stop him but he pushed her away “do not come near me and tell her we are over. is right, she is a slut”
sat in the darkness of the villa they had rented. His phone lit up the room, it was again. She had been calling for the last few hours. He knew he had some time to get his things together and get out of there before she was released from the hospital. His phone went again and this time it was a local number “Hello?” answered nervously. “If you want to see her again I would get back to the hospital. When she leaves alone she is mines and only mines. I plan on killing and then I am coming for you. Go say your goodbyes knew exactly who it was. He grabbed the car keys and headed back to the hospital, he called the police as he went and begged them to meet him there. He ran into the room when had been “Where is she? Please tell me she has not left?” the nurse who had previously chased him out looked at him “No-one has told you? We moved her to ward 4 as they want to keep her in for observation. You can go see her and the police are already there and waiting” ran to ward 4 and was met with the police. “Mr , we managed to track Mr and his wife .” “Wait, she said she knew nothing about it?” said confused. “Well it was her that hired the car, booked the hotel close to your villa and was at the market with him. She got the bus back to their hotel. He was in the car alone” was sobbing when entered the room “You bastard, you ran out on me. Do you think it was easy to go through that alone? Would you have honestly asked me to keep the baby knowing it was his? Then to find out he wanted me dead! Wanted you dead.” She was shaking and in need of her husband’s love and support. “Mr and Mrs . We have charged and with attempted murder. They are currently on a plane back to Ireland as we speak. I recommend that you travel home as soon as you are well enough to as you may be required to attend the court date to give evidence. We will of course escort you back to your villa and will place officers on the door for your safety and to stop any press harassing you given your celebrity status.” and thanked the officer. “Mr , you may sleep in the seat next to your wife’s bed if you wish to stay the night. We will discharge her in the morning and she will be free to travel home at the end of the week.” “Thank you doctor, thank you for everything” replied. “I am so sorry I ran out on you. It was a shock to find out you had been pregnant with his baby and had an abortion, the biggest shock was you not telling me but I understand why.” looked at his wife “The doctor said that due to me having the abortion and my periods being weird that is why I didn’t know I was pregnant with your baby but we are free to try when I am well again. If you still want to?” “Of course I do baby, I love you.”

Three weeks later and were sat in the court room in Dublin. and were about to be sentenced. and sat at the other side of . They had been so disgusted and angry that could do such a thing. The jury came back in, followed by the judge and everyone stood up. The judge asked them all to sit again and asked the foreman of the jury if they had reached a verdict. “Yes your honour” and held their breath “We find guilty of attempted murder” cried with relief “We find guilty of conspiracy to murder” held tight as the judge passed sentence “Mr you are sentenced to 18 years without parole. Mrs , you are sentenced to 9 years. Please take them down. Court is adjourned.” and pulled and towards them and hugged them tight. The press were waiting outside so , , and were given an escort to the awaiting cars. When they finally got home to their gorgeous house in . “I am so glad to be home. I just want to forget everything that happened and get on with life and making memories with my gorgeous husband.” put his arms around and kissed her “I love you so much baby and I will protect you with my life” “Let’s go to bed, we need a decent sleep don’t you think?”
2 months after the court case, , and decided it would be best if Westlife were to take a break for a while to focus on their families. had been away to a meeting to finalise everything with the lads and was relieved to be back home after hours of talks. He walked into the house via the backdoor to find the table set, candles lit and dinner on the table. was sitting with a smile on her face. “Hey what’s the special occasion?” asked. got up “you are hunni. Sit down I have a surprise for you.” done as he was asked and sat down. “Close your eyes and put out both your hands” whispered in his ear. With both hands out, shivered with anticipation. placed the long box in his hand. “Open them” she said. looked down to see the box “please tell me you didn’t buy that watch I wanted. It’s too much babe” he said “it’s much better than that” replied. opened the box and let out a gasp then burst into tears. He stood up and looked at “welcome home daddy” she said. In his hands was a positive pregnancy test. hugged her so tight “thank you so much baby this is the best present ever”.