Puzzle Of Love
Puzzle Of Love

sat at her desk and worked on her computer. She had searched the internet for pattern to make your own puzzle. Then she had put the pattern over the picture she had scanned and printed it on a thick white paper. When she took the paper out of the printer she eyed it up and was satisfied with her work. A look at the clock showed her that she still had around two hours left before would come home.

Two days ago he had left for Ireland to do some interviews for a new report. This morning he had sent her a message to let her know that he would be home for dinner and couldn't wait to see her sweetheart again.

Carefully she glued the paper onto a solid white cardboard and cut out the whole picture before she concentrated on the single pieces. As it should look as neat as possible she took her time with the cutting out. Soon all single pieces lay on the table in front of her. left the chair and walked over to the hall to get the small box from her handbag. She had bought it on her way home. It was a small box that was made of really solid cupboard. They had them in all kind of colors but she had decided for a neutral color: purple!

When she had put all the pieces into the box she closed it and wrote a small note. She brought both of it to the living room and put it onto the small table in front of the comfy sofa. lay the note on top of the box and left the room with a small smile on her lips.

It was time to take a shower and change into her festive clothes. She pulled off her clothes, stepped into the shower and turned the water on. held her face into the jet of the hot water. What would say to her little surprise? Would he be as happy as she was? Her look wandered over to the thin silver ring with the little diamond. A warm feeling spread in her chest when she thought back to the last Christmas. had spend the first Christmas day with his family but then joined her and her family on the second one. It had been so lovely. Her family loved him and her mother was so happy that both of them had got together finally. It had also been their first anniversary.

In the evening had asked her if she would take a walk with him. Both had put their boots, warm coats, scarfs, gloves and hats on before they'd started their way through the snowy streets. After about half an hour later he had stopped under a street lamp, right when it had started to snow again. They stood on a quiet park way and he got a small silver box out of his pocket before he sunk down on his knee. 's left hand flew to her mouth as she had had a feeling of what would come next. And he had really proposed to her. With the falling snow, the winter wonderland around them and the warm light from the lamp the whole scenery had been really romantic. Later her parents and brother had congratulated them and they all welcomed to the family. They were already busy planning their wedding as they wanted to marry in two months.

Only wrapped up in a towel walked back into their bedroom. She took the new underwear she had bought last week and put it on. The crème colored silk with the light blue lace clung to her curves like a second skin. Over the underwear she wore a light blue knee-length dress with thin straps and a deep neckline. wanted to please . And as it was their second anniversary it would be a special day for her...for the both of them. She had booked them a table in the small cozy restaurant at the end of the road, what hadn't been easy as it was Valentine's Day. She put some decent make-up on and clipped her hair up. Then she walked back down and locked the front door. should think that she had gone out for a moment. With a smile on her face she walked into the small office and sat at the table where she sorted some bills and papers, just in the shine of a candle.

Half an hour later heard the front door opening and a key falling into the small bowl that stood on the chest of drawers next to the clothes hanger. was whistling a melody and she had to smile when she heard it as it was one of her favorite songs at the moment. Footsteps passed the door of the office which meant that he walked into the kitchen. A nervous tickling spread in 's stomach and she tried to breath as shallow as possible, as if he could hear her otherwise. When the footsteps came back she left the chair, blew out the candle and walked over to the door to press her ear against the cold wood to eavesdrop. As the steps vanished she guessed that he had walked over to the living room. Slowly and as quiet as possible she opened the door and tiptoed over to the door frame to spy into the room. just sat down and looked at the box on the small table. He took the note and read it before he opened it. could see how he frowned but then he poured the little pieces on the table and started to put them together. It took him only two minutes and then he looked carefully at the result. walked up to the sofa and stopped behind him. 's index finger carefully stroked over the puzzle and he smiled.

“As I can see you have found my little surprise” said in a whisper and his head turned around to her.

As soon as he saw her he jumped up from the sofa and walked around it. He grabbed her waist and pulled her towards him.

“Oh baby...does that mean...that we'll become parents” he asked carefully and she nodded.

“Yes” she confirmed and he leaned in to kiss her softly.

wrapped her arms around his neck and got lost in his embrace and kiss. She wasn't sure about his reaction as they hadn't talked about starting a family yet. When she had got to know the news from the gynaecologist the day before during a routine check-up she had been kind of shocked. But also happy as there was no other man in this world she wanted to get a baby with than her dream man. Over night she had thought about the right way to tell him the news and then she came up with the idea of a puzzle. And as she could see now it had worked like she had hoped to.

“That are great news” said when they pulled apart lightly. “First I'll marry my dream woman and then we'll get a baby. I couldn't be happier.”

These words warmed 's heart and she had to swallow the lump that started to form in her throat. She had been a bit worried that it could have been a bit too much for him or that he wasn't ready for a baby yet but now she could see the happiness and excitement in his eyes.

After another passionate kiss both leaned their foreheads against each other and locked their eyes. “I have booked us a table at Nova's today to celebrate these news” whispered while her fingertips softly stroked his neck. “And also our second anniversary.”

He took a step back to finally let his eyes wander over his beautiful fiancee. The dress clung to her figure like a second skin and accented all her sexy curves. “You look stunning” he confessed and smiled brightly at her. “I better take a shower and dress in something appropriate as well then so that I don't embarrass my women.”

smiled widely and stroked over his left cheek. “You could never embarrass me” she confessed.

leaned forward and gave her another soft kiss before he turned around to get ready. She watched him and couldn't believe how lucky she was. In two months she would say yes to him and four month later they would crown their love with their first child. Destiny was really good to her! Her right hand softly stroked over her still flat stomach and she was sure that the dressmaker had to change the dress a little bit as her bump would grow until the big day. Maybe they should even wait with telling the good news until the critical phase was over.

When she heard the running water from the shower turned around and had a look at the puzzle on the table. The little cottage would be filled with a lot of love and laughter soon and she couldn't wait for the day to arrive!

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