Boozy Water Games

Boozy Water Games

bite onto her bottom lip while she observed through the big window. He was the caretaker of the tennis court and the adjoining sports center where she trained volleyball three times a week. She did it more for fun and to stay fit. Since she had stepped into the hall five years ago fascinated her. He was tall and unbelievable muscular. Many people would think he was a woodcutter as he looked a bit earthy but that was exactly what she had liked. Within the years his hair had become lightly grey over his ears and he had a beard but still got a tickling pussy whenever she saw him. He had been in the army for over ten years and after his return his uncle, who was the owner of the sports and tennis center, offered him the job while he was thinking about what he wanted to do with his life.

In all the past years she had been in a relationship but that didn't mean that you can have fantasies or thoughts about other men, right? Now she was single again so what kept her away from getting closer to this man? She knew that he wasn't married and that there wasn't any woman in his life – at least not in the moment. Unbelievable that a man at the age of thirty-eight and with his look was single. had broken up with her long-time boyfriend three months ago and she noticed that she needed sex again. Urgently! Today she would set everything on one card. She wore a white ribbed top that ended right under her full breasts and the matching shorts. The underwear had been pulled off already because it would be in the way if her plan really worked.

As soon as came back into the hall she walked over to the changing rooms. Meanwhile her other training partners and the coach had already left, so there was no one who could surprise them. When he saw her he winked and she gave him her sweetest smile.

, something is dripping here in the washing room” she called out to him and he furrowed his eye brows.

“Oh okay. I'll have a look at it” he said and walked over to her.

stepped into the changing room and walked over to the showers. A few seconds later walked into the washing room as well and looked around. His upper body was covered by a dark grey armpit shirt which accented his thick upper arms and the broad hairy chest.

“Where is it dripping then? I can't hear or see anything” he asked and looked at her shortly before he turned towards the showers again.

walked over to the shower in the corner and turned the water on. The water jet hit her upper body and soaked the top in no time, so that her breasts shown through the fabric of her top, especially her dark areolas where to be shown. had to swallow at this sight. He had noticed this beautiful woman on the first days as well and he had always envied her boyfriend. He had done a lot for such a woman.

straightened herself under the water jet, so that her whole body became wet. “I drip” she breathed and looked at him seductively.

's look wandered over her breathtaking body and he felt how much she turned him on.

“Can't you do anything about it” she asked in a pleading tone and fluttered with her long eyelashes.

“Sure” he replied croaking and slowly stepped towards her.

When he was close enough she wrapped her arms around his neck and pulled him down to her, to finally kiss him. His lips were soft and the stubble’s of his beard scratched her in a pleasant way. grabbed her waist and pressed himself as close against her as possible, so that he could press her against the wall at the same time. The kiss became hungrier and shoved her hands under his shirt where her fingertips run over his well-defined stomach muscles.

“Pull your shirt off” she demanded and licked over his bottom lip.

As he was already soaked it was the best idea and so he did as he was told. His chest was really hairy, also his stomach muscles were covered with light fuzz, which lead to the waistband of his jeans. threw the shirt out of the shower and grasped her full breasts, which he massages first before he leaned forward to suck her nipples through the fabric. The rosy knobs became hard right away and pressed further against the fabric. When pulled away got rid of the soaked top and threw it out of the shower as well. He grinned cheekily when he saw her big balls and devoted himself even more to them.

“Oh ...” moaned and stroked over his head.

Then he kissed his way down over her flat stomach and took off the tight shorts down her long legs. Only a small stripe of blond curls showed him the way. He put her right leg over his left shoulder and lay his left hand on her sexy bum, so that he could pull her pelvis closer to his face. His right hand lay on the upper part of her left thigh and the tip of his tongue circled over her sensitive bud already.

“Ahhh...yeeesss...” she whimpered and her right hand stroked over his head while she pressed him closer to her lap.

Her wonderful unique feminine smell found it's way into his nose and dazed all his senses. This woman was simply the sheer insanity. Always nimbler his tongue flitted over her lust knob and stimulated her more and more what let her moan and pant louder. When his tongue stroked over her slit and conquered her slowly, squeaked in surprise and lust. She leaned her head against the tiled wall and closed her eyes in bliss. s oral care drove her to a giant orgasm but before she could really explode he let go of her and got up from the floor.

Her look fell to his lap where an enormous erection was showing. With shaking hands she stroked over the bulge and massaged him through the trousers while both were kissing wildly. Their tongues played with each other and teased their counterpart cocky. Finally she opened the button and zipper of his jeans and pushed her right hand inside to be able to feel him. He felt even bigger and thicker through the fabric of the shorts but it only made her hornier. She couldn't wait to feel him deep inside of her. made one step back and peeled himself out of the wet pants. As soon as his dick was free it bounced up and down.

“Wow” whispered and swallowed hard.

His penis was impressive. She had never seen such a big and thick lout before. had heard her and studied her face precisely as he had had enough woman in his life that found him too big. On 's face he couldn't see any trace of panic or scare. All he could see was yearning and lust. stepped closer and took care of her awesome tits again. He licked, nibbled and sucked hungrily on the tempting nipples. Then he grabbed her arse and lifted her up. She wrapped her legs around his hips and looked him deep into the eyes.

was a lightweight and it was easy for him to hold her. The grab on her butt became tighter when he shoved her right over his steep erected stake. His thick glans parted her soft lips and glide into her tight canal.

“OHHH GOD...” panted and grabbed his neck to have a hold.

Unstoppable his long thick dick glide between her tight walls and she felt every vein on his shaft.

“So big...” she whispered almost toneless but he heard her and nibbled on her chin.

“Baby...” mumbled and licked over the spot he had nibbled on “ are so damn tight...awesome!”

As soon as he had sunk in completely she felt him deep into her stomach. He gritted his teeth because her pussy was as tight around his dick as no other woman before. had never been so filled up in her life and she thought that she had to come any second. Slowly he started to move his dick in and out and her nipples rubbed over his chest hair which teased her additionally. Every time he trusted deep into her she felt him until the edge of her vagina. A feeling that made her crazy because it was not to put into words. She had never believed that she could take a man so deep into her body but she was glad to be able to experience this feeling. moved her faster up and down and she filled the room with her moans and screams. To stall it for the both of them he pulled back and put her down to the floor again before he turned her around. had weak knees so she pressed her hands against the tiled wall in front of her.

massaged her breasts lustfully and pinched and twirled her nipples while he rubbed his dick over her sexy bum until she begged him to fuck her again. He bend his knees lightly and took her again. The grab around her hips was vigorous and he kept her in position. Untiring he pumped into her and pressed his lips together because the pressure in his heavy balls became stronger.

“Don't stop...that's so good...” she begged and moved her pelvis backwards so that he could push forward this little bit more.

“You are the hammer” he growled and quickened once again as he longed for the release.

His right hand glide between her legs where he rubbed her swollen clit with two fingers until she exploded screaming and whimpering. Her lush pussy pulled together around his dick and pressed everything out of him. With a few last hard trusts he spread his juice deep inside of her. Every splash of his hot semen let her moan lustfully. Both were completely exhausted and couldn't believe what they had just experienced. It had been bloodcurdling sex which they both would never forget. No man had romped her that lush before and also hadn't experienced such an intense number in his life so far. was definitively the hottest shot that he had ever got to know. He knew that it would be awesome with her every time, no matter where and how they would do it. Under abundance kisses and soft stroked they soaped each other and gave each other a shower.