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14 - 9 - 2017
- Chap 11 of Flames Of Desire (Running Stories)
- Age Is Just A Number moved to The Story Archives, Long Finished.
31 - 8 - 2017
Evening out there in West Words land, is everyone okay?
I've been playing around with a new layout, which is what you see. I know I've been gone a long time, I think I lost a spark somewhere. Doesn't matter. Anyone been reading or writing something good?
"Don't underestimate the power of a decent vocabulary"
- New Layout
22 - 6 - 2017

Hey everyone,
Surprise! I'm back with another update so you can read the ending of Anni's fic 'Age Is Just A Number'.
I'm sick atm so if there's any mistakes in the scripting I apologise in advance.

Hope you enjoy!

Love Linda

- Chap 8 of Age Is Just A Number (Running Stories)


17 - 6 - 2017

Hey Ladies,
Sorry I've been gone. I'm okay and I hope everyone is as well. Motivation for the site has been lacking on my part, it's just not the same as it was years ago. Might be because I've gotten older and doesn't write fics as much as I used to anymore, it's rare that I do, honestly. Instead I write on other stories that won't go here on the site but eventually will turn into books.
I aren't closing down the site, but updates won't be as often as they used too. I'm sorry, I know how much you are all looking forward to the updates, but I don't recieve many fics in my mail anymore either, so it's a bit tricky.
Anyways here's a small update for your Saturday, have a lovely one.

Love Linda

- Chap 7 of Age Is Just A Number (Running Stories)


27 - 4 - 2017

- Chap 6 of Age Is Just A Number (Running Stories)


8 - 4 - 2017

Hi, anyone up at this late Saturday night, orrrr are ya out on dates or something else exciting? Me I'm here for a change, and I've made a new layout to welcome spring, even if it's all red here...

As always, much love,

- New Layout


6 - 4 - 2017

Evening Ladies, it's been a while. Hope your month has been good. Sorry I've been awol, I could write a long message here as to why but instead I'll simply give you one word reason; Life.
I am glad to see you are using the tag to chat with each other, that is nice to see. If you got questions for me, I will answer them this evening on the tag as good as I can.
Much Love

- Chap 5 of Age Is Just A Number (Running Stories)


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