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4 - 2 - 2018 - ANNOUNCEMENT - Thank you for the last 14 years...
Firtsly I hope everyone is well, and of cause came well into 2018. Next my dreaded annoucement. Dreaded because I know it's not what you wanna hear, but I have been thinking about it for a long time, and it has become more and more clear that it's the right thing for me to do.
This will be my last update here on West Words, but please don't be sad, it doesn't mean the end, well not completely. I've loved that I got all these years with you all here, and jeez lot's have happened through those years. Me, stopping here on West Words doesn't mean I stop writing nor does it mean I stop sharing my writing. I said on the tag that I was working on a new project and that's true. My new project is a new fiction site that I am going to be the webmistress of, and I'd be happy to see you all there. I thought a lot about all this, and it's not a lightly decision for me, because 14 years running West Words, is a REALLY long time. It's been the longest running Westlife site, and I do take a lot of pride in that. It's just time for me now. I admit I am 36 now, and my excitement just isn't there anymore, which tells me it's time to stop. I've tried to change things of West Words, making it more grown up, but the vibe and twist of it being a teenage fan website, keeps hunting me, no matter what I've done. I just, I need new, I need a new site where I don't have to remind myself it's a fansite, so I have to keep inside certain rules. I'm excited to take on a new site, where it's simply adult fiction. I can't go through scripting anymore fics with high school or college themed plots, or even, I'm sorry to say this, but plots saying 'The moment he saw me in the crowd from stage, he fell in love with me' it's been used a billon times, and it's so unrealistic and teen that it makes me cringe. I need plots I haven't read over and over again. I need to move away from any teenage vibe. I need mature fiction. I need to be allowed to be 36, with what this 36 year old woman reads and writes. I'm sorry if it sounds of putting, I'm just trying to explain my decision, because you all deserve an explination. I really do like you ladies and I won't take all these stories from you, that's one thing I won't do. So I'll let West Words stay OPEN so you can keep re-reading all the stories here as much as you like. The tag will stay, so you can keep chatting with each other. I'll step by once in a while, I just won't be updating the site anymore.
I'm pretty sure some of you is now wondering about the Running Stories and Hiatus Stories here, and my reply is, a few of them will continue on my new site, and you can read them there, if you want to.
My new place is called Sinful Directions, com say Hi if you like, I'll be there, so I'm not dissapearing from the earth :-)
Lastly, THANK YOU LADIES, it's been a pleasure sharing Westlife Fanfiction with you for 14 years. XX
For the Last time on West Words...
Love Linda

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